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With so many independent and new firms ready to give it a go and exhibit their ideas to the public, the selection of games expands significantly every minute. There is a lot to choose from, making it difficult to choose anything that sticks out. You need some chemistry, some hidden force to captivate and captivate.

Alchemy is required, and Alchemy Gaming has it. It’s a solid indication of this team’s enormous potential, and a ground-breaking and graphically attractive game with unique features will be published as a result.

An Intro to Alchemy Gaming

In 2019, Alchemy Gaming was founded as an independent game development firm. Despite the fact that Alchemy Gaming isn’t the most well-known name in the online gambling market, there’s no questioning the quality of their games.

The company’s iGaming strategy is based on facts and figures. Innovative gameplay mechanisms and outlandish audio-visuals have all been used in the development of these wholly original games. However, there aren’t many Alchemy Gaming slot machines out there yet. Nevertheless, what is there is crafted to provide the best possible experience.

Successful Games by Alchemy Gaming

Alchemy Gaming’s online slots are all based on the same principle. So, for starters, they apply a dash of ingenuity in their programme, attempting to discover the optimal balance between user pleasure and financial reward. They then add a dash of whimsy. In order to provide a unique iGaming experience, they use a specific component. Finally, the data-driven technique is used to blend all of the information into a cohesive whole.

  • 10,000 Wishes
  • Africa X UP
  • Chronicles of Olympus X UP
  • Goldaur Guardians
  • Reel Gems Deluxe
  • Wheel of Wishes

#1. 10,000 Wishes

Among Microgaming’s newest slots, 10,000 Wishes was developed by an independent studio with the support of Microgaming. A prior wheel-style game called Wheel of Wishes was developed by Alchemy Gaming and released in conjunction with Microgaming before.

When you consider that there are just 10 lines on 5 reels, the gaming area isn’t all that amazing. It’s possible that even with fewer lines, the game may wind up paying out 500 times the bet in cash or lead to features that bring in fixed jackpots for 10.000 times the stake (€250,000). The slot’s RTP is 96.27 percent, with a medium level of volatility.

#2. Goldaur Guardians

Alchemy Gaming’s Goldaur Guardians slot machine has a fantasy theme. Oberon, Diana, Lila, and Alanelo are the most important characters and the most valued symbols in the enchanted elven woodland. A 5-by-3-reel, 20-payline slot machine is shown. It is possible to place bets ranging from 0.2 to 100, with a maximum payment of 1.000 times your initial wager. RTP is 96.52%, which is in line with industry standards.

The golden tree motif serves as the game’s scatter symbol. Three, four, or five scatters provide five, seven, or ten free games, respectively. Goldaur Guardians’ free spins begin with the game’s main character appearing on the first and second reels. Reels 3, 4, and 5 are all going to be filled by a 3×3 mega-symbol that changes every spin. If you’re fortunate, you’ll have a chance to see the Wild huge sign pretty often.

#3. Chronicles of Olympus X UP

Alchemy’s theme choice isn’t ground-breaking, but they’ve done a good job with it. In addition, the top X UP multiplier has been doubled, the bonus purchase has been modified, and a new Upsize function has been added. In the end, we have a fairly powerful gambling gadget that gives players a lot of freedom to explore, try new things, and, if they’re fortunate, win big.

The aesthetic of Chronicles of Olympus X UP is similar to that of Africa X UP. At first, you’ll be playing atop Olympus’s clouds, but the bonus round will take place on a burning planet. It has a 5-reel, 3-row game grid with 243 ways to win, making it easy and efficient.

#4. Reel Gems Deluxe

Our first impression of Reel Gems Deluxe is that it is an updated version of Goldaur Guardians. Despite the fact that the arithmetic and features are the same, Alchemy has created a gemstone slot machine with a vintage design that may appeal to a different audience. It is possible to wager between €0,20 and €100 each play on all platforms and devices, and you can look forward to both wild wins and scatter winnings here.

To be honest, the graphic presentation is a little lacklustre, and you get the impression that more thought was put into the original game. Although it’s typical for reskins, the mechanics and features of this one is still extremely fun to play. It all comes down to personal taste, and it’s a shame that Alchemy didn’t take advantage of the chance to provide a better experience.

Slot Machine Technologies

Modern, player-driven online gambling games rely on cutting-edge software, tech, and supporting frameworks in addition to human ability and expertise. HTML5, the markup language that allows players to wager on any game using any device, is lurking just under the surface.

Graphics and sound effects in high-definition load rapidly and adapt the presentation to each operating system or terminal end. On the front end, a variety of colours, degrees of interaction, and soundtracks ranging from peaceful to exhilarating work together to achieve the intended impression.

The mathematics that dictates the player’s experience may be more essential than all the “bells and whistles” of a well-executed presentation.

Final Words

Do you want to try something new at the casino, something you’ve never done before? Play Alchemy Gaming slots online if you want to see what I mean. This independent development team has tinkered with the traditional casino game model and come up with something new and better.

They have established themselves as a software supplier worth keeping an eye on because to their focus on the user’s experience (as seen by their stunning aesthetics and generous rewards) and their usage of cutting-edge technology. Experience the craze for yourself by checking out their games on one of the best online casinos on our website right now!

By Filip Mishevski

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