Esqueleto Explosivo Review

Esqueleto Explosivo slot

Esqueleto Explosivo Slot is terrific in every way – great graphics, thrilling gameplay, and a captivating theme. It was the first Thunderkick slot machine game to be available on both online and mobile platforms. Thunderkick is a Swedish firm known for creating some of the most creative and bizarre video slots.


The 15 skulls in this game resemble a regular five-reel slot with 17-win lines, which is a little odd. Unlike most other slots, where you pay per win line, you’ll pay a total bet for each spin in this one. If you get three or more of each symbol on a pay line, you’ll win.
Two things will happen if you get a win. First, the skulls in the winning line will start singing. Then they’ll blow up. The skulls above will fall into position after the explosion, and more skulls will flow in from above to fill any gaps. This might result in more victories right away, with the multiplier increasing by a factor of two with each successive win. This means that if you have six victories in a row at this point, the multiplier will rise to a whopping 32x.

Esqueleto Explosivo slot

The pink skull is the game’s highest paying symbol, paying 2.5x your total spin amount. The green skull pays out 1.4 times your total bet, while the blue, orange, and turquoise skulls payout 1.2x, 0.9x, and 0.7x, respectively. These win sums are little at first glance, but when you realize that a single spin can result in numerous wins, each of which is multiplied by a bigger multiplier, it becomes evident that the pay-outs are quite significant.

This slot offers a variety of options, including the ability to change the sound and game settings and activate the autoplay functionality (up to an incredible 5,000 spins).

Bonus Features

In the Esqueleto Explosive slot game, two bonuses can help you win money quickly.

  • The Mucho Multipliers: With the Mucho Multiplier, you can see your winnings skyrocket. When you line up a victory, you proceed through the multipliers, which are x1, x2, x3, x8, x16, and x32. When you get a win, the candy skulls explode, and you advance a level. If you get another win after that, your funds will multiply even more, and so on. You progress by securing successive wins until you have multiplied by all five levels available. As a result, the more wins you have in a row, the more your money multiplies. If you make it through all of the stages, you’ll be able to buy many sweets with the money you’ll be able to win. The Mucho Multiplier also works in conjunction with the board’s wild symbols, as if more than one appears on the board at the exact moment, you’ll advance through the stages.
  • Dropping Symbols: When you hit a winning combination on Esqueleto Explosivo, instead of spinning around and sticking where they are, the winning symbols explode and more fall on top, similar to “Cascading” symbols seen in other casino games. This means there’s a better chance of racking up a string of wins, which is ideal for progressing through the Mucho Multiplier.
  • Wild: The Wild on Esqueleto Explosivo is called the Explosivo Wild, and it is where the slot game gets its name. When you hit one of these, which is depicted as a golden Candy Skull, it will, in addition to substituting for any other symbol on the board, explode when it fits into a payline, wiping out eight symbols in its immediate surrounding. As previously stated, getting many wilds on the board will also advance you through the Mucho Multiplier, making these wilds quite valuable in the game.

Mobile Compatibility

The game is also accessible on mobile and has been wonderfully developed, to the point where the graphics are even sharper and higher definition on mobile, making the gameplay even more stunning.

While the lack of a bonus round for this game is a missed opportunity for such a beautifully designed game, there is no doubt that this game offers serious winning opportunities to players. This is due to its Mucho Multiplier function, allowing funds to expand exceptionally quickly, allowing even gamers who start with pennies to see significant gains. As a result, stealing candy skulls from a newborn will be like stealing candy skulls from a newborn for high rollers. This game is ideal for getting you in the holiday spirit while also winning big cash prizes.


While there is no jackpot, but the winning payments can be enormous, as you can multiply even the highest prices by up to 35 times. If you play for the maximum of €100 for each spin, you can win far over €43,000 in a single spin if you activate the 35x Multiplier.

The game’s RTP is set at 96 percent, which is very standard.

Final thoughts

Esqueleto Explosivo isn’t the typical casino slot machine. This game appears to offer a completely different experience on the surface, even though it uses many of the same principles. Things appear simple at first glance, with the skeletons and skulls changing to reflect the various symbols as you spin the reels. However, once the wilds are activated, and the symbols begin to fall from the sky, it can feel like there are a plethora of winning combos coming your way.

If you enjoy slot games with Mexican themes or those that are a little different from the norm, you’ll like playing Esqueleto Explosivo.

By Filip Mishevski

As a person that has been involved in the gambling industry for over 5 years, Filip knows all the tricks and trades of online casinos and casino games. He’s here to provide you with the best content and help you have a fun gaming experience. His specialities include online slots, gambling regulations, casino game strategies, bonuses and promotions and much more.