Columns Strategy Roulette

The columns strategy is a popular method when playing roulette. Here we introduce you to the basics of this method. We will also discuss how it works and what the advantages and disadvantages of this system are compared to other roulette strategies. We also briefly discuss alternative ways of executing the columns strategy. Finally, we… Continue reading Columns Strategy Roulette

Fibonacci Roulette System

By playing roulette through a strategy you can increase your chances of winning. This prevents you from playing recklessly. A popular system in Europe is the Fibonacci strategy. The Fibonacci sequence has been known since 1202 and is an easy way to play roulette. Here we first discuss the basics of the Fibonacci system. Then… Continue reading Fibonacci Roulette System

d’Alembert Roulette System

A well-known roulette strategy is the d’Alembert roulette system. This system will sound familiar to many gamblers, but we are happy to share important information here so that you choose the right casino strategy. It is always recommended to play roulette with a system, because random betting does not yield the best winnings. A roulette… Continue reading d’Alembert Roulette System

Barbi Roulette System

The Barbi roulette system is one of the oldest roulette strategies. There is both an old and a new version. Unfortunately, the system does require some knowledge and is not easy. The original system was invented by Richard Grace. Of course, this is also a roulette player who has won several times with his own… Continue reading Barbi Roulette System

Angelika Roulette System

As an avid gambler and lover of table games, you have probably already come across the Angelika roulette system. As a novice gambler you may be looking for your first strategy, but also as an expert amateur player you sometimes need a new casino strategy. On our website you will find analyzes of the most… Continue reading Angelika Roulette System

The best Casino Strategy

You will probably think that with many casino games you have no influence on the game. It’s not called gambling for nothing. However, especially with table games, you can follow a strategy. With slots you are much more at the mercy of fate, but by choosing the right game you can also influence your chances… Continue reading The best Casino Strategy