The Psychology of Online Slots

Psychology of online slots

Online slots are possibly the most popular and widely played online casino game in the majority of online casinos. Every reputable online casino makes sure to add a few hundred different slots into their game library, as they bring the most players to the casino platform.

There are many reasons why players choose to play online slots over the other casino games that are available at any online casino. Below we will lay out a few psychological reasons why we think this type of casino game is so attractive to the players.

Online Slots Are Easy to Play

One of the reasons why online slots are so appealing to the players is that they are very easy to play, and even beginners can learn the basics just with a few spins of the reels. People like simple things, especially if those things can bring them some massive rewards.

The simplicity of the slots made them extremely popular, as back in the days the casinos were mostly focused on table games, which require some skills from the players. Nowadays the players that wager at any online casino will choose slots over the other casino games, as they are entertaining are relaxing.

Players Can Receive Huge Payouts

Players are always attracted by casino games that have huge payouts and online slots, especially progressive slots, which can offer some very high rewards. The highest prize ever won whilst playing at a progressive jackpot slot is €21 million, which is an extraordinary sum to win at an online casino.

But a slot doesn’t necessarily have to have a progressive jackpot in order to give generous prizes. The average RTP rate for the online slots is 96% and there are many online slots that are offering even higher RTP rates that can go up to 99%.

The huge payouts also depend on the volatility rate of the slots, which are described in the table below.

Volatility TypeMeaning
Low Volatility SlotsMore frequent wins, but smaller prizes
Medium Volatility SlotsAverage timed wins and average prizes
High Volatility SlotsBig prizes, but not very frequently

Slots Are RNG Powered

RNGs, or Randon Number Generators, are crucial for the work of every online casino. Without them, online gambling, especially wagering on online slots, wouldn’t be fair and the fun and exciting experience that the RNGs bring would be gone.

Online slots are driven by a random number generator that determines which combination of symbols appears on the screen. In other words, the outcome of every spin that is made in an online slot depends on a random number generator and there is nothing that the player or casino can do that will change it.

They Have Great Graphics and Diverse Themes

Most online slots feature some great graphics and amazing themes which make them more appealing for the players and can easily lurk them into spinning the reels. The HD graphics make the gambling experience more enjoyable for the players and will keep them relaxed and also focused on the game.

Themes are a very important part of online slots as they are providing additional pleasure for the players. Apart from the basic feature that the online slots differ from one another, the theme is the first thing that will catch the player’s eye.

As there are thousands of slots online, the visual aspect of the slots have become a crucial aspect for the players, and slots that have an appealing theme and graphic will attract more players, compared to those who lack in this area.

Some of the most popular slot themes that the players tend to pick when choosing an online slot are:

  • Ancient Egyptian Theme
  • Viking/Norse Mythology Theme
  • Movie and TV Theme
  • Horror Theme
  • Adventure Theme
  • Fruit Theme
  • Ancient Greece

In-Game Bonus Features

Every online slot has some kind of in-game bonus feature that rewards the players with different prizes. These bonus features make the game even more exciting and there is no player that doesn’t like to receive a free and generous reward.

The most common reward that a player can get from a bonus feature is the Free Spins. These Free Spins allow the player to spin the reels without the need to place an additional bet with their own money. Winning with the Free Spins pleases every player as they are winning money without any investment.

And in the case of not being lucky with the Free Spins, the player won’t lose any money as they haven’t placed any in the first place.

Apart from the Free Spins, the players that play online slots can also enjoy bonus features such as Expanding Symbols, Wild Symbols, Mystery Symbols, Bonus Rounds, Re-Spins, Bonus Buy, Multi-level Jackpot, and some more.

Optimized for Mobile Use

The fact that online slots are optimized for mobile use and are widely approachable plays a huge deal in the popularity of online slots by the players. Nowadays every online casino that is being developed is optimized for mobile use, regardless of the software that the mobile device is optimized for.

Players can access any online slot anytime they want, from any place on the planet. All the players need is a smartphone and a stable internet connection. The optimization for mobile use is made possible thanks to the use of the HTML5 markup language.

The latest version of HTML5 has made several different things that were very beneficial for cross-platform development, including the implementation of features that were designed for low-powered devices.

This resulted in many online slot games being developed in this markup language, which can be then distributed and used for the online casino as well as for Android, Apple, and other devices simultaneously.

Mobile gaming is considered to be the future of online gambling as there number of players that are switching from computer to mobile gaming is constantly increasing.

This rising trend is constantly monitored by the online casinos, as well as by game providers, which are focusing on developing their games for mobile use.

By Filip Mishevski

As a person that has been involved in the gambling industry for over 5 years, Filip knows all the tricks and trades of online casinos and casino games. He’s here to provide you with the best content and help you have a fun gaming experience. His specialities include online slots, gambling regulations, casino game strategies, bonuses and promotions and much more.