Jan Flores Appointed as SOFTSWISS Deputy CTO

Jan Flores Appointed as SOFTSWISS Deputy CTO

06-10-2022 – SOFTSWISS is one of the leading names in the online software development industry, and once again the company comes out with some breaking news. Earlier this week, SOFTSWISS announced that it has appointed Jan Flores to be the new Deputy CTO of the company.

It is a big role to do, and Flores has big shoes to fill, but everyone involved seems to be ready to take on the challenge. With this move, SOFTSWISS is confident that the provider can reach even bigger heights, as Flores is widely thought to be one of the most influential names in the company in recent years.

Who is Jan Flores?

The software provider has noted that Flores is a trusted and reputable tech professional who has great expertise and experience in online gambling. He has over 15 years of experience in the industry, having served various roles in multiple companies in the financial and the iGaming sector.

Prior to the appointment as the new Deputy CTO of SOFTSWISS, he served as a Director of Production Operators and GIG. Moreover, he was also the Head of Applications and Networks Services, as well as Director of IT at Jackpotjoy Group.

His resume is well and truly impressive, so it is easy to see why SOFTSWISS is so excited about the new role he is yet to take.

What will be his Responsibilities?

Jan Flores will be responsible to manage and lead several product teams. One of those teams is the R&D department, and another is the team in the Jackpot Aggregator Platform.

He used the company’s announcement to say that he is very excited to lead a team full of professionals. He acknowledges that the team he will manage has done an amazing job in producing remarkable and innovative products.

Flores adds that the online gambling landscape is very competitive these days, but he is confident that the company can become one of the industry’s leaders. He finishes his statement by saying that he looks forward to bringing his experience and being a contributor to the SOFTSWISS ongoing success story.

He will be based in Malta, and this is where the company is focused on expanding its presence. SOFTSWISS is well-aware that the country is an iGaming hub, so the main focus is to expand the team and its presence in that region.

With the company statement, Ilya Karol, who is the Co-CTO at SOFTSWISS said that Flores is an experienced presence in the team with a deep understanding and unmatched expertise in the online gambling industry.

Karol further notes that Flores will empower the technical leadership team, and by doing so, it will be even more client-centric. With that, innovations will follow by themselves.

A Well-Established Software Provider Company

SOFTSWISS has tons of experience in the online gambling world, having been established back in 2008. Nowadays, the company employs more than 1,200 people, and it has an international presence. Some of the countries that it has noted to have an official presence are Malta, Belarus, Poland and Georgia.

Further proof of its reliability is that it holds various gaming licenses in multiple jurisdictions. Some of the biggest and most prominent online gambling and betting sites use SOFTSWISS’ solutions so that itself speaks volumes about the company.

The product portfolio of SOFTSWISS is very rich and it includes its Online Casino Platform, the Affilka Affiliate Platform, the Sportsbook Platform, as well as the Jackpot Aggregator.

With the latest announcement, SOFTSWISS shows that it does not plan to rest on its laurels and we can expect some interesting developments in the near future. The appointment of Jan Flores is sure to bring a bit of fresh air to the company.

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