Why is it Better to Play Slots Online?

Play Slots Online

Slots have always been a good source of entertainment for any punter active in the gambling world. In the past, land-based casinos used to host simple, but very attractive slot machines that had a lever used to turn the reels.

However, technology progresses all the time, and nowadays, you don’t even need to go to a casino establishment to play slots – everything is accessible on the internet. Microgaming introduced the first-ever online slot, and the industry hasn’t looked back since.

If you compare online and land-based casinos, you will immediately see the benefits the first has over the latter. With all that said, let’s dive deeper into why we think that playing slots online is a far better idea than going to a physical casino.


The first advantage is an obvious one – you will be able to play your favourite slots from the comfort of your own home, and the vast majority of the online casinos have mobile-friendly sites and games, so you can play no matter your location and win money on the go.

Online gaming will be at your disposal around the clock, seven days a week, and your favourite slot is just a click away wherever you are. Some would argue that the whole gaming experience is much better on a small screen, so it seems that mobile phones are ideal for playing slots online.

You don’t need to drive long distances to get to the casino just to play for an hour and then go back home. You can simply log in to the account you have created at the online casino, and you are good to go, every slot is at your disposal instantly.

Low Betting Limits

Wherever and whenever you are playing, you need to have control over your bankroll. One additional benefit of playing slots online is that they are all available in a wide variety of price points, and you can easily find tons of slots that have low betting limits. This goes especially if you are a newbie in the online gambling world, as you don’t want to spend too much money at the very beginning.

Massive Progressive Jackpots

Even if the slot has low betting limits, it may be connected to a large network of punters, so it will have big progressive jackpot prizes. The logic here is very simple – part of every losing bet players make will be added to the shared price pool and the number keeps increasing until someone wins the jackpot. The prizes here can be stunning, and you can easily make six or seven figures in a moment.

Huge Selection of Games

By playing online slots, you will have unlimited access to tons of them. There are just many reputable game providers and they all compete in creating better slots, so you will be spoiled for choice. There are different combinations of reels, paylines, bet sizes, payouts, features, bonus rounds and so on.

So, it doesn’t matter whether you are a fan of old-fashioned 3-reels slot, or you want an interactive video slot with animated graphics, you can choose it all in just one click.

High Payout percentage

The payout percentage for online slots is much higher than the machines you will find in a land-based casino. The vast majority of reputable online slots have a payout percentage of 96%-99%. These are a good indicator of the win rate you can expect within a game, and the logic is simple – the higher the percentage, the bigger chances of you winning.

Slots in land-based casinos have up to 10% less payout percentage, so it seems like a no-brainer for us. Additionally, you can easily find the payout percentage of the online slot, but that is not always the case in slot machines in land-based casinos.

Welcome Bonuses and Ongoing Promotions

Almost all reputable online casinos offer welcome bonuses to their newly registered players, and they try to retain the already existing ones loyal by offering them various ongoing promotions. Some online casinos offer no deposit bonuses just for signing up, and you won’t find that at a land-based casino. It is basically free money that they give out for registering an account, so it is always a good idea to claim such a bonus should it come your way.

Ongoing promotions, such as VIP Programs are aimed at making sure the players stay engaged with the brand. VIP Programs are very simple – players need to play games constantly and they will be rewarded for it. Prizes are various, and they include

You can Switch the Casino in a Moment

There are just so many online casinos in the world right now, so it is easy to switch between them whenever you see fit. You can even join several ones at the same time, and if you don’t enjoy a particular one, or you are on a losing streak there, you can just log out and go to another online casino to try your luck. Once again, switching the online casino is just a click away, you don’t need to drive long distances.

You Have Better Control Over Your Play

Land-based casinos offer you free drinks, and there is a reason for it. At first glance, this might seem like a disadvantage with online casinos, but that is not the case. Alcohol and slots are not a good combination at all, as you will be prone to make risky and stupid decisions that might cost you a lot of money. By playing slots online from home, you have total control over the situation and you won’t make impulsive decisions.

No People Waiting in Line to Play

This is another of the main advantages of playing online slots, as you don’t need to worry about crowds or noisy game rooms. You can start playing your favourite slot without waiting for someone to finish. In doing so, you won’t be wasting any time.

Free Games

The last big advantage of online slots is that they give you the chance to try it out for free before you decide to wager real money. You won’t find this in any brick and mortar casino, and with free games, there is no difference in the gameplay, so it is a good way to get to know the game before you dive into the action with real money.

By Filip Mishevski

As a person that has been involved in the gambling industry for over 5 years, Filip knows all the tricks and trades of online casinos and casino games. He’s here to provide you with the best content and help you have a fun gaming experience. His specialities include online slots, gambling regulations, casino game strategies, bonuses and promotions and much more.