Why am I getting casino spam and how do I unsubscribe?

Casino spam

Every year billions of emails are sent, and according to estimation half of them are spam. The word spam is used for unsolicited emails, which are sent by unknown spammers in bulk. In the cyber world, some dweebs still think spam emails are the most effective marketing tool. It is funny yet true. In a similar vein, some casinos still use this trick, to promote their games and services.
Spam irks people because these emails come in bulk without one’s consent. It doesn’t matter, if it’s marketing message or free bonus/ spins by a casino, if it came without your consent it is spam.
Difference between spam and subscription emails:

The misconception of spam and subscription emails is that sometimes people subscribe to different magazines, newsletters, or websites where they have to give their emails. These emails are not spam, you subscribed them by yourself. To get rid of these unwanted emails, simply unsubscribe them. Whereas, spam emails are sent without your consent. These emails also have a un-subscription option, but by clicking it you might notify the spammers, that your email is legitimate.

In addition, some companies register for spam, and they send these emails via legal route. For instance, CAN-SPAM ACT by the U.S government is a license to do spam. Without any doubt, the act precisely describes that spammers are permitted to send UBE (Unsolicited Bulk emails) to anyone.

Many casinos hinge on this act for their marketing, besides they are just harming the reputation of the industry. In addition, this act has no worth in European and Asian countries. However, the many casinos deliberately use spam emails.

Things not to do with casino spam:

  • Never reply, if you don’t know the source.
  • Never click on “unsubscribe” as it will notify them that your account is active.
  • Never read the spam email.
  • Never click on any link given in the spam email.
  • If they offer bonuses or free spins, never play the games, it can be a virus and can extract your information.

Why do you receive spam by casino?

There are two conditions you might get spam emails, whether you have registered with some casino, or it is a random promotional email sent to you, particularly spam. Sometimes the emails are sent by the actual sponsoring partners of the casinos, for the promotion of the new games and policies.

If the email is sent by the casino where you registered, you can simply log in to your account and click on “My Account” and use the “Opt-out” option. If it still doesn’t stop, you may ban yourself, by using the “self-excluding” feature. A well-reputed casino respects your decisions. If they don’t follow the jurisdiction, they might jeopardize their license.

Does unsubscribing from the casino spam works?

Firstly, you need to know how spam works, these are the unsolicited emails sent to random email addresses. Secondly, they give the option “TO UNSUBSCRIBE CLICK HERE” at the end of the email, despite the fact you never subscribed for it in the first place.

Now the question arises, “if you haven’t subscribed, how you can unsubscribe?”

The answer to this question is, “DON’T CLICK ON UNSUBSCRIBE OPTIONS”, it will only worsen the situation. When you click on the unsubscribe option or link, it notifies the spammer that your email is legit and you’ll likely get more emails in the future.

How to get rid of Casino Spam?

You can’t avoid spam emails completely; however, it will become less pesky by following these few tricks.

Use a Unique email:

Before signup at any casino, open your email browser (Gmail, Hotmail, or Outlook) and create an email account with the name of the casino, for instance, XYZ casino (name of the casino) @gmail.com. Then register it with the casino. If you started getting spam, you will know who the culprit is. Moreover, if you write reviews on the casino’s websites, don’t post your email, as it will surely be traced by spammers.

Contact the Casino Customer service:

If you are getting spam emails from a casino, where you already have registered, you can ask their customer support to help you. The reputed casinos care about their reputation and they will resolve your problem on a priority basis. They are well aware of the fact that, if they don’t listen, it will damage their image and can cost them a fortune.

Furthermore, you can “Log In” to your casino account and click on the “Opt-out” option. You probably won’t get any further marketing or spam emails from the casino.

Never ignore the spam– Instead report it to the authorities
You can also report to the affiliated marketing managers of the casinos. In most cases, they remove your affiliated account from their email list.

However, if the casino doesn’t stop, you can directly report to the local gaming authorities. They will not only apply sanctions but also can abort their servers. A substantial amount of spam complaints can cancel their license and remove their website from the server.
You should never do business with a casino that sends spam. Instead, you should send them a strong message through the authorities.

Use a better ISP (Spam Filter)

The easiest way to get rid of spam is to use a good quality spam filter. Most of the email service providers, integrate with third-party software, to reduce or block spam emails halfway. Your ISP will take care of all the spam and will also submit your complaint to Spam.cop.net or other spam reporting authorities.
Google and Outlook have their own spam filters. You can simply add the keywords or emails in the spam; else will be done by them.

Please be aware of the fact that casino spam is sent to bilk money from you. Don’t invest your time and money on spam, as it can cost you a fortune.

We recommend you to beware of such emails. Stay safe.

By Filip Mishevski

As a person that has been involved in the gambling industry for over 5 years, Filip knows all the tricks and trades of online casinos and casino games. He’s here to provide you with the best content and help you have a fun gaming experience. His specialities include online slots, gambling regulations, casino game strategies, bonuses and promotions and much more.

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