Nudge Runner Jackpot Review

Nudge Runner Jackpot slot

The Nudge Runner Jackpot slot machine has two three-reel boards, each with five paylines. These paylines cannot be activated or deactivated. Start with the leftmost reel and pick three or more similar icons in adjacent positions to win. Otherwise, the cash prize will be forfeited if you do not obey one of the currently active paylines.

Everything is relatively standard, like other slot games. The unique features are the source of all the changes! The inclusion of nudges is the first and most noticeable! You get three nudges per playing area, which, in the right conditions, can transform a losing spin into a winning one. There’s also a constantly ticking egalitarian jackpot in the upper left corner, enticing players to try and grab it!

Theme and plot of Nudge Runner

The famous and well-known Nudge Runner slot machine has an online version similar to the original. It’s interesting to note that it’s now available in a twin spin edition means all of the well-known, popular fruit symbols have returned.

This applies not only to the lemons and grapes but also to the bells and, of course, the well-known seven symbols. The overall appearance is a little cluttered, but that is entirely in keeping with the original set-up found in all classic slot machines.


  • This StakeLogic release is played on two 33-boards, each with five paylines that cannot be switched on or off. The Nudge Runner Jackpot slot machine has a mild variance, and a jackpot of 200x for three-of-a-kind wins.
  • The Reel Nudges are the only bonus worth mentioning. Don’t get us wrong: the progressive jackpot will result in some great prizes. However, they have no bearing on the core gameplay of Nudge Runner Jackpot. The nudges, on the other hand, can quickly transform a losing spin into a big one! So, it’s both entertaining and practical, but What’s the catch, exactly? The answer is quite simple: you must pay money to unlock it!
  • Changing your total bet is a straightforward procedure. When you click the Total Bet button, two new menus appear. One regulates the number of active boards – one or both – while the other sets the coin value. Online gamblers can wager between €0.20 and € 200 per spin by tuning and tweaking both!

Features of the game

In most cases, you do not expect a slot machine to have many features. Nonetheless, the creators of the Nudge Runner slot machine have attempted to rectify this.

This is attributed not only to the Nudges feature’s integration but also to the existence of a jackpot. We’d like to go over all of the features of this slot machine with you in detail.


The ‘Nudges mode’ is perhaps the most well-known feature of this slot machine. When you’ve just missed a winning mix, a nudge is intriguing. The reels will then go up or down, allowing you to claim a winning combination.

In reality, the nudges frequently have several winning combinations, but the payouts are considerably lower.

Progressive Jackpot

You are entitled to three kinks if you wager at least 40 coins (40 * 20 cents = € 8). When a qualifying spin finishes, the reels nod down or up, with a limit of three nods per spin, to give you the best possible payout. You have a chance to win the mystery jackpot with every spin. This is provided at random. Each bet contributes a half-percentage point to a pot that pays out a minimum of € 500 and a maximum of € 5,000.

In this game, the star symbols can also help you win more money. On top of existing symbols, these symbols have a translucent star. You’ll win a special treat if you get three in a row. However, you can build winning combinations using the corresponding usual symbols, which simply payout according to the reward table.

Free Spins on Nudge Runner

The Nudge Runner slot machine does not have a free spin feature due to its design principles.

RTP, variation, and the Nudge Runner jackpot bet

Nudge Runner Jackpot is a slot machine with minimal variance. This low variance is most likely to blame for much of the success that this intriguing slot machine enjoys.

A minimum bet of €0,20 per spin is needed to place a wager. The maximum bet that can be made per spin is € 200.

The meager return to the player is a significant disadvantage to consider. A low variance slot machine, in our view, will provide a little more. As a result, the slot machine’s return on investment is just 95%. Low variance slots with higher payout percentages can be found at many online casinos.

Final Thoughts on the slot machine

Since slots are so standard in online casinos, that’s why there are so many of them. Some are more distinctive than others, but they all follow the same basic concept. Nudge Runner jackpot is one of those fruit machines that know how to give you a little something extra. It’s great for fans, but also for players who want to give it a shot. The RTP of 95 percent is not bad for a slot machine. It’s still much higher than you’d find in a traditional casino.

In addition, because of the jackpot, the prizes are likely to be higher than those offered by a regular slot machine. Still, you won’t become a millionaire playing this game, but that’s probably not why you play these games in the first place. Players looking for big payouts or just wanting to have fun with a slot machine should choose a different kind. There are little to no effects in this game, and the jackpot isn’t huge.

By Filip Mishevski

As a person that has been involved in the gambling industry for over 5 years, Filip knows all the tricks and trades of online casinos and casino games. He’s here to provide you with the best content and help you have a fun gaming experience. His specialities include online slots, gambling regulations, casino game strategies, bonuses and promotions and much more.