Working at an Online Casino

Work at an online casino

Working at an online casino has many advantages, it is a dynamic environment that is constantly changing. A good technical basis is essential, but of course developments in IT do not stand still. In addition, there is a lot of competition in the iGaming industry, good online marketing is therefore of great importance. Of course, customer service must also be in order. In short, there are a large number of positions to fulfill at home and abroad. Are you currently unemployed or are you looking for a new challenge? Maybe working at an online casino is something for you! It is an interesting world with ample career opportunities and good future prospects. In this article you can find more information about which functions can be found at an online casino and where you can find these vacancies at national and international companies.

Working at an online casino offers great prospects. The casino industry is dynamic and constantly evolving. It is also an industry with good prospects for the future. The market for online gambling is still growing. You are dealing with mature enterprises. The worldwide casino industry is good for billions in turnover.

Getting Started at an International Casino

The largest online casinos do not focus on one specific country. The biggest brands can be found in all regulated markets worldwide. These casinos work together with multiple parties, resulting in a wide range of casino table games, video slots, live casino and sports betting.

If you want to work for an international online casino, you will have to look a little further from home. Most online casinos have their headquarters on the island of Malta. One of the reasons is the favorable tax climate. Another important reason is that most brands are licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority. This supervisor has a good reputation and sets strict requirements for a permit. Once an online casino is licensed with the Malta Gaming Authority, this is a good start for further expansions to country specific licenses. Most processes are of course already in order and most license requirements are already met.

Working on the Island of Malta

Many online casinos not only have an office in Malta, but most vacancies are filled on this island because the head office is often located here. We can speak from experience that the island of Malta is a wonderful island to live and work in. You have a sunny climate and there are many places to go out. Because there are also many tourists, it is an island focused on relaxation and fun!

Work on the island Malta

When you start working at an online casino, you often have to deal with favorable employment conditions. For example, company parties are regularly organized, and we are not talking about a boring company drink. Think more of a rented villa with a swimming pool and a cocktail bar. Or sail with a speedboat to a fully catered beach party with BBQ including organized activities. These are of course also nice moments to get to know new people.


The island of Malta is internationally oriented and the spoken language is English and Maltese. You will meet people from all over the world here. But there are also many Dutch people who work in the iGaming sector. Some employees are temporarily in Malta, while others immigrate permanently to the island. Precisely because there are so many people who have not lived on the island for very long and perhaps do not know that many people yet, many activities are organized. So you don’t have to get bored quickly on hthe sunny island of Malta.

Which employees are needed at an online casino?

To keep an online casino running, many employees are needed from different fields. The customer must of course be treated in a friendly manner. In addition, the technology must also be in order. All games must be playable via mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer. New graphic elements must also be regularly designed for the online casino or for promotional purposes. Of course, the marketing department also plays an important role. Not to mention the finances and complicated country specific legislation. In addition, a croupier is also required in a live casino environment. Below we will discuss a number of vacancies divided into job groups that you can find at an online casino.

  • Management;
  • Project management;
  • Data analytics;
  • Administration;
  • Legal functions;
  • Marketing;
  • CRM;
  • Customer service representative;
  • IT;
  • Devops manager
  • Graphic designer;
  • Software engineer.

Where can I find these vacancies?

There are special recruitment agencies that focus on filling vacancies specifically for the iGaming industry. If you are looking for vacancies to work at an online casino, you can go to such a recruitment agency. You can upload your CV and view the range of vacancies. The recruitment agency may also proactively approach you if new relevant vacancies are posted that match your profile.

Casino recruitment agency

As soon as you have applied and your work experience fits into the picture that the client is looking for, it is possible that you will receive an e-mail or phone call shortly. The moment you are selected for a first introductory meeting, this is usually via Skype or Zoom with the recruiter. The second introductory meeting is usually organized at the company’s location.

Casino recruitment agency


Pentasia is a large recruitment agency that specializes in vacancies in the iGaming sector. You can therefore find many vacancies from well-known online casinos here, usually it is only later in the application procedure that it is known which organization is involved. Most vacancies can be found in the United Kingdom, Malta, Gibraltar and Spain. However, there are also vacancies outside Europe, such as in Asia and North America. You can upload the vacancies and your CV at

Betting Connections

If you are looking for a job on the island of Malta, Betting Connections is a suitable recruitment agency. Betting Connections is the largest recruitment agency on the island of Malta. The company has been around for 11 years and has already helped many people find a job within the iGaming sector. You can find all kinds of vacancies in a large number of fields. View the vacancies and upload your CV via:

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