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Blackjack is a card game, played against the dealer in the casinos. In this article, we are going to discuss tips for beginners to play blackjack. If you are new to blackjack or have played it before, these tips might help you understand it better and let you win on your next trip to the casino.

How to play Blackjack

In blackjack multiple traditional decks are used, these can be used in multiple variations. The traditional decks have 52 cards, with 4 suits– Diamonds, Hearts, Clubs, and Spades. Hearts and diamonds are colored red and the remaining two suits are black. Each suite has 13 cards, having different numbers and face cards. In blackjack, 4 cards have 4 ranks, and based on the hand, the scores are given. For instance:

  • The value of an Ace can be 1 or 11 points.
  • The face card’s value is 10 points.
  • The remaining cards have worth the number imprinted on them, like card 5 worth 5 points, etc.

You simply calculate the point of the blackjack hand, if you have higher points than the dealer’s hand you win. You can only compare 2 hands in one turn; however, the other hand of the losing player might be in play.

Moreover, the hand with a total of more than 21 is called a bust, also known as a Dead Hand. It means the player with 22 points or greater will automatically lose the game.

In order to win a game, you must learn the tricks and develop your own strategy. We have discussed few blackjack tips for beginners below that will certainly help you to be a better blackjack player.

Soft Hands

In blackjack, Ace has much significance. You can either use it as 1 or 11 depending upon the points. The hand having Ace is called a soft hand.

If your total exceeds above 21 you can use it as 1, or if you are dealt with the lower value card it can be used as 11. Occasionally, you can hit with a soft hand to win the game than just stand. It is always better to take chances, to win in blackjack, see the loopholes, and strike to win big payouts.

Dealers must hit or stand on soft 17

In most of the casinos, the dealers stand on 18 or higher points. Whereas on 17, some casinos require hit, and some stand on the soft. You must always read the rules before playing on a blackjack table. They are written on the table or the cards. If your odds are better than the dealer, when he stand on soft 17, you must hit to win.

Never split tens

You must be well aware of the fact that it is always better to place more on the table when the dealer is weak. It will improve your chances to win more money. The best way to achieve this is, you can split the pairs, but this doesn’t work for tens.

For beginners, this might seems tempting to splits cards, as they can make blackjack by splitting tens. It is possible to some extent, but when you have a greater amount of money on the table, never split tens.

The pairs of tens make your hand very strong, so why split to lose money? The probability of winning is higher for you if the dealer doesn’t hit 21 with luck.

Use the basic strategy

The beginner must use the basic blackjack strategy card it will help you to use the best gameplay strategies. You must use it in every game until you learn all tricks correctly. The card contains almost every possible situation or possibility in blackjack. You can find the card on this website at our blackjack basic strategy page.

Stick to your budget

It is the fundamental tip for every beginner. Always bet in your budget, never bet higher than that. If you want to save yourself from potential losses, start with small bets.

Never copy other players

When you play on a multi-player table, some players have a good start but they lose in the end. It is always tempting to follow the winning player. But in reality, it never works. You must develop your own strategy to get benefit from the game.

Never play Drunk

It is often said, “A drunken person can never make a good decision”. Most of the casinos offer free drinks to gamblers, because they know the more you drink, the more you will gamble.

You can only win blackjack when your mind is clear, after drinking it all becomes blurry and you start making mistakes. A few drinks don’t say anything, but you must stop playing if you overdo it.


Blackjack is an amusing game that offers more opportunities to win if you play it the right way. The low house edge can be beneficial for beginners; the probability of winning the game can be increased. Using the above-mentioned beginner’s Blackjack tips you can play your best game every time.

By following these tips, you can beat the casino’s blackjack, AKA dealer, easily!

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