One Hit Wonder Roulette Strategy

One Hit Wonder roulette strategy

Are you interested in roulette and looking for new strategies to try out? We would like to introduce the One Hit strategy to you here. This is a special new strategy that is especially popular with online players. Playing roulette without strategy is often less profitable. We will first discuss what the One Hit strategy entails. We then list important advantages and disadvantages of this system. After we draw our conclusion, we answer popular questions and answers. This way you can form an objective picture of this roulette strategy.

This is the idea behind the One Hit strategy

The idea behind the One Hit strategy is that you keep an eye on which numbers are falling over a certain period. Then you choose a number that does not appear for a long time and you keep betting on this number until you win. Of course you can also choose directly to only play on your lucky number, or on the date of your mother’s birthday, just to name an example. Do you realize that in European Roulette the chance is 2.70% of getting a specific number, in American Roulette it is 2.63%. On the screen there are 37 boxes in European Roulette, and 38 in the American variant. The advantage here is that in many games there is a board showing all numbers that have or have not fallen. This is a simple casino strategy that does require the necessary preparation. The One Hit strategy gives you a win of 1 in 35 if you guess correctly. So if you’ve had your number 35 times, you’re right. The chance that this will happen is 38.33% and the chance that you don’t have it is slightly lower. However, it is wise to realize that each round is independent and that you theoretically have an equal chance on every number. It is therefore possible that the same number occurs several times in a row.

About the name One Hit Wonder

The name for this strategy is derived from the name given to bands that manage to score a hit out of nowhere. Sometimes they disappear from the stage again, so it’s a one-hit wonder. The equation with this strategy is simple, because you pick a fixed number and hope to win with it.

The advantages and disadvantages of this system

  • These are important things at a glance:
  • The One Hit strategy is simple in design and incredibly popular. There are plenty of gamblers who swear by it. You simply always bet on the same number.
  • If you bet correctly, the chances of winning are relatively high. In addition, the strategy can be used in any type of roulette game.
  • A big disadvantage of the One Hit strategy is that you can sometimes wait a long time for the number you bet on. There is no guarantee that this figure will come along any time soon.
  • In contrast to, for example, the Martingal strategy, you do not have a 50/50 chance of winning, because that chance is a lot smaller. If you do win, you immediately earn a higher profit.

Three tips when using the One Hit Wonder strategy

This is how you maximize the use of this system:

  1. Make sure you don’t bet too high right away. With this strategy it is important to gradually increase your bet. This way you lose less money and you can experience how the game runs. Determine in advance not only the number you are playing with, but also the amount you want to go up to.
  2. Don’t keep playing indefinitely. Realize that in each round there is an equal chance that a certain number will fall. So do not keep playing indefinitely until your number eventually falls. Stop if you threaten to exceed your gambling budget. Next time you can make a different choice. There is no guarantee that your number has fallen once if it has been run 37 times.
  3. Play European Roulette. In this game there are fewer squares, so you simply have a better chance of getting the right number. We actually find American roulette less interesting and this variant can also be found less often at online casinos in the Netherlands.

Concluding about the One Hit system

The One Hit strategy; one gambler swears by it, the other gambler doesn’t like it at all. The fact that this strategy is popular says something. Anyway you can try the One hit once and see if it suits you. We advise you to try out different strategies when you are just starting to play. This way you can determine which strategy works best for you. Above we have listed important advantages and disadvantages and the basic strategy. Now we answer some more frequently asked questions. In any case, we wish you a lot of fun playing live roulette!

Important questions and answers

Here’s what you want to know before you start playing:

  • Can I use the One hit strategy both online and offline? Yes, in principle no distinction is made. You don’t need any special software for this either. However, it is an advantage if the numbers that have already fallen into the pot are listed on the screen on the side.
  • Am I guaranteed to win with the One hit strategy? No strategy can deliver a guaranteed profit and is conclusive. In this article we have listed the percentage for a chance of winning. No guarantees can be derived from this, but it is always advisable to choose a specific strategy.
  • What are alternative strategies to roulette? Elsewhere on this website we discuss alternative strategies. Think of the Fibonacci strategy or the d’Alembert system. These are also very efficient when playing roulette and can bring you nice winnings.

By Filip Mishevski

As a person that has been involved in the gambling industry for over 5 years, Filip knows all the tricks and trades of online casinos and casino games. He’s here to provide you with the best content and help you have a fun gaming experience. His specialities include online slots, gambling regulations, casino game strategies, bonuses and promotions and much more.