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Gonzo's Treasure Hunt Live

An interesting announcement this week is that Evolution has come up with the world’s first online slot show with VR mode called Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt.

Most of you would be acquainted with the famous character Gonzo. You could be surprised by the presence of Gonzo in an Evolution’s production. But the more amazing thing is that it is the first time Evolution used NetEnt’s intellectual property.

You can call it the latest and most modern version of Gonzo’s adventure. This contest will change the direction of online games because it has many exciting things that can amuse the world. In this game, the world’s most famous treasure hunter will come live and online at the same time. And will delight and please the world with VR to make treasure hunting more realistic.

It is a significant alteration of Gonzo’s Quest™ online. This was NetEnt’s game. Then Evolution decided to shake hands with NetEnt’s intellectual property to create a sensational live online game show.
Suppose you think that Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt™ will be the same as Gonzo’s Quest™. You are somehow right because it will bring the same fun but with some new modern innovations. This delightful game has come up with more exciting and new levels. Moreover, it’s a unique personalized treasure hunt with the chance of huge multiplied winnings.

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt in VR mode

The game is themed like typical quest and hunting games and is filled with ancient scenes where you have come searching for prizes and treasure as well. This ingenious live online show offers you live and slots-style gameplay together. And the most jaw-dropping thing is that Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt™ is online, but still, it gives you a chance to play in VR (Virtual Reality) mode.

What do you want from a game? Of course, incredible graphics, smooth animations and exciting features. You will be overjoyed to know that all these conceptions are added to Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt™ that will surely make it the world’s favorite online slots.
The contest is mainly covered by a great wall that is filled with 70 stones. Here you will get chances to search for the prizes.

You will be in search of exciting prizes and treasures that you will get from the wall. You will select a stone from the wall and will get some rewards. You will get those prizes which are in your fate and destiny. If you are lucky, you can be awarded supersized winnings of up to 20,000 per individual stone.

Buy additional “picks”

  • The game is not that easy, which it looks because the stones on the wall will be shuffled enough so that you can use your luck to win the game. Another twist in this exceptional game is “the Pick”. The more you have “Picks”, the more times you can select the stones from the peculiar wall.
  • You can buy the picks as well so that you can get more chances to get more prizes and treasures. That is how every user will have a different experience regarding this game. It depends on the stone he chooses and the number of picks he will have.
  • The stones are even more sensational than ever before because each stone has its different payout. The payouts have different values from 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x to 65x. But another difficulty for the user is that the higher the value, the less likely it is to appear.
  • When you have decided the stone you will pick, you can buy picks, but you can buy up to 20 Picks in every game round. Keep in mind that picks come at a price.
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