Introducing 4 Secret Pyramids by 4ThePlayer

4 Secret Pyramids by 4ThePlayer

07-15-2022 – 4ThePlayers is one of the best game providers in the market and is known for creating exciting games for players. It has several years of experience in the industry, with great success so far.

What can we say about 4 Secret Pyramids?

This new game is already released as a limited exclusive in several online casinos. It will come completely live via Relax gaming by July 27th, so there is plenty to look forward to.

4 Secret Pyramids brings the popular Bonus Up mechanic, which was first introduced in the awesome slot game 3 Secret Cities.

It will take you on an adventure to explore four different Egyptian locations.

What are the Details of the Game?

If you are a big fan of the Egyptian desert, then you can start your gaming adventure by loading the reels of 4 Secret Pyramids. The slot has a transparent set of reels, and you can see statues and ancient ruins hidden behind them in the sands.

The grid is big and it offers adventure, with some unusual symbols helping you form winning combinations on the reels.

4 Secret Pyramids slot by 4ThePlayer

The Scatter icon is there to award you with a set number of free spins, but it can only show up on reels 1, 3, and 5. You can earn prizes up to 50x your stake and progress to the next of the four locations in the slot.

What is interesting about this slot is that if you want to find out how many spins you earn you must climb the pyramid, but do not forget that you can choose what pyramid you can climb.

It can be the win multiplier attached, or you can pick the number of spins or even a symbol that will be super stacked. You can also choose to play one or both extra bets with every spin in 4 Secret Pyramids. If you choose an extra bonus bet, you grow the chance to trigger the free spins round, but if you choose the double bonus bet, which the name itself tells us, it doubles the number of spins you can earn or the win multiplier.

What Did the CEO of 4ThePlayer Say?

Andrew Porter, the CEO of 4ThePlayer commented on the new game by saying that the BONUS UP mechanic proved to be a very popular feature in the game 3 Secret Cities, so that’s why in 4 Secret Pyramides they wanted to warm up the excitement, but this time the player can make in-game decisions.

They can choose whether they want to travel the Path of Big Wins or to take the Path of Many Wins? Will they grow their win multiplier or they will choose more Free Spins? The decision is theirs!

Do you Want More Enjoyment? Meet the 60Second Heist

After playing 4 Secret Pyramids, you can try your luck in the 60-Second Heist. Is a game that is released in the YG Masters program. This game is based on the ever-so-popular Gone movie, released back in 2000, in which the actor Nicolas Cage was a car thief.

By the name of the game, we can conclude that the slot includes speedy reel spinning, but it also has special bonus features. One of those is the Win Time Free Spins bonus, which comes up with 60 seconds of casino free spins. You can also expand the extra special bonus feature by landing extra time icons on the game grid!

The summer is well in front of us, so keep your eyes open, game providers release exciting slots all the time!

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