Book of Ra Deluxe Slot Review

Book of Ra Deluxe

Truth be told, Greentube is not one of the biggest names in iGaming. However, this is not to say that this developer hasn’t put out some interesting and fun products for fans of online gambling to enjoy. On the contrary. One of the company’s best-known titles goes by the name Book of Ra Deluxe. And as the name suggests, the game is about raiding tombs in Ancient Egypt. If this premise sounds enticing to you, then you can feel free to read the rest of our Book of Ra review below.

Tomb Raiders

In terms of the game’s theme, we have to say that we quite like it. There’s always that sense of mystery when it comes to what we’ll uncover in the tombs of Ancient Egypt. There are many legends about supernatural phenomena that these tombs are ostensibly imbued with. and Book of Ra Deluxe by Greentube plays on this fascination that the public has for the tombs of the Egyptian emperors of old.

Book of Ra Deluxe

The game’s concept takes the eponymous book of Ra as the center symbol of the game, as Ra was the most powerful God of Ancient Egyptian mythology. Apart from the Book of Ra symbol, you will play this game with some of the following symbols:

  • The Egyptian tomb raider,
  • A-10 card symbols,
  • Scarab,
  • A statue,

and others. We love the design of the slot game and how it looks and feels. There’s an inviting atmosphere that’s perfect for those of you that wish to explore Ancient Egypt. However, the flipside here is that the animations are anything but smooth. In fact, in this regard, this game is a lot closer to fruit slots than it is to modern slots.

And the sounds that you will listen to as you play the game corroborate this. They are hardcore old-school fruit slot sounds like you would listen in a casino. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as there are many people that prefer to have this type of experience as opposed to what some modern slots have to offer.

Delving Deeper into the Tomb

So, what do you do if you wish to play this game? It’s easy, the first thing to do is select the size of your wager. The smallest wager that you can select in this game is 1 coin, while the biggest one is 2.000 coins. As you can see, Book of Ra Deluxe by Greentube does not mess around. If you aren’t careful, you may easily end overspending and lose a big sum of money in a quick period of time.

Other than that, there are 10 paylines and they are non-fixed. This means that you can freely select the number of paylines to play your next spin with, anywhere from 1 all the way up to 10. The smaller the number of paylines that you’re betting on, the smaller will your wager be. On the other hand, the bigger the number of paylines, the bigger will your wager need to be to cover the difference – but you can also increase your chances to win money in this way.

The way to play this game is to click the start button in the bottom right corner of the screen – provided, of course, that you’re happy with the size of your wager for the spin. Once you click it, the reels will start spinning and soon enough you will end up with a new combination of symbols on the reels. Depending on your luck, you can either win some money or lose your wager. Rinse and repeat.

And of course, this is not a game without some special features that can keep things fun and exciting for players for hours on end. You can read more about them in the following section.

Special Features

The first of the special feature comes in the form of free spins. If you get 3 scatter symbols on the reels during any given spin, then you will be rewarded with 10 free spins. Then, you will have the chance to play with special symbols that can end up covering entire reels as you proceed to claim big wins. Also, you need to be aware that there are also multiplier bonuses that you will benefit from as you play through the free spins. So, all of these features combined can have you paid, big time.

And there’s one regular feature that you can access and use every time you get a win in the main game. This is the double or nothing feature – or the gamble feature, if you prefer. Every time you get a win during the base game, you will have the option to gamble and have a 50% chance to double up your win. The flipside is that you will lose your entire win if you don’t make the right call. You can use this feature for several times on end, effectively doubling up your win in the process every time. However, be mindful that you can get too greedy in the process and end up losing your wins quickly if Lady Luck isn’t on your side.

RTP and Volatility

In terms of the RTP rating of the game, Book of Ra Deluxe by Greentube has an RTP of 95.10%. This is below the iGaming industry average for slot games which is usually to be found around the 96% mark. This game makes up for it by having a high volatility rating, which means that once you win, you will likely win a big sum of money.

Name and developerBook of Ra Deluxe by Greentube
TypeEgyptian-themed with classic fruit slot gameplay
ScatterYes, get 10 free spins

The Powerful Book of Ra

So, if you’re a fan of fruit slots and of Egyptian-themed slots alike, then you will love Book of Ra Deluxe by Greentube. It’s not an original title, by any means, but the game is sure fun to play. And with the help of the special features, you can win big sums of money in a quick period of time, if you get lucky. Have fun!

By Filip Mishevski

As a person that has been involved in the gambling industry for over 5 years, Filip knows all the tricks and trades of online casinos and casino games. He’s here to provide you with the best content and help you have a fun gaming experience. His specialities include online slots, gambling regulations, casino game strategies, bonuses and promotions and much more.