New video slot Voodoo Magic

Voodoo Magic

This week, the game developer Pragmatic Play has developed a new video called Vodoo Magic. The name is based on the Haitian religion of Vodou. In Voodoo Magic you are met by a witch. The 5 reels consist of 4 lines and 40 paylines. This spooky themed slot has a high volatility and offers Wilds, a bonus game, mystery symbols and 2 random features called Fortune Hex and Mystery Curse. Wild symbols can be found on all reels of this online video slot. Wilds can substitute for any other symbol except the bonus symbol. The Wild symbols especially give a greater chance of making a winning combination. This new video slot Voodoo Magic has an RTP (Return to Player) value of 96.50%. You can win up to 1,000x your stake!

The Mystery Curse symbols are a random symbol that can appear on any reel. When this happens, all mystery symbols will be converted into one and the same symbol when your spin is over. Mysterious symbols cannot be converted into bonus symbols. You can trigger the bonus game by landing bonus symbols on reels 2, 3 and 4. When you get to the bonus game, you have to choose from 3 different cards which in turn determine which bonus game you win. There are a total of 3 different bonus games to win and they are called Mega Voodoo, Super Voodoo and Voodoo. All 3 bonus games give you as a player 5 free spins to start with and mysterious symbols. Every bonus game in these video slots also has a guaranteed win. If you fail to win anything in the bonus game, you will win 5 extra game rounds until you reach the level.

Bonus Features of Voodoo Magic

If you win during the Mega Voodoo bonus round, your mystery symbols will be converted into the 5 most valued symbols of this video slot. When you receive the Super Voodoo bonus, you are guaranteed at least 50 times your stake with which you activated the bonus game. If you win Super Voodoo or Voodoo, your mystery symbols will be converted into all symbols of the slot except the bonus symbol. The guaranteed win for Super Voodoo and Voodoo is 25x and 10x the stake you used to trigger the bonus game.

  • During the bonus game there is no chance to re-trigger the bonus game by landing bonus symbols, you can only win free spins if you fail to reach the winning level initially. In addition to these bonus games, Wilds and Mystery symbols, there are 2 extra random features that give you a little extra hope if you are unlucky and get 2 bonus symbols instead of 3, Mystery Curse and Fortune Hex.
  • When you land bonus symbols on reels 2 and 3, you have to make a choice whether to trigger Mystery Curse or Fortune Hex. Winning Mystery Curse means that once your current spin is completed, a number of Wilds will make their entrance.
  • If you win Fortune Hex, your playing field will get a bit muddled. Once your current spin is over, all bonus and low value symbols will leave the playing field, new symbols will be entered instead and this will continue until the playing field consists of only high value symbols.
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