Barbi Roulette System

Barbi Roulette System

The Barbi roulette system is one of the oldest roulette strategies. There is both an old and a new version. Unfortunately, the system does require some knowledge and is not easy. The original system was invented by Richard Grace. Of course, this is also a roulette player who has won several times with his own strategy. Because it has been around for years, this is considered a reliable strategy. You too can successfully play roulette with the help of this strategy and get some nice winnings.

Barbie roulette strategy

First of all, we will discuss both the old and the new Barbie strategy here. We then discuss the main advantages and disadvantages of this system compared to other strategies. We then summarize a few things and indicate for whom the strategy is the best option. Finally, we answer a few frequently asked questions that you definitely want to see the answer to before you start playing. After reading our guide you can safely and responsibly apply the Barbie strategy when playing roulette.

This is how the Barbie strategy works

As mentioned, we will first discuss the old Barbi strategy with you. The idea of ​​this strategy is to cover as many numbers as possible. With this strategy you cover 28 of the 37 numbers, they are a number of fixed numbers that remain. You also need to set a profit target. It is important that you never deviate from the rules with the old Barbi strategy. Only in this way can you increase your chance of winning. In addition, it is important to keep an eye on your budget when making the right choices.

Within this system you know the mandatory bets and the alternative bets. The mandatory bet is the first bet with which you cover a large number of numbers. With the alternative bets you actually lower your chance of winning. There is also the 2x bet and the 3x bet. You place the 3x bet on 2 horizontal with which you cover 6 numbers at the same time. This concerns the numbers 10 to 15 or 28 to 33. With the 2x bet you go for the so-called quarters. Of these, 4 can be found and they all cover 4 numbers, as the name suggests. Now we discuss the changes in the new strategy with you.

This is the new strategy

The new Barbi method is a lot more progressive. Therefore, you will have to bet more at the same time, but you can also earn more money. The roulette field consists of 12 horizontal streets, each with 3 columns. Now see which 16 numbers have fallen into the game earlier. Now look for 2 streets whose numbers have not yet been drawn. These are not included in the next bet. You now only bet on the remaining 10 lines. If you win, you automatically have an advantage of plus 2.

If you have chosen the right street, this must now also be disregarded and you play with 9 lines. If you bet well here you will make a profit of +5. Now you go back to 10 lines. Your chance of winning per round is above 80%. So if you have won 4 times in a row, it is not a problem if you lose once. So much for the details of the new Barbi strategy and we assume the differences are clear. It should be clear that the Barbi strategy is mainly one for the advanced players.

The pros and cons of the Barbi strategy

Now we list a number of advantages and disadvantages of the Barbi strategy. We take into account both the old and the new variant.

  1. A big advantage is that you can make a proven profit with the Barbi strategy. There are no guarantees, but you can seriously affect your chances of winning.
  2. The fact that the Barbi strategy has been around for decades also shows how reliable it is.

Here are the drawbacks:

  1. A disadvantage is certainly that this strategy is complicated and therefore not suitable for novice players. You should definitely read up and don’t want to use this strategy when you play roulette for the first time.
  2. Another disadvantage is that you have to dare to bet big, especially with the new strategy. So make sure you keep an eye on your budget.

Our conclusion about this system

The Barbi strategy is decades old and has proven itself over the years. Furthermore, you can use it in various roulette games and once you get the hang of it, it works quickly and easily. We strongly advise you to try playing with the Barbi strategy for free first. This way you ensure that you do not lose money unnecessarily. There is also the option of viewing the roulette game in demonstration mode at the best online casinos. For advanced players it’s nice to know that this game is offered at many live casinos where you also use the Barbi strategy during a game of live roulette.

Important questions and answers about the Barbi strategy
In any case, you want to know this:

  • Can I also use this strategy in American roulette? Yes, in theory this is certainly possible. Nevertheless, we advise you to opt for the European variant. It has a higher chance of winning because the variant has one less square.
  • Is the strategy also suitable for other online casino games? There are indeed casino strategies that are applied to multiple games. Unfortunately, this is not the case with the Barbi strategy, because it is really only suitable for roulette.
  • Do I have the guarantee to make a profit with the Barbi strategy? No, unfortunately that is not possible with any roulette strategy. No guarantees can be given, although applying the strategy correctly will increase your chances of winning.

By Filip Mishevski

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