Break Da Bank Again Megaways Slot Review

Break Da Bank Again Megaways by Microgaming

Microgaming is a company that needs no introduction – especially if you’re a fan of online slots. Alongside other top-tier developers such as NetEnt and Play’n Go, Microgaming has consistently put out some of the best iGaming products to date. One of their more known slot games goes by the name of Break Da bank Again. This time around, we have a sequel to that game, of sorts, by the name Break Da Bank Again Megaways. You can learn more about the exciting features that this game has to show to players by reading the rest of our Break Da Bank Again Megaways review below.

Enter Da Bank

As the name suggests, this Microgaming slot game takes place in a bank. The visuals are somewhat dated, though, so don’t expect that your mind will be blown by flashy and vibrant animations. We feel that Microgaming could have done a bit more to enhance the visuals and make Break Da Bank Again Megaways stand on its own as a unique game. This version is not too dissimilar from its predecessor.

Break Da Bank Again Megaways

That being said, we still like the visuals even as they are. You will feel like you’re doing a heist in a huge bank, entering the vaults where the money is stored. And this is always a pleasant experience, we feel. The colors get especially vibrant and flashy when you activate the special features, but more on that later.

For now, you need to be aware of the types of symbols that you will be playing Break Da Bank Again Megaways with, such as:

  • Money stacks,
  • Gold stacks,
  • A-10 card symbols,
  • Money checks,

and others. As you can see, the experience is very much alike being in a bank. And the music that runs in the background also enhances the experience and makes the slot even more inviting for fans of the genre.

Break Da Bank

And now we come to the part of actually playing Break Da Bank Again Megaways. As the name suggests, the game features the Megaways system. This means that there are up to several thousand ways to win that can be triggered in any given spin. The number of megaways is determined by the number of symbols that cover the reels – and this number is different during every spin. So, you need to get lucky to trigger the biggest payouts.

And the biggest payout that you can claim in Break Da Bank Again Megaways is x24,185 of your wager. This can amount to a huge sum of money if you get lucky. The smallest wager in this game is €0.20 while the largest one is €20.00. As you can see, if you trigger the biggest win with the biggest wager, you can win a huge sum of money.

Special Features

Microgaming’s games are known for their special features. The special features not only provide a welcome change of the atmosphere to keep things interesting as you play the slot, but they also provide a nice way to win big sums of money quickly. And Break Da Bank Again Megaways is no different, in this regard. If you get 3 or 4 scatter symbols as you play the game, then you will be rewarded with access to 10 or 15 free spins, respectively.

Moreover, if you get 4 scatter symbols, you will also be able to access the Hot Mode version of the free spins, with a 20x multiplier bonus for starters. Also, during this feature, you will be able to get additional free spins if the scatter symbol shows its face. And it’s during this feature that you stand to make the biggest sum of money in the game.

If you’re impatient and you can’t spare the time trying to access the special features, then you can purchase the features outright. There are three options to choose from and the third one is the most expensive, but potentially most lucrative one. Again, it’s all down to luck in this regard and only luck will determine whether you will win more money than you have spent on purchasing the feature you wished to play.

Name and developerBreak Da Bank Again Megaways by Microgaming
TypeModern Megaways slot game
ScatterYes, get up to 15 free spins with multipliers

Volatility and RTP

Break Da Bank Again Megaways has an RTP rate of 96.05%. This is just above the industry average, and in this regard, this is a good thing. However, you do need to bear in mind that Microgaming has designed this game with modifiable RTP, which gives iGaming operators some leeway in determining the size of the game’s RTP rating.

Volatility-wise, this game has a high rating. What this means is that you stand to make a lot more money on average every time you win. On the other side, wins will come in less frequently. In this regard, Break Da Bank Again is more suitable for high-rollers and people that are prepared to take a bigger level of risk.

Bank Heist

So, if you ever had the fantasy of making a bank heist and breaking the bank, then Break Da Bank again Megaways by Microgaming is the right slot game to play. With its incredible Megaways system with which you can get paid up to x24,185 of your wager, you can outright become right if you get lucky playing this slot.

And that’s just for starters, as there are several special features that you can look forward to that can make you even richer. Overall, Break Da Bank Again Megaways is a very fun slot games, albiet it could have done even better if the developers invested a bit more time and effort in updating the visuals so the game would have looked a bit more modern. Regardless, it’s still a fun experience to play it and we hope that you will have a great time enjoying this Microgaming slot game. Good luck and have fun!

By Filip Mishevski

As a person that has been involved in the gambling industry for over 5 years, Filip knows all the tricks and trades of online casinos and casino games. He’s here to provide you with the best content and help you have a fun gaming experience. His specialities include online slots, gambling regulations, casino game strategies, bonuses and promotions and much more.