Poltava – Flames of War Review

Poltava - flames of war

If you enjoy history and epic wars, you can put down whatever you are doing right now and check out the game that has to offer a fantastic experience.

Poltava Flames of War is very special, as one would expect from an Elk Studios slot. The designers used cutting-edge animations to ensure that the slot had a pleasing look. They also paid close attention to the game icons as well as the overall design of the game. As a result, we now have a top-of-the-line spot with a lot to offer. Poltava Flames of War has been a popular slot since its release, and it is still one of the most popular games at Elk Studios casinos
Poltava Flames of War is a highly volatile slot created by Elk Studios. The game is based on a historic rivalry between Russian Tsar Peter the Great and Swedish King Charles the XII. Since this occurred during the Great Northern War, the designers wanted to make this the central theme of the slot. Poltava Flames of War can keep you spinning for hours with its entertaining gameplay and appealing bonus features.

Elk Studios’ Poltava – Flames of War is a beautiful and challenging video slot game set in early 18th century Ukraine. In a war that is said to have decided the confidence of both superpowers, Russia’s Peter the Great meets Sweden’s royal forces. As a result of its defeat, Sweden’s presence in the region started to wane.

Design of the game

  • The game design in Poltava Flames of War is based on the game’s theme – a real-life 18th-century battle. The game’s setting is a densely forested forest with military equipment remnants visible. Low-value symbols are depicted in an archaic style, while high-value symbols are detailed depictions of war tools.
  • The music is bleak, as though it were recorded after a major war. However, once you start landing the Lion Wild in the middle reels, the game’s speed picks up. The pace of the music speeds up as you land the Lion Wild in the middle reels, becoming more martial with heavy drum beats. It gets the blood pumping!
  • The animations are incredible, and some are almost lifelike! This, like most other Elk Studios games, is a stunningly crafted title.


No game will be complete without bonus free spins, and Poltava: Flames of War has plenty of them. You’ll need three bonus Lion symbols anywhere on the reels to activate this function. The best part is that these lions can stay put during your free spins and serve as Sticky Wilds to help you complete winning pay lines.

Any extra lion symbols you get during the free spins will not become sticky wilds, but they will increase your total amount of free spins. Each lion contributes one additional free spin. If you’re lucky enough to keep having lions during your free spins, you’ll be able to play this mode for quite some time. This slot game appears to have been designed to produce a higher free spins trigger rate.

The Marching Reels feature is the second feature that Elk Studios has included in this game. To activate this function, you must land four of the same soldier, cannon, or horse symbols on any one reel. You will be given a free re-spin as a result. The good news doesn’t end there, however. Any similar symbol you land on the right-hand reel will reward you with more re-spins.

Here’s where the word Marching Reels comes into play. As the number of identical symbols on the reels to your right increases, the number of winning pay-lines increases as well. This function will remain active until symbols appear on the last reel or no new symbols appear in your formations.

Overall Performance

The overall layout of the buttons and menus differs slightly from that of other mobile slot games. The spin button has been replaced with an overlay on your reels that become translucent as the reels spin. You have to admit that Elk Studio’s slot games have inspired us to adapt modern designs. Even the pop-out menu that outlines the game’s features and gameplay are as slick as an Apple iPhone’s user interface.

Poltava: Flames of War’s graphics and animations are in a league of their own. All of the symbols are meticulously detailed, and the soundtrack is something you’d only hear in war films. Every aspect of this game is designed to work in tandem to provide the best possible gaming experience to the player.

Characteristics that are unique about it

Elk Studios is well-known for its ability to create visually beautiful themes for all of its games. It often succeeds in telling the player a story, whether fictional or non-fictional, and this changes the whole gaming experience drastically. You are no longer just pleased or excited; you are also fulfilled.

Without even participating in the war between Peter the Great and Charles of Sweden, you will learn about all of the weapons used by both sides. It is clear that the plot and theme, coupled with the gameplay, distinguishes Poltava: Flames of War from its peers.

Final Verdict on the Poltava Flames of War

Poltava Flames of War is undoubtedly a slot that will pique your interest. The game features a familiar historical theme and excellent visual information. However, keep in mind that this is a highly unpredictable slot. It has the potential for large payouts, but it can quickly deplete your bankroll. As a result, you must prepare your bankroll before beginning to play this slot.

The Poltava Flames of War bonus features are well worth pursuing. With the Marching Reels feature, you can win a full screen of matching symbols as well as several great payouts. You will win a large number of Sticky Wilds and extra free spins with the free spins bonus. This is a slot machine that you can try if you are a military history buff or just a fan of beautifully built games and want a chance to win big money.

By Filip Mishevski

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