Why it is Better to Play Casino Games Slow

Why it is Better to Play Casino Games Slow

Nowadays, we live in a very hectic world where everything seems to be happening at a very fast pace, and there is technology to support that and to make things easier. We sometimes forget that playing online casino games is to have a good relaxation after a hectic day, so we continue playing games at a very fast pace.

You might be surprised that playing casino games at a slow pace can actually do wonders for you. There are always exceptions, as some casino games are simply not made to be played slowly, but the vast majority of games you can find at any site can be played slower.

The logic here is very simple – the faster the casino game you play, the quicker you will lose money, and that hurts like hell. So, to avoid situations where you lose your wagers in a blink of an eye, keep reading to see why we recommend you to play casino games slower than usual.

Don’t Rush Your Bets, Take Your Time

This works very well if you are up against other players on a table, as when you take your time and think carefully about your next move, it almost always has an effect of throwing your opponents off their game. There is a reason why poker professionals play their hands very slow, whether the game is at a land-based or an online casino.

It is a wise move if you think about it, as if you have a good hand and you move very fast, other players will notice that and you will chase them off the pot. You don’t want to do that with a good hand, you need to give the impression that they need to keep going and eventually, you secure the win.

Moreover, professional poker players never oversell their hands, so they usually take time with their bets. If you appear you are thinking carefully, other punters may get carried away and think that they get the better hand, so they will wager more than they should, and you will win big.

There is an old saying that goes “the more haste, the less speed”, and we couldn’t agree more with it, especially when it comes to casino games.

What are the Advantages of Slow Play in Casinos?

The main advantage of playing slow casino games is very obvious – it will protect your bankroll. The number one mistake players make when playing a casino game is that they choose it for the very wrong reasons.

You need to select the game very carefully and see whether it suits your style of play. As an example, if you are a geek, then blackjack or baccarat are the right games for you. These games require much skill and there are many betting strategies that can help you shift the odds in your favour.

If you play games for fun, then the best choice for you would be to play online slots, but this doesn’t mean that you just go for it with all you got. Check out the slot features and payouts, see what is your budget and then start playing.

Once again, you are best advised to keep it slow, see whether you are on a good run or not, and stop while you are winning. It is easy to lose track of time while playing online slots, and before you know it, you can lose tons of money.

You can always use the Auto Play feature that all slots have, and based on our experience, an optimal number of spins would be 25. It is not very long or very short, and you can see whether it is your day with this number of spins. With a strategy like this in place, you keep things slow and control the gameplay while playing slots much better.

Additionally, we can also advise you to take a break after 3 or 4 sessions when playing slots, as you might need to clear your head and see whether you want to continue playing, regardless of whether you are on a winning or a losing streak.

If you don’t feel like it, don’t force it, call it a day and don’t rush your bets, it is always counterproductive.

What is a Slow Roll?

There are so many people interested in poker nowadays, and it is only logical that we mention a word or two about it. Slow roll is a term used to describe a situation when you take much longer than usual to place your bets.

If experienced players see you rushing to make big and fast bets, then they know you have a strong hand and they will make a strategy based on that. You don’t want to have such weakness in your game, so a slow roll is a good strategy to use.

In games like poker, the psychological aspect of the game itself is very important, and you need to be prepared for everything. Make sure to keep your head cool and don’t fall for provocations from other players.

Enjoy the Game

After all, gambling is a nice pastime activity, and you need to remember that you should always place bets for enjoyment. It is very easy to forget about the actual situation, and start losing the money you don’t have. Before you know it, you might have a gambling addiction problem, and that is very serious.

So, always enjoy the game, take a few seconds and enjoy the gambling experience, no matter whether you are at a land-based casino or you are playing at an online casino from the comfort of your own home.

Don’t Hit the Slam Button

When you play slots, don’t use the slam button, as it is a tool that will increase your stake. Some punters use this button, and they completely miss the moment when their bets become very big, so they end up losing tons of money. This is a situation that is almost sure to bring you a failure, so don’t lose control and never hit the slam button.


The advantages of slow playing casino games are enormous, and it is a strategy that will surely shift the odds a bit in your favour and give you a better chance of securing nice wins. The pros way outnumber the cons, and we can conclude the article with a table that represents it.

Protecting your bankrollYou might miss out on some big wins
You get to enjoy the game 
Extended playing sessions 
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