Payout percentages at EU online casinos

Payout percentages EU casinos

The average payout percentage is called the RTP Return to Player percentage. It is important to know this term before exploring the different games at an EU online casino. The RTP payout percentage is an important factor, you can see from it how much is paid back to the player on average. In the long run, all players are expected to lose money. However, this does not necessarily mean that no one will win. One player wins while the other loses. But if we add up all the wins and losses, the payouts will be less than what was wagered in the total. An online casino is not a charity organization, casino games are developed for the benefit of the casino. After thousands of rounds of play, there will be a small percentage of house edge for the casino. This allows players to be paid out and profits can be made.

Casino payout percentages

The average amount of money that the online casino pays out is also expressed as the Return to Player RTP percentage. The player can expect this percentage back in the form of prizes won. This payout percentage is usually between 95% and 99% and varies between different types of games. It is good to be aware of what kind of payout percentage you can expect when you start playing the casino games. The payout percentage can also differ at the online casinos. The payout percentage can be called accurate, it is also regularly tested by independent bodies. So you can play with confidence in an online casino if you know these values.

We would like to immediately comment on the theoretical RTP payout percentages. Thousands of game rounds are averaged. You might win nothing a few times, and then suddenly win a big cash prize! You should also keep in mind that the payout percentage can vary between different EU online casinos. So check the payout percentage before you take a gamble. You can easily read these payout percentages at the various casino games. If we take a closer look at the RTP percentages at the various online casinos, we usually find Blackjack and a number of Video Poker variants at the top of the list when it comes to payout percentages. Normally, these casino games have a theoretical average payout of around 99%, depending on your choices in the game. Video Poker and Blackjack are therefore the games where in theory you get the most money back on every Euro wagered. Looking at other popular games, Roulette usually ranges between 94% and 97%. Slots and video slots from about 92% to 99%.

Online Blackjack

Why does Blackjack have such a high RTP payout percentage?

When it comes to, for example, Backjack, the player is forced to make strategic decisions, unlike for example a slot machine, Roulette or the Big Wheel. Blackjack’s theoretical payout percentage is 99%, but it’s also based on making the right decision every time. For example, in the casino game Blackjack, when should you hit (take a new card), and when should you pass. If you’re a bit of a mathematician, Blackjack might just be the casino game for you! The novice player often has more trouble estimating these decisions. This also affects the payout percentage. So a beginner, or someone who has not yet fully mastered Blackjack, may well get better returns on other casino games.

Online Blackjack

Of course, it’s not just about the payout percentage and making the right decisions in theory. There are other things that can be factored into your game choice. For many, playing in an EU online casino is all about having fun. In that case Video Slots are also very interesting and provide at least as much fun! Video Slots can be found in a large number of different themes with various game functionalities. The graphic elements provide a completely different experience to a table game and there are exciting and innovative game functions. At the same time, you can also win big cash prizes with it. The Video Slots with a progressive jackpot are especially popular. You have the chance to have more than one million euros to win! Of course this rarely happens, but it is a nice thought and provides a lot of fun!

The random number generator and payout percentages

The software used at online casinos in games such as slots, Roulette and Blackjack all use a random number generator. This is also known as a Random Number Generator (RNG). This system randomly determines the outcome of the game of chance by means of advanced mathematical algorithms. This random number generator plays an important role in the payout percentage of a casino game. A game developer also benefits from the fact that the games are popular among casino players. Developing a casino game with a low payout percentage has no value for the game developer and the online casino. Players who like to gamble in an online casino are sufficiently grounded in knowledge to clearly see these differences between the games. It is also often mandatory to clearly display these payout percentages for each casino game. The payout percentage can be up to 99% at various online casinos. Also because of this small house edge of 1% with some casino games, the online casino will still have money left over in the long run.

Volatility and variance

High and low volatility / variance

When you play Video Slots at an EU online casino, you usually talk about two different categories. Low volatility or high volatility slots.

Volatility is a term that comes from mathematics and is often used to denote stock exchanges. The term volatility or variance is also used in slots and Video Slots. Both terms mean the same thing. The higher the volatility, the higher the cash prizes you win but the lower the frequency. When a slot machine has low volatility or variance, you will win cash prizes more often, but the prizes will be lower. However, the frequency is higher.

High Volatility Video Slots

If you look at how a slot machine works, the game rules and what kind of payout you get for each symbol, you can usually immediately see what kind of volatility and variance the slot machine has. High volatility slots and video slots can feel quite unpredictable. Sometimes you win several game rounds in a row or you lose several game rounds in a row. However, the maximum payout on highly volatile slots is almost always very high. Which means you can win really big cash prizes, sometimes several game rounds in a row. Some players go for a large number of game rounds because they know that they will eventually win a big cash prize. Playing high volatility slots and video slots can pay off, but it does require a larger playing budget than its low variance counterpart.

Low volatility

This is the exact opposite of the low volatility slots. When you play these games you win very often, but the winnings are lower. You can get stuck on roughly the same account balance and sometimes go up or down a bit. Usually the maximum cash prizes you can win are a lot lower than that of a high volatility slot. However, these types of slots are a good way to wager money. If you have received a casino bonus, there are often wagering requirements attached to it. For example, a bonus condition is that you have wagered at least 35x your bonus before you can pay it out. Playing a slot machine or video slot with low volatility or variance is ideal for meeting these requirements, without risking too much money!

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