Age of the Gods: God of Storms Slot Review

Age of the Gods God of Storms

Of the many developers in the field of iGaming, Playtech’s name is one of the most well-known. It’s a studio that specializes in the development of quality slots. Today, we’ll talk some more about one of their best-known titles, a slot game by the name of Age of the Gods: God of Storms. As the name suggests, this game’s theme is centered on the fantasy, mythological genre of slots. To learn more about what it has to offer, read the rest of our Age of the Gods: God of Storms review below.

Pray to the Gods

As mentioned in the previous section and as the name of the slot suggests, Age of the Gods: God of Storms is centered on the mythological parts of human history. Based on the background and the imagery, we believe that the game is about the mythology of Ancient Rome.

Truthfully, we’re not exactly impressed with the way the game is presented and we feel that there’s lots of room for improvement in this regard. The animations aren’t smooth to begin with and the background and foreground look a bit stale, especially when compared to modern standards.

Age of the Gods: God of Storms Gameplay

But still, fans of the mythological genre of slot games (and let’s face it, there are many of them), will most likely enjoy playing Age of the Gods: God of Storms by virtue of the game’s theme. There’s no background music, it’s just some hollow noise that you will be hearing as you play. This goes perfectly if you prefer to enjoy a more silent playing experience – a lot of modern slots will shove their themes down your throat until you begin liking it.

Regardless, some of the symbols that you can look forward to playing with in Age of the Gods: God of Storms, are:

  • Archers,
  • Warriors,
  • Snakes,
  • Vases,
  • A-10 card symbols,

and others. Despite the fact that the visuals are somewhat outdated, the game still has a level of visual appeal and charm.

Age of the Gods: God of Storms Big Win

Gaining Favor with the Gods

The game is simple enough when it comes to playing it. The first thing that you will need to do is select the size of your bet. The good news is that there is a big difference between the lowest and the highest wagers that you can make in this game. The lowest bet is a measly €0.1. The largest bet, on the other hand, is €250. Both casual players and hardcore risk-takers alike will enjoy playing this slot, owing to the big discrepancy between the smallest and the biggest wager.

We have to note, as well, that there are 25 paylines in total. Playtech took the approach of making the paylines non-fixed. This means that the player can feel free to select the exact number of paylines that they’d be willing to bet on. The higher the number of paylines, the bigger the chances that the player will string a win. The trade-off is that the player will need to pay a bigger wager to cover all the lines. In any case, the good news is that you can modify the number of paylines to play on.

If you want to find more information on the exact value of different symbols, as well as where exactly are the paylines on the reels, then you can click the INFO button and you’ll find all the info you need.

Special Features

Alas, no self-respecting modern slot game would come out without having any special features to boot. And Age of the Gods: God of Storms is no exception to this. There are some nice special features that you can trigger as you play the game.

The first feature that we’d like to mention is the existence of two forms of wild symbols. The first (and somewhat unoriginal) kind covers an entire reel with the “WILD” letters. These letters will replace other symbols and bring you bigger wins. The second type of wild symbol comes in the form of a ship at sea. If you get this symbol then the God of Storms himself appears to the right of the reels. This type of wild symbol is known as a walking wild, meaning it will move to the left of the reels until it eventually leaves the scree altogether. During this time, you will get free respins with increasingly bigger multiplier bonuses.

Also, while playing this game, you can trigger one of four different kinds of jackpots. These are, in order, the Power Jackpot, the Extra Power Jackpot, The Super Power Jackpot and the Ultimate Power Jackpot. To get a jackpot, you will need to get to the jackpot game and the way to access it is by random. Once you do, you will need to select coins on the reels until you get three of a kind so that you can trigger the respective jackpot. Then you will get back to the base game and continue playing.

Volatility and RTP

Age of the Gods: God of Storms has an RTP rate of 96.14%. This is above the industry standard of 96%, which is always a good thing. The game has a medium-level volatility, making it perfect for the majority of gamblers that wish to take a medium level of risk.

Name and developerAge of the Gods: God of Storms
TypeMythology-based slot with 25 non-fixed paylines

Return to the Age of the Gods

Age of the Gods: God of Storms is a solid addition to the mythological Age of the Gods slot formula. It’s a fine slot game, tough we have to mention that the potential that it has is largely unused. Regardless, many players will find themselves attracted to this slot formula and will likely enjoy playing this fun game made by Playtech. The four different kinds of jackpots are well enough to convince gamblers to play Age of the Gods: God of Storms. We hope that you will have fun playing it, yourself.

By Filip Mishevski

As a person that has been involved in the gambling industry for over 5 years, Filip knows all the tricks and trades of online casinos and casino games. He’s here to provide you with the best content and help you have a fun gaming experience. His specialities include online slots, gambling regulations, casino game strategies, bonuses and promotions and much more.