VIP players and high rollers

High Roller

VIP casino players are the ones who can call themselves a real high roller. Online casinos like to reward these players for their loyalty. As a high roller you have many advantages. For example, you can count on better bonus conditions. In addition, you will also regularly receive a casino bonus that is only intended for the high roller. But there are much nicer things like free concert ticket, travel and other gifts that are given away to the VIP player. Read on for more information, general tips and recommendations for the best online casinos for the VIP player.

What is a VIP program?

Almost all online casinos have a VIP program to reward their biggest and most loyal players high rollers. These programs work in the same way as all loyalty programs. The more money the casino player spends, the more the casino wants to keep them there as a player. Therefore, the casino starts rewarding them with bonuses, free spins, free bets and so on. Only really big players are invited to this kind of VIP programs. You should soon think of a player account with thousands of euros. Are you not scared of these kinds of amounts? Then read on for tips on how to participate in a VIP program at your favorite casino.

Casino VIP program

How can I sign up for a casino VIP program?

Major players are easy to spot in online casinos, depositing and playing is the best thing you can do to become a recognized player. Choose an online casino from the reviews on this website. An online casino often has a separate department with employees who have contact with the members of the VIP program. They have their own standards for deciding who is a high roller, but as a general rule you can say that you have to deposit a minimum of €10,000. In addition, you have to play regularly to collect points. Placing a large bet regularly will quickly increase your score, whether you win or lose. You can often use your VIP status again to get the same recognition at other websites! Many online casinos have a multi-tier system for their high rollers. The higher up this list, the more benefits.

The benefits of a high roller

If you often participate in online gambling and regularly deposit large amounts into your online casino account, you will probably quickly reap the benefits of joining a VIP program. Some of the main benefits of participating in such a system can be read below, VIP players have access to a large number of casino bonuses that regular players will never qualify for. If you play for a lot of money you will of course also enjoy special VIP bonuses and promotions. VIP programs have even more flexible payment options. VIP players often have access to faster payout times, so you can withdraw your winnings much faster than regular players. In addition, the support with a payment goes even further than with a regular player. Online casinos often also reward their high rollers with personal gifts, sometimes these gifts are inspired by a casino game, for example. Besides the faster payouts especially for high rollers and the unique casino bonuses, there are even more benefits that a big player can enjoy. Special VIP events are organized. Enjoy a business class flight and a stay in a luxury five-star hotel, which is also one of the advantages of a VIP program!

Betting limits for the high roller

The most important factor for a high roller is the ability to place large bets at the various online casino games. It is important to keep these betting limits in mind. These betting limits may be determined by the game developer, but it may also be a rule of the online casino. Usually there are plenty of options to flexibly adjust the bet for both the high roller and the player with a smaller budget. There are also game developers who have multiple versions of one type of game. For example, you can play Roulette or Blackjack at the regular gaming table or the high roller gaming table where the limits are sometimes hundreds of Euros per game round.

What do you have to take into account in a VIP and high roller casino?

Searching for a suitable online casino can sometimes be quite difficult for a regular player, but especially for a high roller. Although most online casinos meet the most needs The requirements for the regular player, the wishes and requirements of high rollers are often even more specific that the casino must meet. The fact is that many websites fall short in this area and that only a few are really suitable for a high roller. So what should a high roller keep in mind when looking for a suitable online casino? There are many aspects that play an important role in this. A condition is, for example, how much money can be deposited and paid out and within what period. In addition, a good remuneration structure is important. In addition, you naturally want to know what maximum can be bet per casino game.

By Filip Mishevski

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