Yggdrasil comes with new jackpot feature


Game developer Yggdrasil comes with a new jackpot feature that gives players the opportunity to win extra-large jackpot prizes! This new feature is called Jackpot TopUp and it will increase the local jackpot prizes. Earlier this week, game developer Yggdrasil provided more information on how this new local jackpot initiative, called Jackpot TopUp, works. This feature only applies to the games developed by Yggdrasil. Online casinos themselves have the opportunity to temporarily increase the top prize with the games of this brand. This new functionality is called Jackpot TopUp.

The idea behind this new initiative is that online casinos can easily set up a marketing campaign to promote specific games such as Ygddrasil slots. By temporarily increasing the jackpot prizes, online casinos can more easily stand out from the crowd by increasing the prize pool of the main prize. This means there are bigger cash prizes to be won! This new feature applies to the local jackpot prizes of the various online casinos.

TopUp from game developer Yggdrasil

Online casinos that choose to implement this new TopUp functionality from Yggdrasil can add an extra prize pool to the local jackpot prizes at any time. This increases the attraction. This can be an interesting addition, especially in competitive markets such as the Dutch market. Of course it is also interesting for you as a player, it increases the differences between the various online casinos. Comparing the various providers of games of chance also becomes even more important with these kinds of functionalities.

The Yggdrasil press release describes that the TopUp function can give various providers a new incentive in attracting new players. In addition, this new functionality also provides other advantages, for example it becomes easier to be distinctive. In a competitive market, this is a simple yet very effective solution to generate additional revenue for the online casinos. On the other hand, the winning potential for the casino player is also greater if the main prize can be increased.

How does a local jackpot at an online casino work?

A local jackpot can look in different ways. For example, an online casino that offers a jackpot that is linked to multiple slots on the website. Every time a bet is placed on one of these games, the jackpot amount is increased. Since it is connected to multiple slots, the top prize grows even faster!

Jackpot Raiders slot

A local jackpot can also be linked to different online casinos or gaming sites of the same concern. In other words, games from multiple brands operated by the same parent company can share the top prize. This yields very big jackpot prizes!

Last year Yggdrasil released Jackpot Raiders, this slot has 5 local jackpots. The slot has an adventurous theme, you are a treasure hunter looking for the different jackpot prizes. In addition to these local top prizes, there are also free spins to be won. There is also an extra bonus round, in this special bonus round you can click on various treasure chests to win an extra prize such as free or a cash prize.

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