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No matter how you gamble or where you bet, you always come across myths about casinos. Some betting myths are based on the reality, whereas, others are based on fiction and imagination.
The most common betting myths about casinos is that the games are created to only benefit the casino.

In this article we will discuss such ‘old wives’ tales regarding betting, and also will demonstrate the real facts. Our list will cover all the common betting myths and legends in both physical and online casinos.

  • Myth 1- By betting you can become rich:
    Fact: No doubt betting can get you big jackpots, but often you lose more than wining. Betting in the casino is a way of entertainment and you pay for it, similar to movies or concerts. Casinos are illustrious place with a great ambiance. This attracts you to spend a good amount of time there, and you spend more than you win.
  • Myth 2- Betting is not an addiction:
    Fact: Believing this myth is absurd. Numerous psychological studies have reported that betting has similar effects on ones brain as of alcohol and drugs. Most gamblers develop habits and cravings as they feel for cigarettes or alcohol. People already addict to such things are more prone to develop a betting addiction. If we feel this urge you should quit gambling, before the symptoms get serious.
  • Myth 3- All casino games are rigged:
    Fact: This myth is based on some true, however, the imagination has taken it to the next level. Casinos are entertainment hubs and they need to make money for running their business. The house edge, helps the casinos to earn, for this reason almost every game in casinos designed in favor of them. These games pay out the players occasionally, this doesn’t mean that you can’t win or the odds are against you. You are one of hundreds of player who win money; it is not set up by the casino. The random number generators give equal chance to the players to win the game. Furthermore, the random number generator system is under the supervision of the gaming authorities, both online casinos and brick and mortar casinos. So, just play for fun, sometime you’ll win and sometime lose.
  • Myth 4- If you count cards, you will be thrown out off casinos:
    Fact: As shown in the movies, the players who count the cards are beaten badly by the casinos, well it just happens in the movies. Counting cards is a skill and you can use it, but they won’t throw you in jail or beat you. Perhaps casino don’t want you to use this method as it increases your chances of winning. If you got caught counting cards, you will be simply asked to leave the casino, even they could ban you. The news will be spread in all related casinos and they will also not allow you to enter. But, they can’t take any legal action against you.
  • Myth 5- If the slot machine is not paying enough, something big is coming your way:
    Fact: Slots run on Random number generators that create a unique sequence every time. So every spin is random, there is no guarantee of hitting a jackpot. So if you ever regret that the other player won jackpot just after you left the slots, it’s not your fault.
  • Myth 6- In order to avoid big payouts, Roulette dealers can stop the wheel, whenever they want:
    Fact: One of the most famous myths about betting is that casino staff always cheats. It’s a fact that casino staff knows how to operate the tables, so they know the secrets. But it is not the case; multiple factors are involved in showing the results of roulettes. Moreover, if the dealer gets caught, the casino can get into trouble. The casino will have to pay a huge penalty for cheating.
  • Myth 7- Online gambling is easy for Minors:
    Fact: Casinos have strict policies regarding underage players, particularly online casinos. All online casinos regulate the signup verification, by demanding identity documents making it really difficult for minors to access casinos. Online casinos spend a huge amount on verification systems, in order to avoid minors.
  • Myth 8- The most loose slots are always placed on aisle:
    Fact: The majority of revenue of casinos is generated through the slot machines. The main reason behind it is that most amateur players prefer slots. Therefore, most casinos encourage the players to play slots. It gave birth to this myth. But in reality every slot machines pay different payouts, and not every machine pays for long period. Moreover, you should also consider volatility, RTP and betting stakes. For instances, in progressive slots there is probability of one in a millions to win the game. So, this myth is completely busted.
  • Myth 9 – Bet more, win more:
    Fact: This myth is somewhat true, especially on slot machines with additional betting functionalities. You can win bigger payouts by betting maximum. The average Return to Player (RTP) of slots is 91 to 98%.
  • Myth 10- Online Casinos are the biggest scam:
    Fact: The internet is full of scam, one should always be cautious when it comes to betting online. You must verify the casino before signing up, if it’s licensed or not. Various regulatory authorities control the casino legally, for instance, MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) regulated all legal casinos in Europe. So, this myth is totally wrong, always bet on licensed casinos.


In this article we have explained the facts against casino myths. Sometime when you have a losing streak, simply quit and walkout, it has nothing to do with myths. As we busted many myths, now you simply need to remember that betting totally depends upon luck. So play according to your budget, and take a break once in a while.

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By Filip Mishevski

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