Svenska Spel Puts €3.95 Million Into Gambling Addiction Research 

Svenska Spel

08-27-2022 – Svenska Spel is the largest gambling company on the Swedish market and now it has announced that it will vow €3.95 million to help Swedish examination about gaming problems in the gambling industry in the next 5 years.

The idea of this is to make the industry more protected for players who gamble. That is why, since 2010, Svenska Spel gave more than €60 million for this kind of research. 

Over 50% of the Money Will Go to Research Grants

The decision made by Svenska Spel is that the self-standing examination of the industry will continue until 2027. About €2.35 million from the total sum is reserved just for research grants.

Patrick Hofbauer, who is the CEO of Svenska Spel, shared his idea about the latest development. He said that the investigative council took an important part in building the research connected with gambling damage in the country, and that is an important step from both a business and humanitarian perspective.

Anders Håkansson, a professor at Lund University, said that thanks to this research, Svenska Spel can bring important revelations related to gambling damage. Also, he is confident that the funding will inspire even more research and will strengthen the work in this field.

More excitement was followed by the president of the research council, Sara Lindholm, who announced that long-term investment in this type of research will come up with a better understanding of tools which can be used to avoid and treat gambling problems.

Besides, she notes that developing the right measures for these situations is not an easy job whatsoever, as research, patience, and commitment are needed.

Svenska Spel’s Positive Q2 Report

Just recently, Svenska Spel released its report for the second quarter of the year, and it was quite positive. The report states that the net gaming revenue of the company was 184.5 million, which is 1% higher than last year.

However, the operating profit of the company decreased by 7%, with it now being €49.9 million, and Svenska Spel says that this decrease is owed to higher costs and investments in technology and product development inside the company.

When it comes to the image value and the operating margin, Svenska Spel still has the highest percentages in the industry. The first is 51%, while the latter is 27%.

Another piece of information that Svenska Spel shared with the public was details about the first half of 2022. The H1 report of the company says that the revenue is €366.6 million, which is a decrease of 1% compared to the same period last year.

The main reason why the revenue dropped in Svenska Spel is the effect of the pandemic at the beginning of the year. Moreover, the increased regulations also played a part in the decrease in revenue.

It is already announced that Sweden’s Moderaterna Party is seriously looking into the possibility of completely overhauling the gambling industry in the country, something that may not sit well with plenty of operators.

Finally, the operating profit of Svenska Spel is now €103.4 million, which is a decrease of 4%, and the operating margin is 29%.

React in Time if you Notice Gambling-Related Problems

Gambling-related problems can bring serious harm to any individual in the world, so it is important to react in time if you notice you are developing one. Symptoms of gambling addiction can vary, from wagering money that you don’t have to experience difficulties if you don’t visit an online gambling site.

Should you notice any of the general symptoms, make sure to get in touch with the relevant authorities and they will guide you through the next steps.

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