How To Gamble On High Variance Online Slots?

High Variance Online Slots

You should make sure you understand the basic definition of the term variance to be able to use it as a tool when you look for a slot game. In this article, we have provided you with a few pointers to help guide you in the right direction and make the choosing process much easier for you.

When choosing a slot game there are some things to look out for if you want to make sure pick the one that fits your preferences, especially if your preference is high variance slot games. The gaming industry has a large number of them on the market. The bigger the number of available slot games indicates bigger choices but that does not mean that all of them provide high variance.

What are High Variance Slot Games

There are usually a wide variety of online casino slot games that offer you high, medium, or low variance. In this article, we will focus on the high variance online slots and explain what they are as well as how to play them. The high variance refers to the risk determined by the game and represents only one category of slot games available at an online casino.

If you are someone who is looking for a low deposit but a chance of landing a huge payout then this category of slot games is the one for you.

Understanding High Variance Slots

To gather a basic understanding of the online slot variance, you have to consider making the most while playing the slot title. That will help you determine the payout of the game as well as how frequent it will come to you throughout the game. To put it in simple words variance simply represents the ratio of a slot game. Another thing to take notice of is that many high variance slot games have somewhat the same RTP value as low and medium volatility online slots.

Difference between Variance Levels

When it comes to the levels of variance slot games are sectioned into three basic types and are marked as high, medium, and low. Despite these basic three levels, there are also other sublevels of variance that some slot games have such as medium-high variance and low-medium variance.

The different type of variance shows you the type of risk you can expect in the online slot. According to your budget or what you look for in a slot game knowing the variance level of a slot is the first thing that will determine if the slot game matches your idea.

How to Find High Variance Slot Games

Finding high variance slot titles is a straightforward task that can be done by anyone, even beginners. You can spot a high variance slot by keeping an eye on the gameplay that the game title has in store for you. Looking at how much the payouts are of each symbol in the slot game will also help you determine if the slot in question is a high variance one or not. They are easy to spot because they are usually very popular and the gaming industry releases new ones each year. Take a look at the bonuses and promotions since they also play a part in the determination of the variance of a slot title.

Best High Variance Online Slots

Below we have provided you with a list of the most popular high variance slots titles, they are:

  • The Wish Master by NetEnt– Offers you over 900,000 coins
  • Spin Party by Play ‘n Go– gets you 5,000x your bet
  • Bonanza by Big Time Gaming- Has 117,649 ways to win
  • Great Blue slot by Playtech- gets you 10,000x your bet
  • Pyramid: Quest for Immortality by NetEnt- Pays up to $8,870,000
  • Dead or Alive (Sticky Wilds) by NetEnt- Pays 8,000x your bet
  • Book of the Dead by Play’n Go- will get you 5,000x your bet
  • Viking Runecraft by Play’n Go- gets you 5,000x your bet
  • Immortal Romance by Microgaming- Pays up to 3,645,000 coins
  • Raging Rhino by WMS– Offers 4,096 ways to win


What does it mean when an online slot has high variance?

When we say that an online slot game has high variance we refer to the measure of how much and how frequently you can expect rewards while playing. A more detailed definition would be, that slots variance presents a combination of elements that include the frequency of the payout, the amount of payout and the risk level of the game.

Is there a difference between variance and volatility in a slot game?

When we talk about the variance and volatility of an online slot we can safely say they mean the same thing. Even though they have small differences in the technical aspects of other games there is still little to no difference when it comes to the online slot games.

High and low variance and how do they differ?

The main difference between the high and low variance comes down to the number of payouts you can expect from a slot game as well as how frequent they will come. Based on the names you can tell if the slot game will give you high or low payouts.

Have all progressive slot games had high variance?

No, even though it may seem like all progressive jackpot slot games offer high variance the reality is not always the same. Most slot jackpots are quite small and mostly depend on your deposit amount.

What are some pros and cons of high variance slot games?

Start off with the pros, there are many but the main one is that the slots of this category give you high payouts even when you make small deposits you can still make a good profit. When it comes to the cons the main one is that the payouts do not come frequently as you would like to which make the game more on the slow side from the profit aspect of it.

By Filip Mishevski

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