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Casino means glamour, riches, fashion, betting, and what not? They always attract huge populations towards them from all over the world. Casinos not only allow people to gamble, but also facilitate other forms of entertainment for visitors. Parties, clubbing in huge Diamond-rated hotels, casinos have everything to offer.
In this article, we will discuss the top ten casino cities, which you can visit to have fun!

1. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Talking about casinos? Las Vegas, Nevada, USA is the top pick for tourists around the world, providing countless top-rated casinos you would ever think about. Vegas always stands head tall among the gambling destinations. Caesar’s Palace, Bellagio, and the MGM Grand offer you a phenomenal night. It is well said, “Everybody should visit Vegas, once in a lifetime”. With the glittering nights, pool parties, and a premium casino experience, Las Vegas is the best spot for you to gamble.

2. Macau, China
Asia’s pre-eminent gambling destination in Macau, with flashing lights and ticking of slots, offers 33 casinos. The city is crowded with lots of people, visiting to see huge casinos and enjoying the gambling experience. The city earns half of its economy from gambling and tourism. Venetian Macau Casino, Sands Macau, and Wynn Macau are the most famous casinos, decorated with premium standard interior and top-class services. You can enjoy countless casino games in these casinos. The casinos provide a special protocol to the wealthy gamblers. Along with gambling you can rest eyes on amazing artwork, temples with pure gold.

3. Los Angeles, USA
The movie capital holds the third spot on our list. The exuberant life of Los Angeles provides a once in a lifetime experience for tourists. It is home to numerous casinos, providing an extraordinary gambling experience. Keep in mind; you have to be 21 if you want to play poker. The city has many Indian casinos and bars providing their services 24/7. The Bicycle Hotel & Casino is a 100,000 square-foot poker room is one of the largest venues. The casino hosts poker tournaments. Commerce Casino comes with 240 tables with 24 types of games. You can gamble here with the locals and internationals as well.

4. Monte Carlo, Monaco
Apart from exotic architectural buildings and resorts, Monte Carlo is a gambling spot for the riches. It offers glitter and glamour and the wealthiest people. Monte Carlo is home to numerous casinos, providing you the best gambling experience. Casino de Monte Carlo is a must visiting place where you can enjoy hundreds of slots and other casino games.

5. Paradise Island & Nassau, Bahamas
Planning to go for a vacation with a desire to gamble? The Bahamas is for sure a place for you. After taking a walk on the beach along the turquoise waters you can indulge yourself in the nightlife of the Bahamas with live music at the Baha Mar Casino, Atlantis Casino, and Aura Nightclub. Bahamas comes in top casino cities, as it provides an unforgettable gambling experience to the gamblers.

6. London, UK
London is great when it comes to nightlife. This English city is home to some of the top casinos in the world. It will give you chance to gamble whether you wanna play in person or online. At the same time, there are several places with restaurants, entertainment, music and bars. Hippodrome Casino, Empire Casino, and The Palm Beach Casinos are some of the most popular casinos in London.

7. San Jose, Costa Rica
At number seven comes the capital of Costa Rica, famous for its casinos, nightlife, hotels, and architecture. San Jose is home to numerous famous casinos. People from all around the world visit just to gamble and experience the nightlife of San Jose. Casino matrix and bay 101 are the most famous casinos in San jose.

8. Reno, Nevada
Reno offers 20 casinos to make your nightlife more glittery. This small city is crowded with casinos including table games with mesmerizing green lights. Silver Legacy will give you the best time with its 85 table games and wheel of fortune. Apart from gambling, you can get yourself entertained with boutiques, spas, restaurants, shopping, and swimming pools.

9. Paris, France
The fashion and fragrance city holds the ninth spot on our list. For experienced gamblers, who wish to try their luck in new cities, Paris has so much to offer. It has numerous recently opened casinos. Paris Club Elyse’s is the most popular among casinos in Paris. It offers around 20 table games and 4 poker tables. Cercle center, also known as “paradise for poker”, hosts weekly poker tournaments. It also offers Blackjack, Stud Poker, Dealers Choice, and Punto Blanco.  An annual 100 euro fee is required if you want to participate in the tournament.

10. Berlin, Germany
The historical city of Berlin houses the 10th spot on our list. The city holds some of the most popular casinos in Europe, for instance Spielbank Berlin Casino. This is the biggest casino in Berlin with more than 350 different slot machines. There are around 5 casinos in Berlin. Spielbank is located at Potsdamer Platz, it is one of the most successful casinos in Germany. You can play blackjack, poker, roulette, and numerous other games. Speilbank Berlin Casino is worth the visit.

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