Columns Strategy Roulette

Columns Strategy Roulette

The columns strategy is a popular method when playing roulette. Here we introduce you to the basics of this method. We will also discuss how it works and what the advantages and disadvantages of this system are compared to other roulette strategies. We also briefly discuss alternative ways of executing the columns strategy. Finally, we draw our conclusion and we will briefly address a number of questions that you certainly have about this strategy.

About the game of roulette

The game of roulette comes in different variants. The most well-known is the European Roulette and American Roulette and we usually recommend the first variant. In the game of roulette you play on three columns. You bet on different numbers and colors where it concerns a game of chance. The croupier turns the circle and the number and color on which the ball lands determines who wins. So it’s an exciting game! So there are certain strategies with which you approach roulette and the column strategy is a well-known example of this. We explain this strategy to you in more detail here.

The basics of the columns strategy

The column strategy means that you place a varying bet in each column. To start, you place a certain base amount in the first column. You double this for the middle column. On the last column you then place four times the original amount. A column strategy is very personal. This is the strategy according to the book, but above all get creative with your own interpretation, which suits your way of playing. We now discuss the most popular variant.

An alternative ways to maintain the column system

As mentioned, you can set up your own column system. A well-known variant is that you only bet on the two outermost columns. The third bet then goes to the color black. This combination allows you to cover as many numbers as possible and for many it seems to pay off more than the basic strategy. Also realize that the column system itself is in fact a derivation of the red bet strategy, although it is mainly used for single strategies. With the column system you can play faster, but you also run more risks.

Try the system for free first

It is recommended to try the column strategy for free first. Fortunately, this is possible at most popular online casinos. This way you can try the different variants and develop your own strategy before you start playing for real money. If you bet, you always run the risk of losing your money. If you are not at all familiar with roulette, you may want to see the game in demonstration mode first. For advanced players, the live casino is great fun, where the columns strategy is of course also applied. At the live casino you play live roulette with a real croupier and live fellow players, which almost gives you the experience of a real physical casino while you don’t have to leave the house.

Pros and cons of using the columns strategy

These are pros and cons that you definitely want to consider:

  1. The column strategy is very flexible and easy to adapt to your personal wishes and needs.
  2. The chances of winning with the columns strategy are reasonable, although you do not have a 100% chance of winning with any strategy.
  3. The column strategy is easy to understand and apply and therefore also suitable for novice players. There are cards available so you don’t even have to calculate yourself what to bet on the different columns.

Then the cons:

  1. It is extra important with the column strategy to keep an eye on your budget. Because you multiply the amount, you want to consider with each increase whether you can also bet quadruple it.
  2. The columns strategy does not guarantee a profit. Of course, this does not apply to any strategy and you must also realize that the house edge remains with the column strategy.

In conclusion

The columns strategy is popular, especially because you can create a personalized version of it. It is definitely worth giving this strategy a try. Make sure you read up well in advance. Of course, realize that roulette always remains a game of chance and that you cannot completely influence the result. Yet you can play structured with this strategy. Before we close, let’s answer some burning questions about the columns strategy This way you can start a roulette game well prepared.

You certainly have these questions about the columns strategy

  • Can I always use the columns strategy in roulette? Yes, there is no (online) casino that prohibits the use of this strategy. You do not run the risk that your account will be frozen or that other measures will be taken.
  • Is the columns strategy the best way to win money at roulette? There is no roulette strategy that can guarantee you 100% that you will win money. It is therefore important to try different strategies and thus create your own, unique playing style.
  • Is the column strategy suitable for every player? Yes, the column strategy is very simple in design, so you can quickly understand it. It is therefore ideally suited for players who are new to this strategy or to playing roulette in general.

By Filip Mishevski

As a person that has been involved in the gambling industry for over 5 years, Filip knows all the tricks and trades of online casinos and casino games. He’s here to provide you with the best content and help you have a fun gaming experience. His specialities include online slots, gambling regulations, casino game strategies, bonuses and promotions and much more.