Hyper Star Slot Review

Hyper Star slot

Hyper Star is the new addition to the long list of ‘Hyper’ slot titles that have been developed by the one and only Gameburger Studios. This game title can be set aside from the other sister slots from the ‘Hyper’ series because of the range of direction that it takes. You can expect great things from this slot title – from amazing visuals to awarding features such as Jackpots, Multiplier Trails, Rolling Reels, and Free Spins. It is in the same style as the online slot Hyper Strike.

The inside of a disco ball is exactly how you would describe this game to be because of its bright lights that are lit and reflect many surfaces. Gameburger made sure though, to not step over the line and make this game completely over the top with the Vegas theme.

The atmosphere that the Hyper Star gives off is something like being outside a casino lounge where the excitement is focused on keeping you entertained rather than being in the middle of a casino room and feeling that gambling stress. The sound of the game is also made to get you in the right mood so you can enjoy the full capacity of the game.

Hyper Star slot base game

Better Know The Gameplay

To start off with the best part and the one that players are usually most interested in, Hyper Star offers you over 243 ways to win. This is considered a decent amount for a game of this kind in other words you can expect a profitable game result. As for the playing area, this slot title offers a layout of a 5×3 reel area where all the magic happens.

The volatility rate reaches an incredibly high level which brings you winnings of high values with the exception that they come not as often as you would love to. Even so, this game is sure to help you on your way to making a big win in the long run.

Hyper Star Free Spins

When talking about the volatility of a slot game we must also mention the RTP rate that the game offers in order for you to have a full idea of what you can expect from a game like this one. Hyper Star has an RTP rate of 96.05%. With a minimum deposit amount of €0,20 and a maximum of €40 for a single spin.

VolatilityVery High
Min Bet€0.20
Max Bet€40
Top WinX7,250

Bonus Features – The Help You Get To Boost Your Win

As previously mentioned the Hyper Star slot comes with a few juicy bonus features made to help you land better-winning combinations. These bonus features include Jackpots, Free Spins, Multiplier Trail, and Rolling Reels. Each of these features is better explained below.

Rolling Reels Feature

You can expect the Rolling Reels feature to get triggered in both the main game as well as during the free spins. With the help of the Rolling Reels feature the symbols that formed winning combinations get removed and new symbols are placed in their places giving you bigger chances of landing more wins. You can land a winning combination every single spin depending on your luck.

Multiplier Reel Feature

When talking about the Multiplier Reel, you need to look out for the Rolling Reels first since they go hand in hand with each other. To trigger the Multiplier Reel feature you need to make sure you trigger the Rolling Reels feature. In the main game you can expect the Multiplier to increase 1x each landed winning spin while each other consecutive winning combination gets you 2x, 3x, and 5x the original bet.

The Multiplier increases different amounts during the free spins. When the free spins are active you can expect the multiplier to increase 3x, 6x, 9x, and 15x your original bet.

Free Spins Feature

The Free Spins Feature gets triggered when you manage to land 3 or more of the scatter symbols in a single payline. Each time you land the scatter symbols you activate this feature and get awarded 8 free spins. The number of free spins you get an increase with the number of times you land matching scatter symbols. The maximum amount of free spins you can manage to get with this feature is 32 totally free spins.

Additionally as mentioned with this feature triggered you also get an additional boost to the Multiplier feature and get better winning combinations.


You will have a chance to score a jackpot of some kind in the main game and during the activation of the free spins feature. When you land wild symbols in the game they get collected, then by activating the rolling reel feature a chance to trigger a Jackpot Bonus will be presented to you.

The Jackpot Bonuses come in 3 main sizes Grand, Major, and Minor. Each of the Jackpot values is different depending on the one that you land you can get 5,000x, 100x, or 15x your original bet.

Hyper Star In A Few Words

Despite all the similarities to the other ‘Hyper’ slot games from the series Hyper Star still offers you something worth taking the time to try out. If not for the visuals then maybe the sound details will blow you away. If not for the volatility then maybe the RTP rate will make you consider this slot game.

There are many components that make the Hyper Star slot as great as it looks. The bonus features are also sure to make you have a great time playing this game. Apart from the bonus features maybe the 243 ways to win will grab your attention as well as the easy and straightforward gameplay on the 5×3 reel area that is easy to master even for beginners.

Hyper Star is capable enough to be of help if you are looking for a way to make a profit but at the same time playing an entertaining and enjoyable game. We hope we were enthusiastic enough to help you find the help you needed in this review and showed you in a few words what to expect from this slot title.

By Filip Mishevski

As a person that has been involved in the gambling industry for over 5 years, Filip knows all the tricks and trades of online casinos and casino games. He’s here to provide you with the best content and help you have a fun gaming experience. His specialities include online slots, gambling regulations, casino game strategies, bonuses and promotions and much more.