Aspire Global Leaves the Russian Gambling Market

Aspire Global

2022/03/11 – Aspire Global is the latest big name that has left the Russian market in a list that also includes gaming operators, as well as other types of commercial entities. BETER is another name that also leaves Russia, as the country’s invasion of Ukraine has resulted in many big names from all sorts of businesses abandoning all operations in the country.

Aspire Global had a contract with Russia’s Sports Lotteries LLC to manage the Russian National Lottery. This agreement was made back in 2020, as Aspire signed a three-year deal with the lottery operator, but recent events have led to an early exit.

However, Aspire Global did not mention the war as the reason, but the timing certainly indicates that it is indeed the case. Aspire just said that the reason for the departure is “a different business view”.

On the other hand, BETER was not that gentle with words, as the operator said it cannot make any business in an “aggressor nation”. With all that said, the operator simply says it will pack up and terminate all contracts and relationships in the market.

Next, Genius Sports Group suspended all operations in Russia, as well as in Belarus, while LeoVegas stopped all betting on Russian and Belarusian sports.

Parimatch Tech also said that it will withdraw the franchise from Russia in awe of the invasion. Parimatch was founded in Ukraine back in 1994, with the main development centre of the company being in Kyiv.

Another name that suspended all operations in Russia is Aristocrat, saying that offering games in that market are just not possible at the moment.

Scandinavia Next for Aspire Global

Aspire Global is adamant that losing Russia will not have any serious impact on the income and earnings for the current fiscal year. The company is confident as it has worked very hard to secure new deals in other markets, including Denmark and Netherlands, so they are well prepared for abandoning the Russian market.

The sportsbook powered by Aspire’s BtoBet will go live in both countries. What is more, BoyleSports invited the igaming provider to help it with its launch in the Netherlands. This means that Aspire Global will provide all the support needed to BoyleSports’ iGaming and sports betting operations.

The Partnership with Pariplay is Fruitful

Aspire Global acquired Pariplay three years ago, and it looks like a smart investment with each passing day. The numbers speak for themselves – this acquisition has paid off big time for Aspire Global. What is more, Aspire Global has just signed a new deal with Sportingtech.

Pariplay has announced that it will add the Fusion suite it boasts to the Sportingetch Quantum gaming platform, so the expansion and the global reach of these companies will be even bigger.

Further proof of this claim is that Pariplay already has access to all content from over 70 suppliers, meaning that there are more than 2,000 titles at its disposal.

Sportingtech is a B2B gaming provider that has a strong presence in several markets, most notably Latin America and Africa, and it boasts a portfolio that covers online casinos, sports betting, lotteries and so on.

Quantum has been introduced just last year, and it now offers more than 9,000 online casino games and slots. According to the company, it handles over three billion transactions every month, which is an impressive number.

This all has occurred with research in recent years saying that Latin and North America pose significant growth opportunities for all operators, with LatAm maybe in a better position here. The US can catch up soon, with several states exploring online gaming legislation. This all means that there are enough opportunities for operators and iGaming providers, despite the abandonment of the Russian market.

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