Pros and cons of a live casino

Live Casino

The live casino is an increasingly important part of the online casino. More and more players are finding their way to the game offer of the game studio Evolution Gaming. Since the year 2006, this company has been working on the latest innovations in the field of online gambling. The improvement of our internet speeds and the latest techniques in the field of live streaming make more and more innovation possible. But are there also disadvantages to playing in a live casino? In this article we take a closer look at the pros and cons of the live casino phenomenon. Is it really that attractive to look up the live part as soon as you log in to your favorite online casino? Below we discuss the pros and cons.

Advantages and disadvantages of a live casino

Live casino pros

  • Gaming Experience: Nothing is more fun than to taste the atmosphere of a pleasant evening at, for example, Holland Casino. But what if you don’t feel like leaving the house for a while, and you want to take a gamble from your own home or when you’re on the road via your smartphone. A live casino comes as close as possible to the experience of a real land-based casino. You can watch the images live in HD quality via multiple camera positions. You make a choice via your computer or smartphone which bet you want to place. The live dealer sees what choice you have made and the game continues. The dealer has completed professional training and works according to the same standards as the dealer in a land-based casino. This brings you as a player even closer to the experience of a real casino.
  • Support while playing: The live dealer knows everything about the casino game, be it blackjack, baccarat, roulette or poker. As soon as you have a question, you can ask for support in the live casino while playing. This is of course very useful if you are playing a game for the first time. Of course it is wise to have some basic knowledge of the casino game that you are going to play. That’s why we recommend taking a look at our curated overview of live casino games. Here we discuss the complete range of games from Evolution Gaming. This game developer is actually the founder of the live casino.
  • The social aspect: Another advantage of playing in a live casino is the social aspect. As soon as you click on a casino game in the live environment you will also see nicknames of other players. You can start a chat conversation with these fellow players. Perhaps it does not immediately replace a pleasant conversation with your neighbor in a physical casino. But it is a nice addition to be able to communicate with your fellow players.
  • You know exactly what happened: There are still players who do not completely trust the online casino. As far as we are concerned, this is completely unjustified because there is strict control of safe and fair play by independent bodies. However, some players are not yet fully convinced. The advantage of playing in a live casino is of course that you can see exactly what is happening. You can follow the action of the game live from multiple camera positions in HD quality. Sometimes it is even possible to pause the game. Cheating is therefore impossible, in addition, a brand such as Evolution Gaming also has a name to uphold. Trust is very important in this industry. Do you want to follow exactly how the ball rolls in the roulette wheel? Or why exactly that card is drawn during a game of blackjack? Then playing in the live casino might be something for you!
  • Advanced technology: It is great to see what steps have been made in the field of technology in the last 25 years. Previously, you first had to install an online casino on your computer, because the 3D animations were too heavy to run directly via the internet connection. Nowadays you can place a live bet on the go via your smartphone at roulette, for example, while you stream the images in HD quality directly to your smartphone. If you are interested in these new technological developments, the live casino is definitely something to try. You can follow the action directly in razor-sharp quality via multiple camera positions. Actions you perform on your smartphone or computer are immediately picked up by the live dealer and performed in the game.

Cons of a live casino

Casino bonus is sometimes not valid in the live casino
If you like to take advantage of a casino bonus, you can sometimes be faced with surprises. Every casino bonus such as the welcome bonus is subject to specific bonus conditions. It is therefore possible that you cannot use your welcome bonus in the live casino. You can then only use this bonus for regular casino games. Another disadvantage is that there are specific wagering requirements for the casino bonus. These wagering requirements may indicate that wagering in the live casino does not countin meeting the wagering requirements. For example, if you have to wager your casino bonus 35x, the bets in the live casino may not count. So always read the bonus conditions and wagering requirements of the casino bonus carefully.

  • Sometimes a little more patience is needed: Playing in a live casino also means that you have to deal with other players who have to make a choice in the game before or after you. For example, if you have already made a choice within a few seconds to bet on red at roulette. Then you sometimes have to wait before your fellow players have placed a bet. Maybe you naturally have less patience and you can experience this as difficult. In this case you can choose to play a faster roulette variant. For example instant roulette, this is played with fully automated roulette wheels. 12 roulette wheels rotate constantly, so there is always a roulette wheel that is almost stationary that you can bet on for an immediate result.
  • Fast internet connection is important: Images in HD quality require more from your internet connection. In Europe, our internet connections are usually fast enough to play in a live casino without any problems. But keep in mind that if you are on the road and you only have a weak signal on 4G, you can experience more problems while playing. So the preference is actually rather a 5G, WiFi or fixed cable internet connection to fully enjoy the live casino.
  • Limited game offer: Despite the fact that Evolution Gaming is constantly updating their game offer, the offer is not as large as the regular online casino. So you can sometimes experience that you miss certain games in the live casino. If necessary, you can always make the choice to switch between the live part and the regular online casino. You can do this with the same provider, without having to log in again. You also use the same account balance for this.
  • Higher minimum bet: Because the costs are higher for staff and technology, you cannot play with very low stakes in the live casino. For example, a bet of €0.10 is too low for the live casino. If you have an account balance of a few Euros, it is better to play in the regular online casino first. You can always choose later to switch to the live part if your budget allows.

By Filip Mishevski

As a person that has been involved in the gambling industry for over 5 years, Filip knows all the tricks and trades of online casinos and casino games. He’s here to provide you with the best content and help you have a fun gaming experience. His specialities include online slots, gambling regulations, casino game strategies, bonuses and promotions and much more.