Hot4Shot Deluxe Review

Hot4Shot Deluxe slot

Classic slots are still one of the most popular methods to gamble online. There’s a reason they’re so popular. There are, however, ways to make them more entertaining, and Stakelogic has done just that with Hot4Shot Deluxe.

Hot4Shot Deluxe is an enhanced version of Stakelogic’s evergreen success, a top-rated slot game. With Wild Multiplier, SuperBet, and the intriguing Hot Shot feature, we can land a massive win of €30.000 on a base of six reels, three rows, and 20 fixed paylines. 
Unfortunately, there is no free play mode available for Hot4Shot Deluxe. Take a look at the images below and get started with one of the recommended casino sites!

There’s a 6×3 grid with fruit symbols on it. A luxury-style background with a poker table, bar, and even an aquarium adds to the potency of the emotion.

This is an innovative spin on classic slots based just on appearances.


This Hot4Shot Deluxe online slot review will begin with an essential factoid: this game has low to medium volatility.

If you enjoy this slot enough to play for real money, go ahead and do so. Just keep in mind that unless you place enormous bets (which you almost certainly would if you’re a high roller), you’re less likely to hit any significant wins. It’s also the only method to activate the slot’s Superbet feature.

Best things about the Game

Players appreciate this slot game, and they do it for a variety of reasons. Hot4Shot Deluxe has the following features to offer:
Hot4Shot Deluxe Stakelogic slot has several extra features and functionalities.

The minimum stake is 20 cents, but you can bet as much as you want each time. This necessitates betting on all available lines. Combinations are created when all paylines are engaged. This is required to achieve the game’s maximum win.

Free Play

You can play free slots in one of two ways. Picking no deposit bonus slots is the most obvious way. You will be able to play slots for free while also winning real money in this manner.

The second option is to play the Hot4Shot Deluxe free slot, which is accessible in many casinos.

Note: If you play the Hot4Shot Deluxe slot for free, you will not be eligible for the big prize. As a result, double-check that you’ve placed a real-money wager. Keep in mind that the RTP of Hot4Shot Deluxe is affected by the maximum win.

Bonus Features

  • Two primary characteristics distinguish Hot4Shot Deluxe. The first is the SuperBet function, which is enabled after you have a sufficient number of coins in your round. To improve your gameplay, all six reels are engaged during SuperBet. But the significant part is that the wild symbols become multipliers. You can win up to 5 times your original win amount with SuperBet.
  • The Hot Shot Feature will get your pulse pumping. When three or more bonus symbols appear anywhere on the reels, the feature is triggered. The bonus will redirect you to a different screen that resembles a shooting range. The symbols are still there, but they’re arranged in a way that makes them look like targets. As if they were in an arcade, lights flashed back and forth. When you press the Hot Shot button, the light on your prize will turn off.

You’ll notice that there are no free spins in this game. This is rather typical for old-style slots, so don’t let it deter you unless you need them to enjoy a video slot. There is a unique extra feature and wild symbols that have the same multiplier function as most free spin slots make this game exciting and worthy to try.

Bonus Rounds Hot4Shot Deluxe

Almost all of the newest casino slots contain a bonus round, and they’re usually rather entertaining. They make the game more exciting and give you more opportunities to score big.
However, there is no extra game in Hot4Shot Deluxe.
The majority of the action takes place here, and players enjoy it. Many games offer a bonus buy function because players adore extra features.

Mobile Compatibility

On smartphones, Hot4Shot Deluxe looks excellent. If you’re used to playing on your phone, you’ll know that setting it to landscape mode allows the slot to fill the screen and all of the images to jump out. You must do this with Hot4Shot Deluxe, as it will look terrible otherwise. You won’t be able to fit the entire game on your screen.
Phone or tablet that supports landscape mode. We received excellent results when we tested this game on several platforms for our Hot4Shot Deluxe online slot review. Take this free video slot with you wherever you go to ensure that you never get bored.


Hot4Shot Deluxe is a -reel video slot with a 95.5% RTP and an undisclosed level of variance.

While the minimum stake is set at 20 cents, you can bet as much as you like each time. The requirement for this is that you wager on all of the available lines. Combinations are generated when all paylines are engaged. This is required to achieve the game’s maximum win.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a newbie to online slot games or have been playing for a long time, you’ve probably noticed that adding new elements to classic slots is becoming increasingly popular. 

The overall impression is that we had a good time playing Hot4Shot Deluxe. It is an excellent online slot machine. The visuals are slick, and the audio additions are well-crafted, giving the game a more distinct feel.

By Filip Mishevski

As a person that has been involved in the gambling industry for over 5 years, Filip knows all the tricks and trades of online casinos and casino games. He’s here to provide you with the best content and help you have a fun gaming experience. His specialities include online slots, gambling regulations, casino game strategies, bonuses and promotions and much more.