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Once, considered a second-class game, slot machines are now the most famous and major revenue generator of casinos. Back then jackpot amounts, payouts weren’t enough to be considered in big games. Also, players weren’t permitted to enjoy the complimentary amenities of casinos. However, the fate of slot has turned all the tables and now it holds up to 70 to 80 % revenue alone.

Slot machines are like a weed for newbies and old people, they serve a majority of their time on them, as slots are entertaining, affordable, and more fun to play. The majority of amateur players are only familiar with slots in the casino. They head directly towards the slot machines because they find it easy to play. In addition, they find it intimidating to face the table dealer and the majority avoid that. Last but not the least, most players win life-changing money through slots.

In this article we will discuss about history, working, and numerous strategies to play on slot machines.

Pre 20th century Slot Machines:

In 1891, the prototype of the slot machine was devised by Sittman and Pitt, from New York. The machine had 50 cards stick to 5 drums that were basically poker cards. The game became famous among the people of New York and in no time it was present in every bar of New York. It didn’t have any payout mechanism, so the players were usually given cigars, beer, and other drinks instead. Then in 1895, a car mechanic Charles Fey from San Francisco invented the mechanical slot machine, named Liberty Bell. The machines had 3 reels, containing diamonds, heart, and spade symbols, and the jackpot sign of cracked liberty bell, which was fairly fifty cents.

Post 20th century Slot machines:

The evolution of slots is drastic, from mechanical machines, they transformed into computerized and video slots, not to forget online slots as well. Not so long ago the calculation on slot was easy to predict the win, whereas, now it is literally impossible. As the number of reels, symbols, and series of payline has increased. Thousands of numbers in the computer software rotates to give the particular symbols. The software has increased the suspense and made the slot more fun and thrilling.

Moreover, some symbol symbols can be controlled by the developers, in order to maintain their profitability and to increase the worth of the jackpot. These symbols come up seldomly, but when they come, you can win a much bigger jackpot.

Working of the Slot Machines

A slot machine spins a reel, having different symbols. Each symbol has a different meaning and different value. With every spin, these symbols land randomly, and prizes are won based on different “paylines”. Paylines are the combination of different symbols in form of lines. Based on the number of reels, payline varies for every slot machine, for instance, 5 reels, 75 paylines. The more the payline the more chances to win.

Since the last century, these games have gained immense popularity. Not so long ago, slot machines were mechanical devices; they were dependent on the gears and springs for spinning the reel. But with the discovery of the internet the fate of slot machines also changed. Now the modern slot machines are operated throw software that generates random binary numbers to locate the symbols.

Thumb Rules of Playing on Slot machines

By following the below-mentioned rules, you can get a big payout from an online slot.

  • While playing an online slot, set a budget and stay uptight.
  • Don’t bet big money as the reels random spins, you never know, either you win or lose.
  • Play on slot having RTP more than 90%, to improve your chances to win the jackpot.
  • Play with intention of fun, not of winning, slots machines are all about fun.
  • Bet more if you need more free spins and bonuses, in order to get more payouts.
  • Leave the game, when you win a substantial amount, rather than losing money.

Online Slot machines

The online casino industry is thriving since the internet became global. The internet has opened access to casino games, even from your homes. Due to this, online slots have become the titan of the casino industry. These games are developed by big guns in the gaming industry, like Playtech, Microgaming, Evolution, and many more. The games are operated by the main server of the casino. When you hit the spin button, the software runs through hundreds of thousands of numbers, to show a symbol on the screen. You can easily bet money in any currency, even in cryptocurrency, like bitcoin. The online slots provide, Return to player for each game around 90 to 95%, that means if you bet €10, you might get €900 if you win a €1000.

The slot machines are available in thousands of different themes, you can’t even imagine. For instance in the US most famous slot machines includes fruity and comic-themed. In Europe, mythical themes are very famous among players. The variety of symbols like scattered symbols or wild symbols spice up the excitement, while playing, as they high rewarding symbols.

Video Slot machines

The developers are in a race to provide an innovative and best possible marketed product, to casino operators. For over a century slot machines are the most favorite of every player, as it doesn’t require any expertise. Every year new innovative slots emerge with irresistible features. Video slot took over the old school slot machines, as they more fun to play.

Video slots provide an inevitable gameplay experience, with limitless designs and themes. The impressive high-end graphics, with immersive audio tracks, add up realistic taste to the slot machines. Video slots machines offer more than 100 paylines, multiple bonuses, and free spins. This possibility increases the chance to win big jackpots. The stunning animations of most popular cultures, such a pop, various TV shows, cartoons, and comics, had made video slots, most popular among the enthusiasts.

Slots are the most fun and entertaining games in casinos, either you play on a slot machine or online.

By Filip Mishevski

As a person that has been involved in the gambling industry for over 5 years, Filip knows all the tricks and trades of online casinos and casino games. He’s here to provide you with the best content and help you have a fun gaming experience. His specialities include online slots, gambling regulations, casino game strategies, bonuses and promotions and much more.

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