Hacksaw Gaming

Hacksaw Gaming

The world of online gambling is thriving. More and more developers are coming out and they’re publishing a number of fun and exciting products, including slots, table games, card games and more. Today you’ll be reading about a relatively new name in the iGaming industry – a company that goes by the striking name of Hacksaw Gaming.

We say that the company is relatively new due to the fact that it was created back just recently, in 2018. Even though it was created not that long ago, Hacksaw Gaming, being eager to make a name for itself in the iGaming industry, has started putting out dozens of gambling games on the market. As such, the company has huge potential to expand and grow to a degree where, one day, its games will become a staple in online casinos.

Hacksaw Gaming Games

If there was is one word that we can describe Hacksaw Gaming’s games in, it would be “simplicity”. The company’s games are simple in as much as everyone will be able to start playing them immediately. Simplicity, of course, is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s this simplicity that attracts many fans of online gambling to come and play.

So, what you will see when playing Hacksaw Gaming games is simple animations and visuals, as well as simple gameplay mechanics. But it’s this quality that makes Hacksaw Gaming’s products stand out even more.

One of the areas where Hacksaw Gaming specializes is in the field of scratchcard games. If we were to analyze this, we would come to understand that scratchcard games are not at all complicated to create and enjoy. So, the fact that scratch cards, along slot games, are the company’s main product goes to tell us a lot about what Hacksaw Gaming is about.

Hacksaw Gaming is also known for its flair for originality. For example, one of the studio’s most popular scratch card games goes by the name of Shave the Beard. As your start plating this game, you will see a man with a big, long beard come out. Can you guess what your mission is? Exactly – to shave his beard. Your mouse cursor will turn into a razor as you start playing. And if you do manage to cut the person’s beard, then you will be rewarded for it. Do you know of any other scratchcard games that use this mechanic? We didn’t think so.

Best of all, there is a possibility of getting big wins as you play this game – and this too is a staple of Hacksaw Games. You can win up to 50,000 coins playing Shave the Beard. If the premise of the game of shaving someone’s beard is not your cup of tea, then the big prize that you can get doing something as simple as scratching a card will most definitely be. This is why many of Hacksaw Gaming’s games are getting more and more popular and they have garnered a big and loyal following.

In terms of slot games, we have the game called Stick ‘Em. It’s important to note that this is a very simple slot game – it’s also one of Hacksaw Gaming’s first slots. The biggest win that you can claim playing this slot game is a healthy 2,048x of your wager. Apart from the main reels, you will also be able to access the bonus wheel where you can get additional prizes.

But this is not where the fun stops when it comes to Hacksaw Gaming’s wide assortment of gambling games. Some of their best titles are the following:

  • King Carrot,
  • Xpander,
  • The Respinners,
  • Let It Snow,
  • Miami Multiplier,

and others. All of these slot games are very fun to play and they all have their unique quirks that make them fun in a unique way. So, if you’re up for some fun slots action, then you can go and try playing some of Hacksaw Gaming’s fun and unique slot games.

Hacksaw Gaming Partnerships

Even though the company’s still young, it’s being active in iGaming circles trying to sign partnerships with many other developers and notable iGaming providers. To this date, Hacksaw Gaming has signed partnership deals with more than 165 different partners, which shows just how serious this company is.

Also, to this date, Hacksaw Gaming has created more than 80 different gambling games of a few different genres, which shows the studio’s immense dedication. Also, Hacksaw Gaming has entered more than 18 different highly-regulated iGaming markets. We only expect the numbers of all of these different parameters to continue to grow in the future.

Mobile Integration

If you want to, then you can play slot games made by Hacksaw Gaming right on your mobile device. Hacksaw Gaming has made it one of their primary goals to make all their gambling products compatible with mobile devices by virtue of full HTML5 integration.

And given the fact that many of Hacksaw Gaming’s games are scratchcards, it means that the company is in the perfect position to innovate and improve their line of offering in the field of both scratchcards and slots. There’s practically no difference between the Hacksaw mobile gaming experience and the Hacksaw regular, desktop gaming experience. So, if you want to play gambling games on the go, then you will be able to do this right from your very own mobile device – provided that you have access to the internet.

Hacksaw Gaming’s Future

By virtue of what we’ve learned about Hacksaw Gaming, we would have to say that the company’s future does look extremely bright. Hacksaw Gaming is continuously working on introducing new gambling products and new ways in which we can enjoy these products. Also, the fact that their games have HTML5 optimization means that we can enjoy them on a big number of different platforms. And the many partnership deals that Hacksaw Gaming has signed only go to show that it’s a serious company with great goals for the future. Be sure to try and play some of their scratch cards and slot games to see what Hacksaw Gaming has to offer.

By Filip Mishevski

As a person that has been involved in the gambling industry for over 5 years, Filip knows all the tricks and trades of online casinos and casino games. He’s here to provide you with the best content and help you have a fun gaming experience. His specialities include online slots, gambling regulations, casino game strategies, bonuses and promotions and much more.