Gates Of Olympus Slot Review

Gates of Olympus by Pragmatic Play

Gates Of Olympus slot gives you the rare opportunity to stand at the literal gates of Mount Olympus and lock eyes with the all-mighty Zeus. He will not be pleased as a mare human has come to disrupt this peace; he will be ready to strike you with lightning bolts as the anger makes his eyes glow blue.

This Ancient Greek themed slot was made from the crafty and busy hands of the team over at Pragmatic Play. They are known for adding something more to any common slot game, which is the case in this particular one as well. They have taken a surely popular theme and gave it a twist by adding the unusual pay-anywhere system. This essentially gives you the freedom to make all sorts of winning combinations with all symbols available on the payline area. Gives off the impression that Zeus is in a rather generous mood.

Gates Of Olympus is also packed with a total of five additional bonus features that are sure to help you on your way to a great profit. Playing this game is entertaining enough to keep you on your toes for the long run and keeps you engaged in the gameplay. In the following Gates Of Olympus review, you will get a better understanding of what to expect from this incredible slot game.

Gates of Olympus Main Game

Get The Most Out Of Olympus with its Bonus Features

To start off with the bonus features that this slot game offers you can expect 5 in total. Some of which are better explained below.

Ante Bet Feature

For one of the bonus features, you will need to make the choice if you are willing to pay a little more for each spin in order to trigger the feature in question. This feature is called the Ante Bet feature and it essentially gives you a double chance of landing the bonus round that is sure to get you more than double your profit.

The Tumble Feature

Then you have the Tumble feature which you can trigger by every single winning combination you land on the paylines. This feature removes the symbols with the winning combination and makes room for new ones that get dropped from above. The process will continue as long as you manage to land winning combinations.

The Multiplier Feature

Next up, you have the Multiplier feature that gets activated randomly by a hovering statue of Zeus himself. When this feature gets activated on your reel area there will appear a bunch of gemstone orbs that come in different colours. The added symbols give you different values to the multiplier that can go between 2x and 500x. The values are then put together to make a total and boost your overall winning streak with the ability to be active in the regular as well as the bonus game round.

Bonus Round Feature

Finally, we must mention a few words and explain the bonus round mentioned above. To trigger this feature you will need to land 4 of the Scatter symbols that are represented by Zeus himself in a single spin. You will start off with 3x your bet but then go to 5x and even 100x the original bet as you continue landing the Scatter symbols. You also get 15 free spins while this feature is active.

Gates of Olympus Free Spins

RTP, Volatility and Layout

The Gates Of Olympus has gameplay that allows you to play on 6 reels and a 5-row playing area with a visual representation of what we can imagine Olympus looks like. There you’ll see Zeus standing on the side prepared to unleash lightning at any moment while the symbols remind you of a treasure to give you that sweet and enriching slot appeal.

When you take a look at the RTP rate that this game offers you, you will notice that it is roughly on the average side. Gates Of Olympus has an RTP rate of 96.50% and even though it is on the average side it is still considered profitable. Especially combined with the variance this game will help you reach high profit.

When talking about the volatility of this slot title you can be sure that you won’t be disappointed. This slot game reaches a volatility number 5 on the rating scale of 5 which in other words is the highest you can expect from a game of this kind.

VolatilityHigh Volatility
PaylinesPay Anywhere
Min Bet€0.10
Max Bet€100
Top Winx5,000

Jewels Of Olympus are the Featured Symbols

During the game, you will notice that there are 5 lower value gem symbols that go well with the higher value symbols represented as the ring, the goblet, and the sand timer. Apart from these symbols, there is the highest paying symbol featured in this slot game which is the gold crown. If you manage to land 12 or more of the gold crown symbols, you will not only get 50x your original bet but also boost the multiplier.

As for the payouts of the other symbols there are carefully explained below:

  • Blue Gemstone – landing 12 matchings will get you 2x
  • Green Gemstone – landing 12 will get you 4x
  • Yellow Gemstone – landing 12 will get you 5x
  • Purple Gemstone – landing 12  will get you 8x
  • Red Gemstone – landing 12 will get you 10x
  • Goblet – landing 12 will get you 12x
  • Ring – landing 12 will get you 15x
  • Sand Timer – landing 12 will get you 25x
  • Gold Crown – landing 12 will get you 50x


Overall, this slot title will give you an entertainment level that you can be proud of. With the five bonus features that it presents to you, you can be sure that the gameplay you can expect will be enjoyable. Even though, with its volatility being as high as it is the payouts will come not very often but when they do you can expect them to be of great value.

Together with the additional boost of payouts from the featured bonuses you are sure to make a great profit while enjoying all the beautiful visuals that the Gates Of Olympus offers you exclusively.

By Filip Mishevski

As a person that has been involved in the gambling industry for over 5 years, Filip knows all the tricks and trades of online casinos and casino games. He’s here to provide you with the best content and help you have a fun gaming experience. His specialities include online slots, gambling regulations, casino game strategies, bonuses and promotions and much more.