Already an ancient casino game, according to stories, roulette dates back to 1655. Roulette is an accessible game, it takes little time to master all the rules. In this article we will discuss the rules of the game, well-known terms from the game and we will inform you about tips and strategies. The most famous variants of this casino game are French, European and American roulette. The difference lies in the size of the gaming tables and the order of numbers. Another difference that catches the eye is the fact that the American version has a 0 twice. The European variant has a 0 once. Below we will go into more detail about the differences between the two variants. In addition, there is the possibility to play roulette for free or for real money at the online casinos on this page.

How do I play roulette?

Roulette consists of a wheel with all numbers on it, in French roulette the playing field consists of the numbers 1 to 36 and 0. The roulette wheel is divided into the colors red and black. The numbers on the roulette wheel and playing field can be red or black in color. For example, you can bet on red, black, even numbers, odd numbers, numbers 1 to 18, 19 to 36. If you place a bet on such a series of numbers and win, your bet is doubled. When a bet is placed on 1 to 12, 13 to 24 and/or 25 to 36, this yields 3x the value of your bet. The above series are all subdivided into boxes. In addition, there is of course also the possibility to bet on one specific number, with this you win 36x the bet! Later in this article we will go into more detail about the terms, with French roulette these are of course French terms. In this casino game, however, combinations of series are also possible. The following are the combinations from largest to smallest: Column (1 to 36 divided into 3 spaces, pays 3x bet), Transversal Simple (block of 6 numbers in a row pays 6x bet), Carre (block of 4 numbers in a square, pays 9x bet), Transverse Square (3 numbers in a row, pays 12x bet), Cheval (2 numbers arranged above or below each other, pays 18x bet).

If the roulette ball lands on 0, 2 different rules may apply. La Partage or En Prison, in the case of La Partage, if the ball reaches the 0 box, you lose half your bet. During En Prison, high or low, red or black and even or odd are moved to the line also known as the prison line, hence the name En Prison. All bets won on the next spin of the roulette wheel are released. In this case you are playing right, as it were. In online casinos you will usually encounter European roulette. This form of roulette is actually almost the same as French roulette. Usually the different terms have been changed in the English language, this to make the game even more accessible. When it comes to the specific 0 rule, European roulette uses En Prison. With European roulette you also have the option to spread your bet even more easily as an extra functionality. An extra betting option has been added with which you can easily bet on multiple numbers at the same time. The differences between European roulette and French roulette are therefore not that big, even when it comes to winning chances.

American Roulette

However, in American roulette there is a big difference in the chance of winning. Because this type of casino game has 2x the 0, you are statically at a disadvantage compared to the online casino. In European/French roulette, the casino advantage is 1 to 37, while in American roulette it is 1 to 19. This is important to remember when choosing which type of roulette it will be. One noticeable difference between European, French and American roulette is that the order of numbers in American roulette is different.

Play in a live casino

When you are looking for even more atmosphere and ambiance? Then try playing live roulette. When playing in a live casino there is direct contact with the dealer. It is possible to watch live in HD resolution from different camera points. This of course makes your casino experience even more realistic, but from the comfort of your own home.

When you play live roulette at an online casino there are official dealers, roulette wheels and gaming tables. There are often several people at the same time in the game. There is also almost always a chat functionality. Playing live roulette works as follows. As soon as you make a choice in the web browser page to bet 2 Euro on the number 7, for example, the dealer can immediately see your choice from a computer screen, and then execute it on the gaming table. Everything works exactly the same as in a physical casino.

How fair is this casino game?

The roulette wheels used at land-based casinos are extensively tested by independent testing authorities. During this process, we look at the space between the boxes, the height of the partitions between the boxes, skew of the cylinder and how long the roulette wheel continues to spin. During these tests, certain limits are tested. These roulette wheels are also regularly retested to see if they still meet the specifications. These kinds of quality requirements also apply to the roulette wheels used at live casinos. At an online casino, the technology is of course completely different. There is no physical roulette wheel, as the outcomes are determined based on a Random Number Generator (RNG). This mathematical software determines the outcomes of the roulette game completely randomly. In addition, these systems are regularly subjected to extensive testing by independent bodies.

Terms and positions

French roulette

  1. Rouge: 1x bet
  2. Noir: 1x bet
  3. Pair: 1x bet
  4. Impair: 1x bet
  5. Manuque: 1 to 18
  6. Pass: 19 to 36
  7. Square: 1 number – 35x bet
  8. Cheval: 2 numbers – 17x bet
  9. Transverse Simple: 6 numbers – 5x bet
  10. Column: 12 numbers – 2x bet
  11. Premiere (P): 1 to 12 – 2x bet
  12. Average (M): 13 to 24 – 2x bet
  13. Derniere (D): 25 to 36 – 2x bet
French Roulette

European roulette

  1. Red: 1x bet
  2. Black: 1x bet
  3. Even: 1x bet
  4. Odd: 1x bet
  5. 1 to 18
  6. 19 to 36
  7. 1 number – 35x bet
  8. Between 2 numbers – 17x bet
  9. 6 numbers – 5x bet
  10. 2 to 1: 12 numbers – 2x bet
European Roulette

Tips while playing

  • Spread your chances: When you play roulette it is smart to spread the winning chances. Betting on one specific number every time will result in a large cash prize. However, the chance that this number will fall is of course less. By betting on rows and blocks with multiple numbers, you can spread your odds. However, spreading too much is also not good, because this ensures that the payouts become much lower.
  • Don’t bet too much at once: Of course, it can be tempting to bet high to win more money. However, you will be through your money much faster. Try to start betting slowly, get to know the game and try out different betting methods. If necessary, you can play the demo game for free for a while, just to get a better feel for the game.
  • Choose European or French roulette, not the American variant: As we mentioned earlier in this article, American roulette is not the best roulette type to play when it comes to winning odds. Because American roulette has twice the 0, you are at a disadvantage. The casino has an advantage with 1 against 37 in the European and French game, while in the American variant it is 1 against 19. So it is better to choose the European or French casino game.
  • Agree a play budget in advance: By agreeing an online casino gaming budget with yourself in advance and sticking to it, you will not regret it afterwards. For example, if you choose to spend a total of €50, you will actually stop playing at that moment when this amount of money is used up. It sounds very simple, but there are still many players who often go wrong with this. This tip can be compared to leaving the debit card at home when visiting a physical casino.

Roulette Systems and Strategies

Using a roulette system or strategy can sometimes help one take the human element out of the casino game. The idea of ​​such a system is always systematic choices, which are based on mathematical probability. This takes away the human element, emotion and state of mind of the player who bets randomly and sometimes might lose themselves in the game. A roulette system makes you follow a set pattern, and takes away this human side. However, such a system is never a guarantee of profit, it remains a completely random casino game.

By Filip Mishevski

As a person that has been involved in the gambling industry for over 5 years, Filip knows all the tricks and trades of online casinos and casino games. He’s here to provide you with the best content and help you have a fun gaming experience. His specialities include online slots, gambling regulations, casino game strategies, bonuses and promotions and much more.