Progressive Jackpot Slots

Progressieve jackpot slots

Online casinos often talk about a progressive jackpot, but have you ever thought about how it works? And do you have to play yourself to be in with a chance of winning a progressive jackpot? In this article we will discuss the various slots and video slots with such a type of top prize! Many of these jackpot games work in much the same way as a regular slot machine or video slot. But they also have an extra feature that takes you to the jackpot game. This extra feature is triggered when you land a certain combination of symbols on the reels. The video slot or slot machine works with a Random Number Generator (RNG), which constantly creates random numbers. The same goes for the jackpot video slots and slots. There is no further control over when the main prize falls. There are also progressive slots with multiple main prizes. Read more about how it works and play at an online casino for a chance to win a progressive jackpot!

How can a progressive jackpot grow?

You may have seen that, for example, the Mega Moolah slot has a jackpot amount of millions of euros. These top prizes can really increase enormously if not won for a while. The main prize grows because the slots or video slots are connected in a network of multiple online slots. For example, Mega Moolah which was developed by the game developer Microgaming is available at many different online casinos around the world. In addition, the video slot Hall of Gods from NetEnt is also very popular. The game developer NetEnt dominates the market for video slots of this type. They also have the video slots Arabian Nights, Mega Fortune, Mega Fortune Dreams, Divine Fortune and more. A small portion of each player’s bet is always set aside for the jackpot in this network. In this way, the main prize gets bigger and bigger while playing! A top prize of this type is also known as a progressive jackpot. The higher the main prize, the more people logically will play on that specific slot machine or video slot. This means that the main price can rise even further just before it falls. This is because many players want to try their luck and see if they can hit the jackpot!

Progressive Jackpot Games

Progressive Jackpot Games

What’s the difference between a global or local grand prize?
The difference between a progressive jackpot and a fixed top prize is that the progressive jackpot grows as more people play it. This means that anyone can win, no matter how small or big your bet is!

  • Global Grand Prize: These jackpots have the highest value, which is simply because so many jackpot slots are connected together. There is a whole network of online slots spread over the various online casinos that together form one jackpot per game type. The jackpot winners will receive the full amount and the jackpot is reset to the minimum amount.
  • Local top prize: These are jackpots that are linked together in a local network. This can be at a physical casino where a number of slot machines or video slots are linked together and in this way increase the value of the jackpot. It is also possible that an online casino offers a special jackpot variant individually in collaboration with a game developer.

What should you pay attention to when you participate?

We always recommend that you read the game rules if you want to play for a progressive jackpot. Partly because you need to know which specific game rules apply to each slot and how you can win the top prize. Sometimes there are also specific wagering requirements, for some video slots or slots you have to wager at least a certain amount every spin to have a chance to win the big top prize. If you don’t do this, you have no chance of winning the cash prize. There are also slots where the rule applies the more you bet, the greater the chance of winning the top prize. There are therefore different game rules and functions per type of video slot or slot machine.

Another thing to look out for when playing the jackpot is whether there is a special game feature attached to it. Some slots require you to activate a certain bonus game. And with other slots, for example, you cannot win the jackpot during the free spins game rounds. Make sure you know all that before you start playing.

Mega Moolah Jackpot Wheel

How can you win the top prize?

Winning the top prize mainly requires a lot of luck. It doesn’t matter on wevery slot or video slot you play, winning a jackpot is completely random. Every game has a specific RTP, which in English stands for Return to Player. This RTP value represents the percentage of how much the slot machine pays back to the player. It is a theoretical value over several thousand rounds of play. It is always wise to choose a progressive jackpot slot with a high RTP payout percentage. If you choose this, it is easier to keep your casino account balance on the arrow.

Which online slots should I choose?

Finding an online video slot or slot machine with a jackpot is very easy these days. There is a great selection of games to choose from, all of them have unique features and fun themes! Online casinos have now created special categories where you can immediately find all the different games with jackpots. Usually you can also directly view the current state of the main prize, without having started the game. Then you can choose exactly the game with the highest jackpot position. You can regularly find a new title that incorporates a progressive jackpot. The popularity of these types of games is huge! Of course, there are some favorites that usually have the biggest top prizes. These are Mega Moolah, Arabian Nights, Mega Fortune, Mega Fortune Dreams, Divine Fortune. These video slots have paid out huge amounts over the years!

By Filip Mishevski

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