Gambling Addiction

We think it is important that our visitors experience playing in an online casino or sports betting as a recreational and pleasant pastime. However, gambling addiction is a major problem that should not be underestimated. Most of our visitors will probably take a gamble at an online casino now and then, without having a gambling addiction. However, it is important to recognize the signs of a gambling addiction. In addition, in this article we will refer to help agencies, you can use these resources if you think you are dealing with a gambling addiction.

As we mentioned earlier in this article, playing in an online casino or sports betting should be experienced as pleasant. By this we mean that there should be no compulsive feeling or financial problems as a result of participating in games of chance. Gambling addiction is a serious problem that should not be underestimated. Some people even have a greater tendency to become addicted.

If playing in an online casino is no longer a game for you, then it is time to get help. According to research by the organization BeGambleAware, which offers help with addictions. There are millions of people who occasionally that gamble on a recreational level. However there are also people that can be classified as risk players and people that are considered problem players.

It is a small percentage that really has a gambling addiction. However, gambling addiction is a problem to take seriously, as the consequences can be serious. Think of negative consequences on the financial situation of yourself or family. But the psychological problems that come into play are also serious. Below you will find a list of aid organizations that you can turn to, if you feel that you are no longer in control.

Now that you are familiar with the risks that an online gambling can also entail, we would like to inform you how you can play responsibly. If you recognize a gambling problem in yourself, it is wise to first contact the above help centers immediately.

Agree on a budget in advance

There are a number of tips that can help you to ensure that playing in an online casino or sports betting remains a game. Just like you should not go to a casino with a debit card, the same applies to an online casino or sports betting. It may sound a bit crazy because you’re at home and you can always access that bank account again. But by this we mean that you agree with yourself a certain amount in advance, which you are comfortably prepared to lose and do not need immediately.

So agree on a gaming budget with yourself. However, at most online casinos it is also possible to set these play limits or time limits digitally. And if things really get out of hand, you can usually also exclude yourself from the online casino or online bookmaker.

Cash out your winnings immediately

Another tip that may help you to play responsibly: Have your winnings paid out immediately. Many people make the mistake of playing too long until their luck turns. Pay out any winnings immediately.

Under the influence

Be careful with alcohol or drugs, even if you are at home and you no longer have to drive. Using alcohol or drugs has an effect on your natural inhibitions. This ensures that you can no longer consider decisions clearly. As a result, you may be putting in a lot more money than what you had in mind beforehand.

18 years and older

Online gambling is only allowed from 18 years and older. Under this age group you are not yet able to foresee the consequences of your actions. In addition, every online casino or bookmaker carries out a check on the identity and age of the player. So you can forget about the payout of your winnings, if you are under the age of 18 years.

Earning method

Playing in an online casino or sports betting is in no way a method of making money. Anyone who will claim this is after your money. Only gamble as a form of entertainment, not because you need the amount you could possibly win as an income.

Software to restrict access

As a final tip, we would like to inform you that it is also possible to use a computer program to block access to online casinos or online bookmakers. You can install this software the moment you experience that you have a gambling problem. There are various software programs on the market, this type of software is available on the tablet or phone via Android or iOS. But of course also on the Windows or Apple desktop computer. As long as this software is installed, access to online casinos is impossible.