MGM Unveils a Major Solar Project

MGM has been highly determined to save the climate by reducing the excessive use of carbon.

On Monday, “MGM resorts” has unveiled that this company will power 13 Vegas casinos and hotels with massive solar panels. They will provide 90% of daytime energy to casinos and hotels.
“MGM resorts” is a globally spread entertainment company that has national and international casinos and hotels. But MGM is also known due to its hard work against the world’s pollution.

This MGM project is a 100-megawatt solar panels arrangement which is the largest renewable electricity project by any company in the hospitality industry. This equals the energy consumption of 27,000 U.S. homes yearly.

This massive array that contains 323,000 solar panels is projected in the desert of Las Vegas, covering an area of 640 acres. The electrical energy from this project will provide power to 65 million square feet that are the area of 36,000 rooms of 13 hotels. MGM will give this energy to Bellagio, MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay, ARIA, The Mirage, and other hotels and casinos.

MGM’s aim behind this mega project was to reduce carbon emissions to save the world’s environment. According to the company, they are willing to reduce carbon emissions by 45% per square foot for those casinos and hotels by 2025.

According to the CEO and president of MGM resorts, Bill Hornbuckle, He and his team recognize their responsibilities. And so, they are always willing to make this futuristic world environmentally friendly. But they are ready to make this world a safe place by making it pollution-free, as they have done with the Las Vegas strip. Here MGM has targeted pollutions created by carbon emission.

Moreover, Hornbuckle said that MGM has this gigantic project as their breakthrough against climate changes and carbon emission. They will not stop nevertheless and will move forward to make this planet a positive and healthier place.

It is not a sudden thought that came into the mind of Bill Hornbuckle. But it was an old thought and long-term vision that paid them with a genius idea for this great project. In 2016, MGM worked together with a sustainable energy company called Invenergy. They did so to get the right knowhow in this field. After two years, they contacted Nevada energy to sign the contracts.

This MGM project was exceptionally well planned and well managed that there was no error in the execution. The task of 323,000 solar panels was a hugely successful partnership of MGM resorts and Invenergy. Both companies signed the agreement called power purchase agreement (PPA) for 20 years.

This agreement was signed to ensure that both companies never refuse to work for the planet’s safety, especially when it comes to pollution. In the early day of this year, Invenergy sold 70% interest of MGM’s solar panels project to AEP renewables. “AEP renewables” is the secondary supplier of American electric power. And it is one of the largest electric companies in America. This desission made it possible to complete the project this year in June.

Gov. Steve Sisolak also shared his thoughts about these circumstances. He said that their hard work is needed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. He said that it is crucial to do something. Because greenhouse has been affecting our natural resources severely, increasing the risk of wildfires and intensifying drought.

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