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Sin City or Party Hub no matter what you name it, you will never regret visiting Las Vegas. It is situated in the heart of Nevada, United States of America.

We often hear about Las Vegas, through blockbuster moves like The Hangover or the Oceans series. The flashing lights, tall buildings and lots of entertainment make it a dream place to visit for many people.

Who ever said it, said it right, “Everyone should visit Vegas once in a lifetime”. Because in Las Vegas there are lots of things to do, like, casinos, hotels, concerts, pool parties and hiking. Tourists visit Vegas from all around the world to gamble and party hard. If you are planning a trip to Las Vegas, you must know these top tips.

In this article, we will uncover the top 10 tips for your Las Vegas Trip. Before you book your trip you should be well aware of the places you must visit in Las Vegas.

Places to visit in Las Vegas

  • Neon Museum
  • Downtown Park
  • Seven Magic Mountains and Grand Canyons(Helicopter ride)
  • Valley of fire state Park
  • Helicopter Rides
  • Mirage Hotel
  • Gondola Rides
  • KAMU Ultra Karaoke
  • Fashion Show
  • Bellagio Resorts and Fountain Show

It’s your choice to explore these places with a tour or individually. Make your trip memorable and even more fun, by exploring the glittering nightlife of Las Vegas, because this city never sleeps.

Our top tips

  1. Reserve enough time for your trip:
    Before planning your trip, be sure to reserve enough time for it. If you are going to Vegas it’s better to have enough spare time. This desert city has lots of casinos, hotels, food stalls, shopping spots, you name a place and Vegas has it.
  2. Stay nearby the Strip:
    Staying nearby the strip will save you some time travelling and will provide you the best experience. There are so many affordable centrally located casinos and hotels, for instance, The Linq, the flamingo, Bellagio, Venetian, The Palazzo etc.
  3. Resort Fee:
    If you want to save money the best idea would be to seek rental apartments or rental accommodations for your stay. You just need to add your travelling dates at one of the more reliable booking websites and you will get the best offers. There are numerous websites providing a complete offer.
  4. Travel on weekdays:
    The best time to visit Vegas is during the week days. It is not a good idea to visit Vegas during the holidays. The holiday season is always crowded with tourists. You could get annoyed with the long queues everywhere. To fully enjoy your Las Vegas experience, travelling on weekdays would be the best option.
  5. Enjoy Vegas by foot:
    Avoid spending your savings on taxi rides. Instead you can also walk and enjoy the Vegas strip without paying. It is a good idea to visit local food stalls and enjoy street concerts. For example go to the Botanical Gardens, check out the fountains and volcano. At Flamingo Margrittavilla people can sit down and enjoy the views. Save your money by avoiding rented cars, instead book a whole trip. You can get lot of trips with the help of a tour guide.
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  6. Let’s talk about shoe:
    Think of the ways to be as comfortable as possible. While packing for the trip to go to Vegas keep in mind to pack some comfortable pair of shoes. Aching feet can ruin your trip and can be easily avoided. So pack your shoes according to the need of the season and event. Wearing high heels and exploring the city is not the perfect match.
  7. Water bottle, sunscreen and sweater:
    Las Vegas is a desert city and gusting rays of sun will not spare you. So you must have sunglasses to protect your eyes and take a hat with you. Also carry water bottles to keep yourself hydrated, in order to avoid the effects of the sweltering sun. Moreover, it is wise to carry a light sweater or a shawl to avoid cooling down to much from the airconditoining at casinos, resorts, and dining areas. Also the desert nights are cold so it is also wise to bring some warm clothes.
  8. Adjust your personal rhythm:
    Adjust your personal rhythm to the night life of Las Vegas, because the most interesting time with lots of events is at night. In casinos you will not find any clock hanging on the wall, they want you to forget about time so you will keep gambling.
  9. Book in advance:
    Advance online booking will save time and will avoid disappointments. As the city is always busy and crowded with people from all around the world, online booking is the way to quickly find the right offers. Book ahead to enjoy recreational shows or dinning at specific hotels.
  10. Go and explore outside the strip:
    Las Vegas is close to many national parks where you can hike, camp and enjoy fishing. For instance, Spring Valley, Sunrise Manor, Paradise Valley, Zion, Death Valley, Grand Canyon, and Big bear. You have lots of options to explore the breathtaking view of the Nevada nature.

That’s all you need to know before planning a trip to Las Vegas, just follow the top 10 tips mentioned by us to have a unforgettable experience. Vegas never sleeps, so pack your bags and visit Sin City!

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