Mr Play Launches New Tournament In Collaboration with Hacksaw

Mr Play and Hacksaw tournament

2022-05-06 – One of the most reliable online casinos in the industry – Mr. Play, has launched a new promotion valid until the 11th of May. It is called the “Hacksaw Tournament”, and, as the name suggests, it is in collaboration with the ever-so-reliable game provider.

The Hacksaw Tournament allows 100 players to win nice prizes on popular titles from the provider. Players need to know that there are qualifying games for the tournament. The slots that can be played for the competition are Wanted Dead or a Wild, Hand of Anubis, Chaos Crew, The Bowery Boy, and Joker Bombs.

The grand prize in the tournament is a stunning €1,000 sum. Have in mind that the top three punters on the table will take home at least €500, which is not bad at all.

How to Play

As mentioned above, you can participate in the tournament only by playing the qualified Hacksaw games. After you do so, start spinning and aim for the big wins. The math is very simple – the higher your wins, the higher on the leaderboard you will be.

The prize pool for the tournament is €5,000 and top-rated players will get a slice of it.

Terms of the Promotion

All registered players at Mr Play need to know that the promotion has a limited period when it is valid. It runs from 5th – 11th May 7 AM GMT. After that, the promotion and qualifying games will not be valid.

Hacksaw is the Mr Play partner in this tournament, and the qualifying games are the popular titles by the provider: The Bowery Boys, Joker Bombs, Wanted Dead or a Wild, and Hand of Anubis. Players need to play these games to have a chance of winning the prizes mentioned.

The Mr Play tournament is based on the Sum of the highest win in relation to the bet made. There could be a scenario where multiple slots are selected with the Sum of Highest Win in Relation to Bet option. In this case, the best scores from all qualifying slots will be summed up and the winners will be chosen.

As an example, if a punter places a wager of €1 in the qualifying games and wins €5, the score will be 5. There is a formula for calculating this score and it is the following:

  • Win/Bet = Score Minimum Bet Rate: €0.1

How are the Prizes Distributed?

The good news is that there can be multiple winners in this competition. It doesn’t mean that everyone will get an equal share, but the best players will not finish the round empty-handed. The prize pool for the competition is €5,000, and it needs to be distributed fairly.

The prizes in the Hacksaw Tournament are distributed as follows:

  • The first-placed punter gets a €1,000 prize
  • The second-placed punter gets €750
  • The third-placed gets €500
  • The fourth-placed gets €300
  • The fifth-placed gets €200
  • 6th-10th placed punters get €100
  • 11th-20th placed get €50
  • 21st-50th placed get €25
  • 51st-100th placed get €10

It is a very good distribution, so players are encouraged to take part in the competition. All they need is a nice run of luck, and they are sure not to finish without at least a small prize. The bonus has very simple terms and conditions, and it shouldn’t be a problem for any player to meet those and start playing qualifying games instantly.

Cash prizes for the competition will be given on 12th May at 4 PM GMT, a day after the competition ends. Lastly, players need to have in mind that there is no wagering requirement for this competition, so it is best suited for all types of punters.

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