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Many of you might have seen people sharply dressed in the movies, going to the casinos, and gambling through Roulette. Most of you might not have understood the format of the game and have been wondering about this game for a long time.

Well, this game is completely about luck but it doesn’t mean you are going to play this with a blind eye. There are always some tricks to get going and increase your chances of winning. However, you need to have this perfectly clear in your mind that the tips would only enhance your chances of winning and will not guarantee success.
Let us look at some of the tips to go through before making an actual bet.

  • Manage Your Budget
    When gambling, a few wins might entice you to go for more money. Be careful with those moments as these can lead you to an empty account. You should always know when to stop. You don’t want to lose all your fortune just trying to win big. Be strict with your budget. Keep aside a fixed amount which you will be using for gambling. Most novice bettors get excited about gambling and end up losing all their money. Always start with small bets and never jump to a higher bet unless you are very sure about it. You might also get attracted to the bets with high odds, but be sure that these include a higher risk, and the chances of winning these bets are low. Manage your budget and gamble wisely.
  • Single Zero Wheel
    If you are new to the game of roulette, you must know that it includes two types of wheels. A single-zero wheel, also known as the European wheel, and a double zero wheel, also known as the American wheel. The difference lies in the house edges. A single-zero wheel has a house edge of 2.70% while a double zero wheel has a house edge of 5.26%. You need to know that low house edge is beneficial for the game. So whenever two wheels are available in a game, go for the wheel with the low house edge. Choose a double-zero wheel only if a single-zero wheel is not available.
  • Surrender, La Partage and En Prison
    This bet is useful for most beginners because it reduces the house edge in certain conditions. In En prison, you can surrender half of your bet to the house or it is imprisoned for the upcoming wager. This bet reduces the house to 1.35% from 2.70% in the single-zero wheel and reduces up to 2.63% in double zero-wheel roulette. Always go for this bet when available.
  • Accept Your Defeat
    Roulette is a game of luck and you are bound to lose sooner or later. The losses might continue for a longer time which will get you irritated. Most people don’t want to leave the casino with a loss and continue to gamble until a win. This is a bad idea in gambling and makes you end up losing a fortune. If you are angry about your loss, you surely need to stop gambling because now you won’t be able to concentrate properly for the next gamble. It is okay to lose a gamble rather than losing all the money in your account. Accept your defeat and try again some other time.
  • Understanding the Odds
    Before making an actual gamble, you need to understand the odds of the bet. The higher odds will give a higher profit margin but don’t forget that it has a higher risk involved in it. The bet with low odds is less risky and has low payout amounts. The odds vary from game to game and depend on the amount you gamble for. Whether you are gambling online or are in a casino, it is always important to consider the odds and take them into account before making your call.
  • House Edge
    Always keep one thing in your mind that the house edge is unconquerable. It can never be fully in your favor. If it were possible to master the house edge, the casinos will soon run out of money and will be out of business. You can improve your game with experience but the house edge will never be anyone’s to conquer. Always go for the game with a lower house edge to enhance your chances of winning.
  • Don’t fall for Scams
    If you are a new player and a beginner in roulette, you might try to discover the game and explore the strategies to win big. You might come across some tips and tricks by some pros promising you a big win. Beware of all such tricks. No matter how experienced a player you are, there is no such strategy that guarantees a win in the gambling arena. Skill and luck go hand in hand in gambling, you can never take anyone out of the equation. So, any site or person claiming to provide you with a “guaranteed win strategy”, is a scam. Don’t fall for it.
  • Practice before you Gamble
    It is always better to have some practice games before going for the real game and risking your money. There are a lot of gaming sites offering you the virtual roulette experience with free demos. These games allow you to gamble for virtual money while your bank account remains untouched. You won’t have to worry about managing your budget and losing your money. You can practice as long as your confident enough to make an actual gamble at the casino. However, some of the gaming sites require a registration process where you need to get yourself verified before playing those demos.
  • Enjoy your Game
    Casinos are for fun and entertainment purpose, but one won’t mind winning some hard cash through it. Always enjoy your game and never let it get to your nerves. Have fun while gambling. Win and lose are a part of the game, just flow with it.
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By Filip Mishevski

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