Evolution Gaming Casino

Evolution Gaming Casino

The story of evolution began in 2006. If you’ve played at an online casino before, chances are you’ve come across Evolution Gaming. It is the company that has ensured that the bigger players in the industry are challenged to constantly innovate as well. With sound strategy and persistence, Evolution Gaming has made it one of the leading companies in the industry. The live casino is the innovation of this company.

Today they employ hundreds of employees around the world. This software developer makes games for many major online casinos. The iGaming sector has many competitors, however Evolution Gaming has managed to successfully enter the entire competitive sector. One year after the company was founded, contracts were signed with major players from the iGaming sector. These agreements allowed Evolution Gaming to sell their games on these platforms. In this way, of course, they could be distributed more widely.

Soon, the brand had made enough of a name for itself in the industry to attract other companies. View on this page the overview of the best online casinos that use the software of Evolution Gaming for their live casino.

Evolution Gaming Live Casino

Evolution Gaming primarily focuses on the live casino market. This organization has multiple studios worldwide that are used to provide players with a real casino experience. The live casino is a relatively new breakthrough in the online casino industry, this new development has had a major impact in recent years. Although the technology itself has been around for a long time, there is only now enough connectivity and hardware to deploy it on a large scale. This ensures that everyone can enjoy the live casino. Evolution Gaming has several casino games ranging from table games to live poker and even a prize wheel.

The big advantage that a live casino offers compared to an online casino is that it gives the player a completely different playing experience. Anyone who has ever been to a brick and mortar casino knows that what matters most is the atmosphere at a gaming table. Perhaps you exchange a few short words with the dealer or chat a bit with the player next to you at the live roulette table. The idea is that the live casino brings this atmosphere to your living room. This means that you are in contact with a live dealer who deals the cards and chips. This way you don’t use the automated software solutions, you play in a real live environment.

In most situations, the live casino is integrated into the rest of the platform at online casinos. This means that you often click in the menu at an online casino to go to the live part. Here you will often find the live casino games from Evolution Gaming. So you use the same playing account as for the regular casino games. This way you can easily switch between, for example, video slots, slot machines and the live casino.

The game offer

Over the years, Evolution Gaming has gained very valuable experience by trying out different games and variants. Today they have an extensive range of casino games. Evolution Gaming has an interesting range of games for both the player and the online casino. Below you can read more about the game offer from Evolution Gaming, these are just a few examples of the live range of this brand.

  • Blackjack has been revived by Evolution Gaming by releasing a live blackjack variant. Play with a well-trained dealer. Just like in a physical casino, the game is played according to the official rules. There is even a possibility to place a bet with another player, if you are not at the table yourself. This way even more people can enjoy the thrill of the game.
  • Roulette is a classic casino game that has been around for hundreds of years, Evolution Gaming has revamped this basic concept by offering live Roulette. With a real Roulette table it becomes even more fun to watch the ball roll. And the dealer makes sure that you bet with real casino chips. This makes the experience much like visiting a land-based casino. A totally different experience compared to the game against the computer software. With the highest quality cameras, Evolution Gaming ensures that you can clearly follow all aspects of the game during a game of Roulette.
  • Poker has undergone a major revival over the past 10 years. Evolution Gaming also has a popular online Poker variant of Texas Hold’em in its live range. The big difference is that you play against the dealer, instead of against other players. This means that there are significantly more opportunities to sit at a table, as the dealer plays against several players

These are just a few examples of Evolution Gaming’s live casino. On this page you can find an overview of the best online casinos that work together with this developer of casino software. As a new player you will be rewarded with an interesting welcome bonus. Once you have reached the live casino you can discover the full range of games from this game developer.

By Filip Mishevski

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