Video Slots

Video Slots

You can find video slots everywhere, for example in an arcade, casino or online casino. But where can I play video slots? How does a video slot work exactly? What are the possibilities with a casino bonus? In this article you can read everything about video slots. So you can find the right game that suits you.

Progressive Jackpot

Playing on a video slot is fun, but when there are big cash prizes to be won, it only gets more fun! Progressive slots have a top prize that keeps getting bigger until there is a winner. Then the jackpot position is often back to 0. You can find slots with a progressive jackpot in both land-based casinos and online casinos. For example, in a land-based casino you can find video slots that are linked to the Mega Millions Jackpot. This top prize is regularly set at an amount of no less than 1 million euros or more! This Mega Millions jackpot can also be found with video slots in an online casino. So you can also win these huge cash prizes if you play from home.

With a progressive jackpot, the rule often applies, the more people who play the video slot, the higher the top prize you can win. These progressive jackpot video slots are often linked to each other. When we talk about online casinos, these video slots with progressive jackpot are often connected with each other. A game developer creates a similar game and it is offered in multiple online casinos. When players place a bet, you literally see the top prize of this jackpot increase. The biggest jackpot ever won in an online casino is 17.8 million euros! This was with the video slot Mega Fortune. There are also games with multiple top prizes such as Mega Moolah. With this online slot you have a small, medium and large main prize.

Progressive video slots

Free video slots

Of course, every online casino wants to proudly show their game offer to the player. So it is easy to find video slots on the internet to play for free. We have also made a clear overview with video slots, you can play this collection for free. For example, filter by category or game developer. This way you can already get acquainted with the large online game offer. You cannot win real cash prizes by playing these free video slots. This is possible by using a casino bonus.

The various online casinos on the internet offer bonuses to attract new players, you can take advantage of this! For example, there are online casinos where you can receive a credit in the form of free game rounds, also called free spins. If you win money during these free spins, you get to keep these amounts of money! Of course there are certain wagering requirements, for example, the winnings must first be wagered an x ​​number of times before a payout can take place. View the overview of casino bonuses, to read more about this and take advantage of these promotions!

How does it work?

Are you a novice player or are you already a bit more familiar with video slots, and do you just want to know a little more about it. Check out the functionalities below that you often encounter in games of this type. For each functionality you can find a short explanation. For the novice players the website also provides good guidance about online casinos.


There are a very large number of video slots and slots to play at both physical and online casinos. The biggest difference is in the theme and the extra features of the games. The basis is actually that every slot has paylines. These are the lines on which similar symbols must be turned to win a cash prize. In some cases you can set the number of paylines yourself, the more paylines you set, the higher your bet per game round or spin. Of course you have a better chance of winning. Below you can find an example of paylines. Always check the instruction before you start playing, then you know exactly on which paylines you can win.


Wild symbols

Almost every game has the well-known wild symbols, this is pronounced in English. You can actually see a wild symbol as a kind of joker. This symbol can replace any other symbol. This happens automatically for the best possible outcome for you as a player. There are also exploding or expanding wild symbols. As soon as you spin a similar symbol, for example, the horizontal or vertical line is taken over by all wild symbols. This makes it even easier to win a cash prize! The exact rules of the game may differ per video slot. Viewso always the explanation when you play a game for the first time.

Wild symbol

Free spins

You can not only receive free spins as a casino bonus, there are also possibilities to receive free spins during the game. First back to basics, a spin is really just a game round. The moment you receive a free spin, you can spin for free once without it costing you anything. There are a large number of video slots that offer the possibility to enter a kind of bonus round where you are rewarded with a number of free game rounds. Sometimes you click to start a new round, and sometimes it happens automatically. Usually you have to spin certain symbols on a payline to get into this free spins bonus round. But it can also happen that you have to save a number of symbols.

Additional Features

Every game developer naturally wants to create a game that is as unique as possible. That is why all kinds of symbols are created with a special function and extra bonus rounds with fun animations. Eventually you will notice that every developer of these video slots gives their own name to these extra functions. However, the functionalities often come down to the same. Always take a look at the explanation first when you first start with a new game. Then you immediately know what these extra functionalities are called and what their function is.

The technology behind a video slot

Sometimes it seems that while playing a video slot you can influence the outcomes of the game. However, this is not the case, video slots are games of chance. This means that you have no influence on the outcome of a game round. All video slots seem very different, but this only relates to the graphical elements. Under the skin, every video slot is the same. An RNG (Random Number Generator) is always used. This system ensures that the outcome of each game round is completely random. This system cannot be influenced from your computer and from this side of the (online) casino. This is because regular tests are carried out by specialized independent bodies to ensure the fairness of these games.

Random Number Generator

HTML5 or Flash?

In recent years, the use of the HTML5 programming language to develop video slots has become the standard. This has to do with the fact that the performance and possibilities in HTML5 are more extensive. The Apple brand has already indicated in the past that it no longer supports Flash due to the faulty technology. The Google Chrome web browser disables Flash features by default. All these circumstances have ensured that HTML5 is actually the new standard in video slots. You can also only play video slots on this website which are developed in HTML5, to ensure the performance. Flash will eventually be phased out completely.

Are online slots reliable?

As we mentioned earlier in the technique section of this article. Yes, online slots are reliable, both when it comes to the safety and fairness of the game. Because every online slot uses an RNG (Random Number Generator), the outcomes of each game round are completely random. You cannot predict when which symbols will appear. The (online) casino itself has no influence on this either. If an online casino wants to get a license, they must meet strict conditions. One of these conditions is that the outcome of each game round is completely random. In addition, the various games must be regularly checked and tested. This is done by independent bodies. Hundreds of thousands of game rounds are played automatically. A payout percentage comes from these game rounds. This is also known as the RTP. The Return to Player value is expressed as a percentage. On average, the RTP value of an online video slot is around 95-98%. This means that for example 95% of all bets are paid out as prize money to players. If you want to improve your chances of winning, check out this slots strategy. With this tactic you only play at video slots with a high RTP.

Game developers

The game developer fulfills an important function. For example, the game developer determines the functionalities of the various video slots, but also the theme and visual aspects. There are game developers who started out in the land-based casinos such as IGT, Novomatic, Bally and Williams Interactive. Video slots from these game developers can be found in many land-based casinos around the world. However, these brands also have an important role in the iGaming world when it comes to online slots. In addition, many more game developers have been added in recent years that only focus on the online game offer such as: NetEnt, ELK studios, Play’n’Go, Playson, Betsoft, iSoftbet and Yggdrasil. Every game developer has his own style and unique functionalities. This ensures that you can always choose between a very diverse range of online video slots.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I play slots? Every online casino on this website has an extensive range of online slots that you can choose from. Check out the casino reviews to find out what slots are on offer. You can also find video slots in the various physical casinos in Europe.
  • When can I win money? The moment you spin the same symbols on a payline, you win a cash prize. This can also be done, for example, by spinning wild (joker) symbols, with which you make a winning combination.
  • Where can I win the highest cash prizes? The highest cash prizes are often offered at the online slots with a progressive jackpot. This top prize keeps getting bigger as soon as it is played on. These cash prizes can even reach the millions of Euros!
  • Is an online slot reliable? Because an online slot uses an RNG (Random Number Generator), the outcomes of each game round are determined randomly. These systems are regularly tested and certified by independent bodies.

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