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Pragmatic Replay

Show off your cash prizes won and share the fun of playing in an online casino. The game developers in the casino industry are becoming more and more innovative in developing unique features that make playing in an online casino even more fun! The game developer Pragmatic Play, has developed a new feature called Pragmatic Replay. This allows you to share your won cash prizes directly on social media. Pragmatic Play brand is constantly looking for ways to bring new experiences to players, recently this new feature Pragmatic Replay is available.

Pragmatic Play is one of the most popular game developers. This brand launched its first online video slot in 2015, since then the brand has grown into one of the leading game developers in the online casino industry. Although the success started with video slots, the range has recently expanded to include both live casino and bingo games. You can find Pragmatic Play games at all modern and popular online casinos.

Replay allows you to replay winning game rounds

Pragmatic Replay is not a video slot functionality that affects the game itself, such as a Wild symbol or a bonus round. Instead, it’s about being able to look back at the best rounds with the highest payouts. At the same time, it is possible to share the notification of the cash prize won on various social media. This way you can share this great news with family, friends and acquaintances. This functionality can ensure that more social activities take place around the video slots. Sharing the biggest highlights will bring players closer together, while cash prizes won can be celebrated together via social media.

For example, you can share your top 100 cash prizes won and best game rounds with Pragmatic Replay. This is easily achieved by clicking on the icon called Replay in the top right corner of the video slot. Then you can see your best game rounds again and again. You can also see your recently won cash prizes to relive them. Your followers will not see your playing balance. Only if you choose to do so will your won cash prizes be shared on social media. To ensure that the game rounds are real, a watermark that reads Replay will appear across the screen. Pragmatic Replay is already available in the most recent video slots from the brand. Pragmatic Play will soon add the feature to even more games, so you always have the chance to share your best and most memorable rounds of play with family, friends and acquaintances.

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