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Sic Bo, also known as dice pair, is an ancient Chinese game popular among Asians. It is one of the most popular games in Macau, whereas, in the Western World it is found in Atlantic City casinos. The game is played with three dice and is quite different from other casino games. It is totally based on luck and you can’t become a pro. However, some experienced players give Sic Bo tips for beginners. For instance, they must play in their budget, choose numbers wisely, and various others.

The players wager money on certain areas on the table and the dealer throws the dice. The dice are contained in a small chest and the dealer shakes it and then opens it to show the numbers. Sic Bo is a serious game and players need to bet before every turn. The win and loss also take place at every turn.

In this article, we have discussed numerous Sic Bo tips for beginners, which can help you develop a Sic Bo strategy while playing, and enhance your chances of winning at online and brick-and-mortar casinos.

  • Play free demo games:
    The best way to understand Sic Bo is to play free demo games. You don’t have to wager money and can learn the mechanics of the game. Furthermore, you can learn the implementation of the different game strategies. It can also facilitate you to develop your own Sic Bo strategy.
  • Don’t get tempted by multiple betting options:
    Beginners always get impressed with the games that offer multiple betting options. The reason behind it is that they think it will increase their chances of winning but it is totally wrong. You need to get familiar with the betting types and must use those, which you can place confidently. Sic Bo bets offer numerous payouts and odds. Always choose the wager that suits your budget and bank balance. For instance, low-risk Sic Bo wager gives fewer payouts as compared to high-risk Sic Bo bets.
  • Be careful while choosing Sic Bo bet type:
    Sic Bo offers various betting types, but it is best for beginners to choose small or big bets because they have the lowest house edge — 2.7%. Therefore these bets are safe to wager your money, particularly for beginners. Sic Bo allows you to place multiple bets at once, and if we talk about online casinos, you can bet on 16 areas in one turn. We recommend, being beginners don’t put your legs in multiple places at one time; it can cost you money. So, analyze all the betting options before wagering your money and play according to your own strategy. Players at brick and mortar casinos, often wager money on Big and small bets because they have a small house edge. Similar is the case for online players.
  • Number 10 and 11 have the highest probability:
    In Sic Bo numbers like 10 and 11 are most likely to come, their probability is highest as compared to the other combinations. However, the payouts for these combinations are very low as they are very common. However, if you are a beginner you need to place wager on these numbers, to win.
  • Sic Bo is all Maths:
    If you want to win Sic Bo, you need to learn its mathematics combinations. For instance, if we talk about the worst combination of numbers, 4 and 17, because they are only a single to creates these combinations. Moreover, the best way to win, you must make multiple bets. If you lose in one, others will cover up your losses. However, this strategy should only be used by beginners, when they are confident about their bets.
  • Don’t fall for the other player’s deception:
    Most players quote this often that, “if big numbers are coming for a longer time, a streak of low numbers is in your way”. It’s just a myth, the combinations and totals do not depend upon what numbers came before, in fact, they are just random. Avoid Foolish Bets Never place bets that have a high house edge, you’ll probably lose. For instance, If you wager your money on 5 to 16, the probability of winning it is only 5 times in 215. Moreover, the standard table’s payout is 30:1, whereas, high house edge bets pay only 14% of it. Some rare combinations hit very often. Although the payouts for these bets are very high, the combinations come rarely, which means handing out your money to the casinos.
  • Never stick to any betting system:
    The betting systems in Sic Bo don’t work all the time, because the numbers are totally random. Therefore, never stick to a single strategy, because, they never work in long run. The best betting system in Sic Bo is to believe in your intuitions, it will probably help you win.
  • Sic Bo is all about luck:
    Another most important tip for beginners is to believe in your luck. Sic Bo has a long history, the Chinese origin of this game is associated many numbers with luck and bad luck. For instance, most Chinese players avoid betting on number 4, as they think it’s a stroke of bad luck. Similarly, 9 is considered as the long-lasting number. They use various Chinese characters for these numbers.
  • Always play in a licensed casino:
    Whether it is a brick-and-mortar casino or online casino, always choose to play Sic Bo in a licensed casino. Particularly, online betting is full of scams, always read the license number and regulating authorities, before wagering your money. Play Safe.


Sic Bo is always fun to play; by focusing on the above-mentioned strategies you will find Sic Bo less challenging and exciting. It totally depends on luck and your intuition. Just play defensive, prefer small and big bets, also create your own strategy and have fun.

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