Online Bingo

Online Bingo

The game is known by many, everyone has played a game of bingo at some point. For example at a holiday park, community center or bingo hall. However, not everyone is aware that you can also play online bingo from the comfort of your living room. You have the choice to play at an online casino or live with other players through a bingo room. The difference is mainly in the way you play. When you play this at an online casino, you usually don’t have fellow players you can chat with. If you choose to play at a bingo room, you often have the option to chat live. If you need this, you can in some cases also turn on your webcam and see the other players in the bingo room.

Bingo game rules

Each player who participates in a game of bingo has a card. This bingo card consists of 5 rows of numbers, with 5 numbers per row. In total there are 24 numbers on the card. The middle number is not used. On a bingo card are always the numbers 1 to 75. A number can only be on a card once. Of course, not every number has to be on this, these are spread over the different cards. That also makes for the random nature of this game. Each row on the bingo card represents a letter, together these form the word bingo. Now the balls with corresponding numbers are randomly chosen by spinning the bingo mill. Piece by piece the balls fall out of the bingo mill.

During a traditional game, these numbers are called out one by one by the leader of the game. You can then mark the numbers on the card with a pen or marker. With a game of online bingo you see an animation of the bingo mill and the numbers are automatically crossed off from your card. Usually the rules of the game are that the first player with a full card has bingo. However, there are also variations that the player who first has a horizontal or vertical line wins. However, the rules with a full card are most often applied. You can find more information below for the specific rules of an online game of bingo.

Bingo Cards

Play online bingo

Online bingo is played a little differently than a traditional game. For example, if you play this game at an EU casino, you are not playing together. Various variations are possible, we will briefly explain them below.

With some variations of the bingo game in an online casino, you first choose a bet yourself and the number of numbers that you think will fall. You can often start the automatic bingo mill from a number of chosen numbers. However, if you pick more numbers, and those numbers are actually drawn. Then you have a chance to win a bigger cash prize. The more numbers you guess correctly, the higher the cash prize you can win.

Another variation of the bingo game in an online casino is a bit more like how the traditional game is played. The player buys a bingo card at the beginning of a game round. The numbers on this card are randomly determined in advance. Then you will see an animation of the bingo mill and one by one the bingo balls are drawn. Your card is automatically crossed off when a bingo ball is drawn that is also visible on the card.

Live bingo

For several years now, live bingo has also become more and more popular. You play this variant in a live environment with other players. A number of nice elements have been added that ensure that you can communicate live with your fellow players. For example, you can send messages to each other and there is a possibility to see each other via the webcam. However, it is not mandatory to have a webcam or to join the conversation by sending chat messages. But because bingo is often played in a company, this live variant is a nice alternative to the community center or the bingo hall. This time from the comfort of your living room.

The difference between Bingo and Keno

Certainly if you play online in a casino you will often find the game keno. But what is the difference between bingo and keno? The games initially look a lot alike, but if we look a little deeper, there are indeed differences to be discovered. In keno, for example, you choose your own numbers at the start of a game round. You can choose from the numbers 1 to 80. You must choose a minimum of 4 numbers, a maximum of 10. Then the game starts and 20 numbers are randomly drawn. So in keno you are actually trying to predict which numbers will be drawn. In fact, you can compare keno even better to a lottery.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • When did I win? You have won the moment you have a full card. This means that all numbers on your card have actually come out of the bingo mill. In some cases, the game is also played to see who fills the horizontal or vertical line first.
  • How long does a round of bingo last? This is actually very different. For example, do you play bingo in a community center, bingo hall or in an online casino? When this game is played online, the game rounds are usually a bit shorter because the balls are drawn automatically and the player card is also automatically updated.
  • What is my bet? The bet per game round is different, at both a physical bingo hall and online casino you pay per bingo card. When you play online it is possible to adjust the bet to the desired level.
  • Is online bingo safe and fair? When you play bingo online you are assured of a fair game and a safe gaming environment. It is important that you choose a provider with a gambling license. A similar provider has permission to offer online games of chance. In addition, they meet strict conditions that guarantee safe and fair play.
  • Where can I play online Bingo? You can play online bingo in an online casino or bingo room. The difference is that an online casino also offers many other games of chance and a bingo room is completely dedicated to offering bingo games.

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