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Las Vegas – entertainment capital, party hub, heaven for gamblers, call it with any name. The extravagant life of Las Vegas attracts people from all over the world. The city is situated in the heart of Nevada, United States. In the beginning of the 20th century, this city was not more than heaps of sand and dust, used only by railroad engineers who installed the railway lines. But till the mid-20th century, after the legalization of gambling in Nevada, it became the gambling capital of the world.

If you are a gambling enthusiast, Vegas is the place for you. You can find an array of games, from conventional to unique table games and slots. Vegas is home to some of the largest and posh casinos, located on the Vegas strip and downtown. For instance, The Venetian is the largest among all casinos in Vegas, offering plenty of slot games, table games and sportsbooks.

You can find casinos of your choice, offering low and high limits. Most downtown casinos offer low-limit tables, whereas, Strip casinos also provide high-limit tables for high rollers. It doesn’t matter where you play in Vegas, you will get a top-notch gambling experience. Keep in mind, you must sign up for the casino player’s card to get the discounts and best deals.

In this article we will discus the top 10 casinos in Las Vegas, scroll down to discover the list.

  1. The Venetian
    With magnificent architecture, the Venetian is located on the Vegas Strip, next to the sister property the Palazzo. It offers more than 200 table games and 1.000 plus slots machines, including the classic and new video slots. Other games include; Pai Gow poker, craps, roulette, blackjack, and many more. The floor area of the Venetian is so large that even with a large crowd is doesn’t feel busy at all. Apart from the casino, the Venetian offers an online betting service, you can bet from your mobile on sports and races.
No.1 The Venetian
  1. Aria Resort & Casino
    Aria resort holds the second spot in our list of top 10 casinos in Las Vegas, as this mega-casino resort offer countless amenities you can’t even imagine. With a total floor area of 14,000 m2 meter, the casino offers more than 2.000 slot machines and 150 table games. Gamblers from all around the world are welcomed to try out their luck in this sleek and sophisticated casino. Whether you love poker or roulette there is so much to choose from. Furthermore, the Aria offers special VIP lounges for players who want to gamble in private. Lastly, it offers online betting services as well; you can also place sports bets through your mobile phone.
No.2 Aria Resort Casino
  1. Wynn Las Vegas
    If you are looking for a classic Vegas Casino, Wynn Las Vegas is the perfect place for you. With a floor area of 10,300 m2 meter, the casino offers a large area of table games and slots. Some of the most famous games, like baccarat, blackjack, Pai Gow poker are available in this casino, alongside monopoly and wheel of fortune. Moreover, there are also race and sports betting lounges, along with the VIP lounges having 27 poker tables. Also, Wynn Las Vegas organizes daily tournaments as well.
No.3 Wynn
  1. The Mirage Casino
    Another typical Vegas Casino holds the fourth spot in our list of top 10 casinos in Las Vegas. The casino offers a full array of popular games, for instance, baccarat, roulette, blackjack, numerous poker games, and many more. Moreover, one unique feature of The Mirage Casino is that guests can play on the non-smoking tables, usually uncommon in Las Vegas. There is also a race and sports betting area. There are thousands of slots available with a betting range from a few cents to €1.000. In addition, there is a sports bar and VIP lounge as well. The casino also offers mobile betting service for gamblers.
No.4 The Mirage Casino
  1. The D Las Vegas
    Present in downtown Las Vegas, The D casino has been around for a long time. It changed its name twice, first opened with the name of Sundance, then Fitzgeralds and now The D. The casino has been offering top-notch gambling services for a long time. The casino has divided floors. For instance, on the first floor you can play a standard array of games, like table games, slots, and video games. Whereas, on the second-floor vintage games are present, creating a classic vibe. To spice up your gaming experience the Dancing Dealers®, there is a thousand feet long bar with beautiful bartenders and there are video poker machines.
No.5 The D Las Vegas
  1. Bellagio
    This luxurious casino resort is inspired by Italian architecture and it is a classic and iconic Vegas casino resort. The high-class interior with top-notch services is the main reason you should stop by. With a 10.800 m² gaming room and two high limit areas, you will find everything in Bellagio. In addition, the casino offers sports and race betting services along with conventional casino games, like Pai Gow poker, blackjack, and many more games. The main attraction for gamblers in the casino are the high-limit table games.
No.6 Bellagio
  1. South point casino
    It is located at the far south end of the Las Vegas strip and is considered an economical casino for visitors. The casino offers more than 2.000 slots machines and around 70 table games. Also, there are non-smoker poker rooms, bingo, race, and sports betting rooms.
No.7 South point casino
  1. Red Rock Casino, Resort and Spa
    Located at the west end of Las Vegas, Red Rock casino is famous among locals as well as tourists. With hundreds of slots and table games, the red rock casino has all games you need. For instance, blackjack, craps, all types of poker, and roulettes. Furthermore, this mega-casino has a bingo hall with 600 seats, along with the nonsmoker lounge. The Red Rock also provides non-smoker poker rooms, private high-limit rooms, race and sports books areas for gamblers.
No.8 Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa
  1. Caesars Palace
    This high roller destination for gamblers is famous for its appearance in the casino movies. It offers numerous high-limit games, so visit Caesers palace with a lot of money. There are numerous spacious rooms for poker and players that can enjoy the daily tournaments. Moreover, the Caesars Palaces offers an wide range of casino games and sports betting options. In addition, you can enjoy shopping and the diamond-rated hotel.
No.9 Caesars Palace
  1. El Cortez Hotel & Casino
    Located in downtown for decades, El Cortez is another mega casino in Las Vegas. This classic Vegas casino holds the 10th spot in our list of top ten casinos in Las Vegas, because of its vintage games. It offers low-limit as well as high-limit games. The vintage vibes attract most locals and tourists to the casino. It has been one of the oldest in the downtown and the main reason to visit Fremont Street.
No.10 El Cortez Hotel Casino

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