Safe and reliable online casino

Safe and reliable online casino

We understand that you are looking for a safe and reliable online casino. In the past, there have been plenty of examples of unreliable online casinos having negatively impacted the market. Unfortunately, in a sector where a lot of money is involved, less reliable parties are also attracted. Fortunately, this was especially true in the early days of the online casino, this industry has matured much more today. There is good regulation and the gaming systems are thoroughly checked for reliability and fairness. In addition, it is nowadays easy to pay securely via many online payment methods.

In this article we will give some more information about what a safe and reliable online casino is, and how you can recognize it. In addition, you can read more information about the current situation in Europe when it comes to the regulation of online casinos. If you are talking about security and reliability, then you should of course choose a legal provider. We have put together a list of reliable casinos where you can safely take a gamble.

Reliable online casino

Are online casinos in Europe legal?

It is legal in Europe to play in an online casino. There are various international online casinos that focus on European consumer. Of course there are strict conditions attached to this. A legal online casino must be in possession of a casino license issued by an Gaming Authority. Before being approved the online casino is thoroughly investigated. For example, the Gaming Autority is looking into the people behind the company and the financial flows. In addition, it is examined whether there is sufficient financial support to meet obligations such as paying players. The protection of personal data and the security of the website are also carefully considered. Of course, the range of games also plays an important role. The game offer must be safe and fair, the online casino must have the necessary licenses and mathematical models from independent testing authorities to demonstrate this. So you can safely choose a legal online casino on this page. Please also take into account your national regulations.

Is an online casino reliable?

Yes, an online casino is reliable if it is in possession of a gambling license. But we would like to go a step further. We not only show you a reliable overview, but also an overview of the best online casinos. In order to be able to compile a reliable overview of the best providers, we look at the following properties: The online casino must be in possession of a license, have an extensive range of games, and have sufficient options to purchase credit safely and reliably. Of course, there must also be sufficient possibilities to contact customer service.

Reliable games

Playing safely and reliably in an online casino is only possible if the game selection is in order. You don’t actually have to check this yourself anymore, all providers on these websitesite have a game offer that is checked on a regular basis by independent bodies.

What makes a casino game reliable?

In our view, a casino game is reliable if it has a fair chance of winning. This chance of winning is always calculated back in a payout percentage, this is also called Return to Player (RTP). For example, the novice player with the table game Blackjack has an average payout percentage of 97%. In fact, this means nothing but 97% of the money you put in when it comes to wagering, which also comes out in the form of cash prizes won. Most game developers are very transparent about the payout percentage of their games. If the game offer is also offered in a reliable casino, then you are guaranteed a good playing experience.

We would like to mention that a payout percentage is a theoretical number. With this we want to indicate that if you bet €100, for example, you will not always win exactly €97. This theoretical payout percentage is determined over 1,000s of game rounds. So it can sometimes happen that you win or lose more often. It is of course a game of chance, you never know what will happen. This of course also creates the excitement of the casino!

Random Number Generator

The random number generator is another important part of a reliable online casino. This is also known as a Random Number Generator (RNG). This computer system does nothing but draw a random number, just like a lottery for example. This system is used by every reliable online casino, the random number generator is regularly tested by independent testing institutes such as GLI. To determine absolute randomness. The theoretical payout percentage can also be determined on the basis of the random number generator.

By Filip Mishevski

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