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Macau is a Chinese island with a great history. Various studies show evidence of people that settled in Macau in 200-220 BC during the Han dynasty. Centuries later it was rented out to Portugal, and this was an official agreement between China and Portugal. In the year 1999, Macau was officially given back to China.

The people’s republic of China has banned gambling, but they legalized it on the island of Macau. In a relative short period it has become the gambling capital of the world. It holds the record of the world’s top gambling city. Moreover, in 2006, Macau generated more revenue than the state of Nevada with the casino city Las Vegas. Macau is home to numerous five-star casinos, hotels, bars and much more.

Macau is a mixture of both Chinese and Portuguese cultures, there are numerous religious backgrounds. Macau offers a lot of entertainment. For instance, you can enjoy music festivals, gamble and enjoy diamond-rated hotels. Tourists from all around the world visit Macau for Grand Prix events, the lunar Chinese New Year, the Feast of the Drunken Dragon and many more mega-events. Macau is home to numerous diamonds rated casinos resorts as well.

In this article, we will describe the top 10 casinos in Macau.

  1. The Venetian Macao
    It is the biggest casino in the city and also in the world, with a total area of 150.000 m2. The casino contains more than 3.400 slots and 800 plus table games. It opened its doors in 2007, by the Las Vegas Sands Corporation. The Venetian Macao casino also offers a 5-star dining experience, with more than 30 restaurants, outdoor pools and even a golf course. It is also known as the shopping hub of Macau, with around 300 shops!
The Venetian Macau

2. Wynn Palace
Wynn palace holds the second spot on our list, providing a luxurious experience to their visitors. It was opened back in 2016, by the American company, Wynn Resorts Limited. With an area of 9.800 m2, It’s not the world’s second-largest casino. But players can enjoy more than 500 slots and around 500 other games. With more than 4 billion dollars investment, the Wynn Palace offers an unforgettable gambling and hoteling experience. Apart from the casino, you can enjoy the SkyCab gondola. Its restaurants have been in the Forbes top five-star restaurants, for a long time.

Wynn Palace Macau

3. City of Dreams
The third position in our list is taken by the City of Dreams, developed by Melco Crown Entertainment. It was opened in the year 2009 and has an area of 39.000 m2. This mega casino is located near The Venetian Macau which is also known as its biggest rival. It has four top towers, Grand Hyatt Macau, Morpheus, Nuwa, and a Countdown hotel. The casino offers hundreds of slots and more than 450 table games. It is known as the heaven for gambling enthusiasts. In addition, City of Dreams is home to luxurious shopping centers, five-star restaurants, spas and much more. You can also enjoy top-notch Chinese cultural events like Dragons Treasure and House of Dancing Water.

City of Dreams

4. Grand Lisboa
Inspired by the blooming Lotus, Grand Lisboa holds the title of the tallest building in Macau with 52 floors. The unique architecture has made it the landmark of Macau. With a casino area of around 27.000 m2, it offers around 1000 slots and 800 gaming tables. Fun fact, it is one of the oldest and unique casinos in Macau. Other than the casino, Grand Lisboa it offers Michelin-star restaurants, spas, outdoor pools and all amenities one could imagine. Moreover, it organizes the world’s biggest poker tournament in Asia.

Grand Lisboa

5. Sands Macao
Sands Macao secured the 5th position in our ranking of the top 10 casinos in Macau, controlled by the largest casino resort operators Las Vegas Sands. It has a casino floor of 21,300 m2 which makes it one of the larger casinos in Macau. It was opened in 2004, then in 2007, it went under construction with a major expansion. Sands offers a top-notch gambling experience, it has three huge gaming areas. It has more than 1.000 slots and more than 700 table games.

Sands Macau

6. Pharaoh’s Palace Casino
Based on an ancient Egyptian theme, the Pharoah’s Palace Casino holds the sixth rank in our list of top 10 casinos in Macau. It contains numerous statues and paintings of Pharaohs and sphinxes. It has multiple casino floors to entertain gamblers and there are hotelrooms available. This casino has hundreds of slots and numerous gaming tables. Moreover, it has many shops and dining options for almost every type of cuisine in the world.

Pharaoh's Palace Casino

7. Four Seasons
To get an unforgettable gambling experience and five-star hoteling, you must visit Four Seasons. With an area of 1.000 m2 , it is not so large if you compare it to the other casinos in Macau. The casino of this hotel chain is attached to it with the name Plaza Casino. It offers many slots and table games. It is known for its unique chandelier interior.

Four Seasons Macau

8. MGM Grand
MGM grand recently joined the mega casino league with the opening of MGM Cotai. The casino hotel offers a supreme quality service, with an unforgettable gambling experience. It holds the 8th rank in our top 10 casinos in Macau list, due to the presence of around 1.500 slots and 200 table games. It is also famous for the world’s largest LED screen and a huge lion sculpture. The spacious gambling halls make it one of the biggest casinos, comprising 20.620 m2.

MGM Grand Macau

9. The Parisian
If you want to feel like Paris in Macau, then The Parisian is the place for you. Inspired by the Versaille Palace, the interior of the Parisian Macau is grandeur and unique. In front of this building there is also a replica of the Eiffel Tower, it is half of its original size. Furthermore, it has a grand gambling hall that contains around 500 gambling tables and more than 2.500 slot machines. In addition there is access to shopping areas, top-rated restaurants and water parks.

The Parisian Macau

10. Studio City
The last one on our list is Studio City, which is quite a new casino that opened in 2015 in Macau. The casino theme is based on cinema, it offers a luxurious experience to customers, with world-class entertainment. For instance there is a cinema, restaurants and a huge gambling area. The casino offers around 170 gaming tables and 800 slot machines. Studio City also provides 52 private tables for high rollers.

Studio City

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